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Hey there!

I wasn't sure if this was something that had already been brought up before or if I had accidentally missed it with the revamp somewhere. If so, I apologize ^^;

I wondered if the idea had ever been floated about a public / private option for character profiles to determine who was able to see them when looking at newest created, edited, or just in search results in general? Maybe a few different options such as private (only you), friends (of the player or character in question), and public (anyone and everyone can see them).

I know sometimes I like to be able to tweak and edit a profile till it's finished completely before I release the brain baby into the RP-world. It might also help folks who prefer to keep their character relative to just their small rp groups and friends.

Thanks for your time <3
As far as I know, there were the following planned for the revamp:

WIP, private, friends only.

However I haven't seen any of these around anywahere, so I don't believe they were implemented within the launch.

It could have been scratched or it could be something Kim is still working on. I'm not sure.
Kim verified to me shortly after the launch of 2.0 that they weren't actually intended to be released at launch, presumably due to the complexity of the coding it will take to make it happen. As far as I know it's still a planned feature and speaking personally I am very excited to see it released! ^_^
Kim Site Admin

Yup, still planned. :)

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