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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

Because of the obvious interest in Fire Emblem on this site, I'll be keeping the requirements to this roleplay a bit smaller than my other ideas. If you have any idea what Fire Emblem is, and you're interested in a story within one of the games, this story is for you. My desperation has led me to the point that I'm almost willing to buy the game just for someone to experience it. It's a fantastic game, truly! Even if the game was at its peak back in 2019, I'm still surprised that there aren't many people looking to write a story within that world. That said, I'm here to find those people! If you have any interest at all, please either leave a message here, or send me a Private Message.
Magic 70%
Magic is fairly common. Players and NPCs important to the tale may have it. Mistborn.
Technology 30%
Combat 40%
Unrest may be part of the setting, but any scenes that happen to involve combat may be summarized.
Romance 80%
Romance will be a major feature of this plot.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

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Dust Tales (played by NeonBragley)

I only played the games in GBA

Sorry but I don't have a switch, I really don't know a lot about the changes the game got (My only source is a gameplay from Vinesauce) but I am willing to try to see if we can figure something together if you want too give me a response in PM. I already sent you something so for now I am gonna wait if we have any luck!

P. S: Happy Valentine!

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