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Forums » Forum Games » What did your character GET for Valentine's day?

A wedding proposal*cries*

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Alice Yukishiro (played by Dekko)

Felix giggles. “A box of rose flavored Turkish Delight! I ate it all within the hour.”
Mizutani Yuma (played anonymously)

Smiles and motivation. A perfect and beautiful gift!
My boyfriend gave me a bouquet of my favorite flowers, and a new charm for my bracelet ^_^
A lot of Valentine's days cards💖💞❤
Miyuki (played by Imthenaysayer)

Chocolate and rose
I got hired. I outperformed all the other job candidates for the job.
Rebecca Savage (played anonymously)

"I got a card, a rose, and a joint from my guitarist!"
I got a new recording contract and I'm engaged.
Kaido Richards (played by ELS1526)

"I got a new Hayabusa. It seems my last one broke down in time, too." Kaido let out a small chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck.
Ryuk Haneul (played by riaanly)

"oh, what did i get?" Ryuk asks, pointing to himself. "well, i didnt get anything from someone else, i went out and bought myself a few sweaters and some strawberries..." Ryuk slides his sleeves over his hands as he talks, then, when he'a finished he reaches his other hand up and fingers his earings, bashfully looking to the side. a light blush dusts his cheeks.
A trip to Washington to testify before Congress.
"Oh, look! Is that the five boxes of chocolate I ordered for myself?" Said Justin, watching the delivery guy set it down and walk away. "Yup, there it is!"
two minuets later
"That chocolate didn't last that long."
A marriage proposal from a brave soldier.

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