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Gavin (played by LunarValravn)

The sun was blinding today. It's white rays cast deep shadows through the trees and warmed the humid air. Life was everywhere from the singing birds to the laughter that was in the park.

It was this very laughter that drew the attention of a ghostly boy. Shadows from the leaves flowed across him in calico patterns as he casually strode towards the park. Bright flashes of light flickered behind him in irregular patterns.

These light patterns seemed to be a secret code to the local children. Their faces lit up as they stopped what they were doing to greet the stranger. Others were grabbed by their parents who shook their heads and advised them to avoid strangers.

Like puppies, the children bounded around and even tackled this silent boy. His stoic face was broken with a small smile as he greeted them each in turn. Little did he realize, as he handed out treats, that his own life about to change.

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Liam (played by Feenat)

A series of bad storms have racked this coastal area and Liam was sent with a mission to heal the land. Waking from a good nights rest under the trees he walks on to the beach and calms the waves before he washes his face. He stands up and takes a deep breath before he turns towards forest where Mother Nature undoes his shelter and the Sakura spirit rolls up his bed.

Liam smiles warmly and offers a prayer of gratitude before healing the place his campfire was. He grabs his bed and heads into the woods. He stops to heal broken trees and bushes as he walks. A strange rustling came from further in and catches his attention. He pauses to pinpoint the direction and heads towards what he thinks is a dear. As he gets closer he hears children laughing and women screaming.

As he approaches Mother Nature holds him back and motions for him to be silent. Liam looks from her to this mob of joyful children embracing and playing with a very white being. He stands still in silence and enjoys the scene before him.
Flora Khan (played by Varizella)

Japan, the land of her origin. Flora has visited her mother as every year. But this time she also came to relax so she can truly enjoy her vacation in this country. First, she wanted to take a walk.

As she stepped out of the house, Flora took a deep breath enjoying the fresh air. She could hear the soft wind in the trees and the birds singing. She slowly started to head for the parc. The atmosphere there is mostly lively and vibrant as there are many children, but also if you want more peace the forest is right next to it. Because of this the parc was one of Floras favorite places in town.

She entered the parc and immediately felt more at ease. As she walked around the area greeting everyone, Flora noticed a group of children happily running into one direction. She followed them only to see a nearly white being. Flora wondered as she never saw someone this white before. But then she realised that there are just children so maybe adults aren't welcome. Wanting to watch the unusual scene, she hides behind a nearby bush.
Gavin (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

To this boy, the words that came from the children were most foreign. No matter how many questions they asked or how many demands they made he remained silent. A few were distraught and tugged at him with pleading eyes. He looked at the child that clung to his left arm and roughed up their hair.

A few backed up as he brought his hands together. Within them a blue glow that chilled the area around the group. When he opened his hands, small glittering dragons made of ice flew through the air in an elaborate dance. The children were filled with joy as they watched or chased the dragons. Some so focused on the wonder that they ran into eachother.

Hand now in his pockets, Gavin watched both the dragons and the kids. Everything seemed fine until one flew before another boy standing in the woods, watching. This boy looked older than others but why was this one watching him? Then a giggle from one of the girls made him look in a different direction. She had found the other by the bush when chasing the dragons and was now trying to get her to join.

Unease fell over him like a blanket and he started to walk backwards. Why were they watching? Why didn't they join in? He resembled a wild animal the way he turned and bolted for the forest. Light flashed off his tail as it flowed out behind him.
Liam (played by Feenat)

Liam was reaching out to hold this wonder and was shocked that this pale boy bolted off after such a fun display. "Wait! I'm sorry " he shouted but it did nothing but seem to bolster his speed. "Sakura go with him and make sure he stays safe. Maybe you can calm his heart" Sakura smiled and bolted after this strange boy.

Liam calmly walked the path this young man ran looking for clues. He finds nothing but the shoe mark's in the dirt. Frustrated with nothing but a trail he follows it. "Mom why did you stop me? My watching seems to have done more harm than good. I probably could have walked up to him." She smiled at him "he wouldn't have understood you." They walked in silence to the shore where others were gathering. There was no sign of the boy or Sakura.
Flora Khan (played by Varizella)

"Why are you hiding there?", a young girl innocently asked Flora. She wasn't sure what to tell the kid. "Ummm, I... I..." - "Come on, join us.". Now the girl grabbed her arm, trying to lift her up. Flora resisted the pull for a short while until she realized that the pale being was watching. She gave up and left her hideout.

It looked like she scared the being. Flora saw his tail as he run into the forest. What was he? At first he looked like a normal boy, maybe a bit white. But then he created the dragons with his hands! And he himself also has a tail. Flora wanted to know more about the strange boy. So she asked the young girl next to her: "When does the boy with the dragons usually turns up?" - "Whenever he wants to." This wasn't a help. She decided to follow the path the path the boy ran. But first she said goodbye to the girl.

Flora followed the path attentively, she didn't want to miss clues. There were none. It ended at the shore where conspicuously many people were gathering. A boy drawed Floras attention. He also seemed to have used the forest trail because there were some leaves in his hair and on his clothing.
Gavin (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

The trees blurred past him and soon vanished, giving way to the beach. He stumbled only once, dropping to his right. The sight of his tail flipping sand drew the attention of the others which only sped his steps. Platforms of ice formed under his feet, allowing him to run across the water. Once the water got dark he dove under the waves.

The boy's trail was being erased by the gathering crowd and the salty waves that lapped the shore. Some in the group were staring out to sea, hands up to block the sun. Others had their phones out in hopes of catching something.

One man was crouched down poking at something on the beach. He kept looking to the ocean though. " Did you see that? That boy just ran across the water before diving in" He ran his hand over the cold chunk before him as another snapped pictures.
" Check this out. Ice floating on the water in the middle of summer. " A teen nearby said as he recorded another chunk of ice washing up on shore.
Liam (played by Feenat)

Liam took his hat off to wipe sweat off his brow and replaced it. He walked away from the crowd knowing he wasn't going to get anywhere with them. Further down the beach Liam got a good look at the ice in the water and realized what this boy had done. He created his own ice and moved himself by the melting ice the boy left behind. Upon studying it he realized only one creature could create such hard ice like this. "What has brought you so far from home young dragon?" He whispered to himself.

He then realized the crowd on the beach was filming him and staring. His own ice float was all but gone so he swam back to shore.

He was ambushed by questions as he began to stand up in the water. Remembering he wasn't in traditional monk robes he took a deep breath and calmly walked onto the dry sand. He shook off the water from his long coat and and hat while carefully pondering what to say. The onslaught of questions was slowly calming down as he took off his bandana and wrung it out before tying it back around his neck. He really had no answers they would accept but knew he needed to say something.

A pair of eyes stood out from the crowd. This young woman had a calm curiosity that drew his attention. With her calm demeanor his focus completed. "Japan has a long history of creatures like this blessing our lives. Why are all of you acting like this is not so? Consider yourselves blessed and return to your lives. Let this one also return to his in peace. He did us no wrong."
Flora Khan (played by Varizella)

Flora drawed nearer to the crowd. She asked a man with a mobile what happend and he told her with fear but also exitement in his voice about a boy running over water and diving in. His wife called the police to examine the occuring. Another who listened to their conversation showed Flora a really shaky video. As she started watching it a young woman pointed out another boy who was walking on water. Everyone stared at him, some took pictures and videos. But then, without any visible reason, the boy turned and started swimming back to the shore. Immideately the crowd moved to the place where he would probably enter the beach again. In the background you could hear a police siren slowly getting louder.

So much trouble... Flora thought but still she kept moving with the crowd. As the boy stood up in the water she realized it was the same boy she noticed earlier when she was coming out of the forest. Somehow he looked like he knew exactly what was going on or at least more than everyone else. Other than the rest of the crowd Flora didn't ask any question. She kept calm, calm but curious. She knew if she wanted the real answers she needed to ask him privately. So she decided to follow him.

The police was finally arriving at the shore. Trying to find out what happend, they asked everyone willing to answer questions. "What has happend?", "Is someone injured?". They were shown the same shaky video as Flora. The main officer scratched his head looking confused. He couldn't see much on the video and no one gave satisfying answers, as usual. His partner felt no different. Their shift nearly ended when the call came. "I guess we should call the coast guard." he suggested. The main officer nodded: "That's good. I'll breack up the crowd. Please move everyone! There's nothing to see here!"
Gavin (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

The statement of the one who returned to shore was taken well by the elders in the crowd. With a bow, they respected his wisdom and turned to leave. The younger ones looked at him weird and even chuckled. " Those creatures are myth. It's been proven that most don't exist"

Those who had grouped around the police were still frantic. The sudden request to leave didn't sit well with them. Some reluctantly left the scene, looking back in hopes of seeing something more. The rest either followed the police or continued to stare out to sea.

Having been some time now, the onlookers started to worry. The boy was still nowhere to be seen. " He hasn't surfaced yet!" One woman exclaimed. The murmuring crowd gathered by the water once more.
Liam (played by Feenat)

Liam being approached by the village Elders didn't surprise him. Carefully and thoughtfully answering each of their questions as they walked away from prying eyes and ears. The final question asked of him was more for reassurance. The elder leaned in close, "Your positive he isn't here to hurt us or cause trouble?" Liam reflected over the scene with the children and smiled softly. Looking him back in the eye "beyond positive, he was being gentle with your kids as he played." Thank yous with respect were said and as they bowed the parted ways.

Liam needed to find his bed roll and return to the reason he was sent. He walked almost to where he entered the beach and found it on the ground near a Bush. Picking it up and tossing the strap over his shoulder he heard the woman panic. Sighing to himself "I don't think he would have jumped in if he couldn't swim." Liam started walking north along the shore and had to walk past the panicky crowd. As he walked past he calmed their hearts and minds with a healing energy and almost ran into the same young lady that had caught his attention earlier. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to run into you." Giving her a deep bow he side stepped to continue walking and realized she was moving with him. Liam paused to look at her. "I am one of the monks from the monastery on the cliffs. I'm Liam. Is there something you need of me?"
Flora Khan (played by Varizella)

From one moment to the other the crowd started to calm down, people went back to where they came from. Happy about this circumstance the officers sighed and moved back into their car.

Flora was a bit confused about this but she had no time to think about this because someone ran into her. He apologized. It was the same boy who went into the water after the strange being. This was her chance! Flora followed him until he realized it and paused.
"I am one of the monks from the monastery on the cliffs. I'm Liam. Is there something you need of me?" he asked. A monk! Flora never saw one in real life, she just heard storys about them from her mother. They were highly spiritual and in deep touch with the nature. "Nice to meet you, my name is Flora.", she replied with a friendly smile. Her mind was racing, how should she state her issue? "I followed you because... I think you know exactly what was this white being. I'm curious. And I want to help them. You need to know, I saw them first in a parc, surrounded by kids looking happy and based on your answers to the elders, you saw it too. I think I scared them, this wasn't my intention, and with this caused them to run into the water. I feel a bit responsible. So, what was that?"
Liam (played by Feenat)

Liam was still needing to do his work and paused thoughtfully. "We startled him as I caught his glance on both of us as I reached for his ice creature. So have peace in that, Flora you said? " She nods and Liam motions for her to walk with him north on the beach. "He will return when he feels it is safe to do so. Hopefully no one behind us tries to go looking for him or it will be longer. He comes from ancient beings that once taught us purity and truth and yet left us much to mourn in their absence."

Liam felt where the storms damaged the land and walked into the area and began to heal the land. Not trying to ignore Flora he focused on his work and fell silent.
Flora Khan (played by Varizella)

Flora was impressed by the monk. He seemed young but still he carried so much wisdom.
"Mourn? What do you mean?" She was calmer now. Realizing that the fact that she never heard of something like this could also mean that these creatures are hidden and just trust monks, she paused. "Can you tell me or is it a secret?"
Liam (played by Feenat)

Liam was singing an ancient song his mother had taught him when Flora's words finally registered with him. He finished the song and the land began to flourish again. He then turned and met Flora's gaze with a gentle smile. He looked down thoughtfully deciding how much was ok to say. After a few minutes he looked back up at her. "Our lives were rich once with their wisdom. But when they left many died and no one knows why." Liam looked at the sky thoughtfully.

"This day has slipped away from us. You might want to return to where you live. I will set up camp here." Without Mother Nature showing herself she carefully bent branches to create a shelter for Liam to sleep under. He walked over and took his bed roll off his shoulder and unrolled it under the branches.
Flora Khan (played by Varizella)

It's so wonderful to see him doing his work. He really helps the nature to recover, so beautiful, she thought. Altough sometimes he does strange things Flora can't understand. Then she noticed Liam was right. It was getting late, she had to head home. With a smile she answered: "It was nice to meet you. Thank you for the answers, I really appreciate your patience with me."

Flora turned and followed the way back they came. It was peaceful at the beach. Waves were coming to the shore, constant and calm. Nature is a gift but many don't see it. If you listen close enough you can even hear the birds in the forest. This was the direction Flora headed to. She enjoyed the walk and really needed it. She had much to proceed and think over.
Gavin (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

The chaos of that day was posted in the papers and on social media the next day. "Teenage boy lost at sea. Rescue attempts turn up empty handed" The article left out the strange 'supernatural' occurrences making it sound more like he was swept away by rogue currents.

The weather seemed to mourn the tragedy with grey clouds filling the sky. Beams of light broke through at regular intervals and revealed familiar flashes of light in the forest. It seemed impossible yet the ghostly boy was darting from one tree to the next, looking around as though he was being followed.

In his arms was a chubby little critter with bright colors and massive fins on it's head. It's eyes were bright and it kept making sounds like a curious child as the boy wandered closer to the park. He placed his hand on it's snout a few times to get it to quiet down.
Liam (played by Feenat)

Liam was startled awake by Sakura shaking him and tugging frantically at his arm. "Sakura what's wrong? Wait your here that means our young friend is back." She smiled and shook her head yes as Liam scrambled to his feet. He quickly gathered his bed and found the fruit his Mother had left him that day. Sakura once again tugged at his coat as she looked in the direction the boy was in. Liam chuckled," I'm coming lead the way." They darted through the woods again back towards the park.

Liam slowed down when he saw the young man wrestling with something that was blue or green in the now rich underbrush. Remembering that he was carrying peaches from his mother he worked his way close enough to roll one close to the odd pair.
Flora Khan (played by Varizella)

"Teenage boy lost at sea. Rescue attempts turn up empty handed" showed the newspaper Flora had. The article didn't state anything she saw or anything that really happened. If she hadn't spoken with the monk, she would overthink and question her view of the story. Flora realized that this was the aim of the article and got a bad taste in her mouth. Then she didn't buy the newspaper and left the little store.

She needed fresh air. Why did the newspaper write a wrong story? Maybe they wanted no one to panic, but then why did the monk tell her everything? She believed he told her the truth. Ancient beings! This would be crazy! Her mind was once again racing, and without noticing she approched the parc.

There Flora felt more at ease. She sat down on a bank and just listened to the sound of nature. Trying not to think too much about the previous day and finding calm in the present moment. You could also call this meditation, but she just did it because her mother thaught her to.
Gavin (played by LunarValravn) Topic Starter

He was so close to the park when the little creature started to squirm. Tremendous power was displayed as it beat him with its tail and kicked about until it was free. Evading the boy's hands, the creature hopped its way over to peach. " Oooo" it seemed to say as it stared at it with child-like fascination. The creature then gobbled up the peach with a massive smile.

"Mmmm" it sneaked but didn't realize that the boy was picking it back up. His eyes remained on the forest, specifically Liam, while he embraced the strange creature once more. This stranger was between him and the ocean this time.

The creature of brilliant blue strained in the boy's arms and began to whine like a child. Sighing, the ghostly figure set it back down. The moment it's massive feet touched the ground, the creature bounded into the air to tackle Liam to the ground. Happy squeaks filled the air as it jumped up and down on him.

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