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The Black Tower of Sauron (played by Cactus_Jones)

From his defeat from the Ranger, The Tower was transported to a different world unbeknownst to even himself. When he arrived, he still in the same position and armor, looks, and age he was when he died. Using his magic he was quick to discover he was taken from his world and into another. At First, he didn't what to do after so many years of being in servitude of his Dark Lord and for a few weeks, he pondered on what to do with his current life and chance he was given. But he would come across the answer soon. During one of his mediation, he encountered the struggle between a Hero and a Villian. He stopped both them by killing them in a gruesome way and flayed their faces off and added to his collection but it did give him some ideas.

He started a life of Villany during the early years of All Might's career and do to many different deals, backstabbing, intimidations, and blackmailing he would found himself as the second most feared and dangerous Villion only outmatched by All for One and his larger following and groups but still would have a large illegal underground criminal empire that didn't stay still in just Japan but would expand into many different countries with many different jobs of enslaving, trafficking drugs, guns and him having much influence on the Black Market. So after many years since his arrival and during the start of a new year of the hero schools, The Tower would be watching the next generation of students and would be looking into the so-called "League of Villains.
Cederic (played by Tugboattom)

Oliver walked into MHA laughing with his friends. He didn't suspect anything different would happen this year than any of the previous years. After all it was just school. He continued on his wall when he spotted a kid being a bully. He looked in the billy's back pocket and tapped his phone causing it to suddenly become a tazer. He snickered at the sight of the bully being electrocuted.
Cyler was definitely a sight to behold as he walked into the school for the first time. His quirk had wowed the judges at his exam and definitely showed some promise, but he still didn't know what he was going to be getting into at UA
Ketsueki (played by pew-pew)

Kiyomi Nakamura entered the gates of the prestigious UA High. To anyone this would be a dream come, however, if it was for her she surely didn't show it. Her tired eyes scanned over the crowds of students and friends reuniting after the break. Bypassing their laughter and jovial conversations, she headed immediately to her class. There wouldn't be time to mess around, after all.
The Black Tower of Sauron (played by Cactus_Jones) Topic Starter

The Tower was an intelligent being on this and was able to get a job as a Custodian at U.A but the only reason no one has really noticed him for his mastery of illusions had worked and fooled most if not all who walked the halls including Principal Nezu. To all who saw him, he was a simple olive-skinned man with short jet black, a hook-like nose, curved eyebrows. He stood around 5'8 for his height and was somewhat muscular but not too intimidating. The Tower was at the entranced of the school moving his cart of cleaning supplies around when he saw three new students who seemed... different if he had something to say.

He saw Oliver electrocute the bully and was laughing sadistically on the inside at the pain being inflicted. He watched Cyler being awestruck at the size and prominence of U.A but at the same time seemed to be lost, which he slightly chuckled at. Finally, He observed Ketsunki walking and seemed to be troubled and somewhat emotionless at being at the most "prestigious" Hero school in Japan. He wondered what to her that led her into her attitude and if that continued maybe she may be brought into his plans as a servant of his.
Cederic (played by Tugboattom)

Oliver walked away from the bully quickly to avoid detection,not that he was afraid of the bully. He could easily defeat anyone that would attempt to hurt him. He ambled down the hall cooly as he continued to laugh and talk to his friends. He had to catch up with what they had done, although they all knew what he had done. He had sat in the halls of the academy waiting for the next year. He was an orphan and lived in the academy.

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