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Valens (played by Serverus)

Months had passed since The Crown of Laurels: a tournament that forced elf challengers to compete in a series of deadly games, all for the throne of Haramon. Valens had come to the forest to support his friend Gweyr, who had decided to compete for the crown. She had been his protector when he was a child, his guide when he became an adult and his only friend since he departed from the Kingdom of Jubilee. Unable to see the outcome of the games he was banished from Urdu, by the corrupt Elf Council. The guards stripped him off his armor and sold him off to Dervish slavers. His sword he had offered to Amaranthine, right before the games, so the guards found no weapon on him. Tragically, Valens had been sent to the seas ever since—betrayed by the bigotry of the Elvatian hierarchy.

It was a long winter. The Black Sea was unpredictable as wind forced water to swallow up the entire deck. The Dervish had crossed this sea a hundred times and each was a new experience. Being on the ocean itself was colder than land. Everyone was wet and freezing. The oarship moved with poise, supported by the stroking of a half dozen slaves, men and women from foreign nations, who steered the boat, gracefully—Valens was amongst them.

“Keep those arms moving, lads! We’re almost home!” Quartermaster Ra’fi cried.

A whip lashed out on the neck of one slave—it nearly knocked him unconscious. With little strength he handled his oar with intensity.

“Easy, now...everyone. Take your rest and recover.” He paused. “Something is not right.”

A black dot was seen in the sky. As it came closer the object was growing tremendously in size.

“What the hell is that?” The Quartermaster said, observing through his scope.

The Dervish Captain of the ship, Bo’manja heard the commotion on deck and came up to check on the situation. Bo’manja was an intelligent man. Tall, skilled, attractive, diplomatic; he was what a leader should be. He once served as a commander in King Wamukota’s military. Before the life of piracy he excelled as one of Aceba’s greatest officers. Sadly, he found the slave trade to be more profitable than the life of a soldier and so he betrayed his King and country.

“Servants get below deck, now! Dervish warriors, brace yourselves, we have guests incoming.” Bo’manja commanded.

The slaves, including Valens did not hesitate but they all released the oars and took cover as fast as they could. Eight Dervish warriors materialized from a position of invisibility. They were also ex soldiers and so they took their positions, skillfully, bracing themselves with poled scythe blades, as the mysterious object in the sky soared ever so closer...
Tanesha (played by Kattilyn)

As the rains eased and the clouds dispersed, the great Royal Airship descended below the high winds to reduce it's speed. It was massive in size, many ropes held an elaborate undercarriage to a huge streamlined cylindrical shaped balloon.

The undercarriage, shaped like a sea vessel and made of timber planks, was decorated in ornate carvings depicting great Aceban warriors in combat. It was fully enclosed and had six port holes along each side that could be opened up to be able to shoot arrows from or drop gas exploding bombs onto enemies below, should the need arise. It had a crew of two engineers and two pilots and ample room for warriors.

Wamukota the Light, King of Aceba had entrusted his daughter Tanesha with this mission to bring back a dangerous criminal, and he had no doubt that she would succeed.

Accompanying her were ten of Aceba's best Sentinals. They were protectors, guardians and elite warriors and they served their King loyally, never hesitating or faulting to protect the Princess Tanesha.

Four of these Sentinals were her personal guards, always with her when ever and where ever she traveled. They had become her closest companions and friends.
The oldest of them was Akil, he stood tall, at least six foot and was very muscular, and had many scars over his body, he was like a big brother to her, wise, always calm and protective. Ebonee was a joy to have near, she was tall and slim and always cheerful even in the face of combat. She was a great warrior, fast on her feet and strong in arm. Tanesha felt safe having her near. Then there was Hasina, she a strikingly beautiful woman with strong features, high cheek bones, big lips and a solid jaw line, her hair was black short tight knots. She was the serious one of the group, never taking a chance, always assessing the risk of danger. The forth was Kafele, he was handsome, also tall and strong, always had a smile on his face. He was fearless and brave, always tactical and never let Tanesha get far from his side in any kind of difficult situation or combat.

The Sentinals were dressed in black leather armor, it was thin but tough and very flexible allowing them to move fast. Strips of thick leather woven together were placed over the chest and upper arms for added protection. Their weapons hung from their waists, each carried two swords and several short swords with fine thin blades for close combat and quick silent kills and tucked neatly just behind their backs in small holders, were a set of throwing knives used to take down threats at a distance.

Tanesha, a great warrior, capable of taking down strong men with her fast stealthy back stabs, wore the finest shiny black leather armor. Hers was adorned with a fine black mesh for protection, covering her chest, upper arms and around the lower back to protect her kidney area. It had a collar of finely woven mesh, wrapped close fitting around her neck, coming up high to her jaw line. Her pants were light weight and tight fitting allowing her to move fast and freely, the upper legs of the pants had pouches holding her throwing knives and she had two swords and two short swords, one of each on either side hanging over her hips.

They had been in pursuit of Bo'manja since he set sail many hours earlier and now, as the skies cleared, looking down upon the vast ocean waters below, finally Tanesha set eyes upon his ship.

"We must ready ourselves to board", she called to her guards.

"Move the ship lower Captain and do not go in too fast as we wish not to alarm them. We will approach peacefully in hope we are able to board the ship before attacking," she ordered the Captain.

"Bo'manja is no fool, he is sure to recognize the Kings Sentinals and this Royal Airship, I am certain he will attack as we approach," Akil said to Tanesha.

He pointed to two of the guards, "Ready the gas bombs, I will call for them to be thrown when and if they are needed," he ordered them.

As the Airship slowed to a stop hovering above the slave ship, Tanesha could see the tall large figure of Bo'manja standing without fear on his deck.

"Lower the rope ladders," yelled Akil

Tanesha ordered, "We must move quickly once aboard and remember the King wants this man bought back to him alive so as to face his punishment in public. Kill his men if need be and do not harm any of the slaves".
Valens (played by Serverus) Topic Starter

When the clouds spread thin and broke open, the rain had seized. For the first time in days the sun was seen. Valens noticed this and was not sure if he should marvel at the splendid air craft or the beautiful sky. Bo’manja recognized the warship that hovered above them, towering over his sea vessel like a desperate dragon—indeed it was no beast. King Wamukota’s advancements rivaled even dwarven magicka. He would send the Princess of Aceba to do his errands. What kind of King would send his daughter to the slaughter? Coward, he thought to himself, in a dark hearted grimace.

The Dervish were fearless warriors, having overcome even The Burning. No fear was seen in their eyes. Valens envied them. The Knight never being on sea before, was very uncomfortable; this entire trip terrified him.

He vomited. A Dervish noticed this and used the handle of his sycthe to strike his weak stomach. Valens face hit the deck and blood seamed from his lips. Laughter was heard from the Dervish breathren. Valens began to sweat, hungry and nearly unconscious.

“Pathetic! You have brown skin like an Aceban warrior...yet an elf’s stomach.” Quartermaster Ra’fi said. “You are a disgrace to the people of the sun.” More laughter was heard amongst the crowd.

“Princess Tenasha,” Bo’manja stepped forth, “How did you ever find me? I was sure to be undetected in the Black Sea.”

He did not expect a civil conversation with her nor did he expect mercy from her Sentinels. They were not diplomats, but hunters of man. He looked saddened because out of all of Wamukota’s ten sons, it was Tenesha, his only daughter who was his favourite. Tenesha was not into politics, nor was she interested in being a figure, she excelled with a sword and always loved to hunt. She was the true Jewel of Aceba.

“Either way, I don’t expect a trial here.” He unsheathed his twin scimitars. “Come down and face me or use your bombs like cowards and annihilate us, but know that I will not go as a prisoner. Unguard!”

The Dervish all pointed their scythe spears intensely and erect after their Commanders last words. The fray was soon to happen and the talking was far done.
Tanesha (played by Kattilyn)

"Guards fit your masks" Tanesha called out them, "I want Poti gas bombs dropped onto the deck of ship now," she ordered.

The guards pulled on leather caps fitted with a face mask that covered their mouth and nose. Several Poti bombs were dropped out of port holes as four rope ladders were lowered from trap doors in the floor of the undercarriage. Then with the order from Tanesha to descend, the Sentinals proceeded to climb down.

Coughing and choking could be heard from below as the gas spread out across the deck and started to take effect on the men. It was a harmless gas made from the rare poisonous Poti plants, found only deep in the wild forests of Aceba. It had an intense odor that would make those that inhaled it gasp for air and double over coughing as they felt as though they were choking.

Tanesha fitted on her mask, it covered all of her face, only her golden brown eyes could be seen. Ready to descend she gave a nod to Akil and Kafele to take a ladder each and proceed down. Grabbing onto the ladder she followed Akil hastily down. Ebonee and Hasina stood close by ready to follow their comrades into the fray bellow.

As Tanesha jumped the last couple of feet onto the deck she could see that her Sentinals had already taken out some of Bo'manja's men. Several of them lay dead, blood forming large pools under their lifeless bodies. Others struggled to fight, coughing and gasping for air, their swords slashed around aimlessly as they tried to get deadly strikes on the Sentinals.

Suddenly, Tanesha was grabbed from behind. Strong arms wrapped tightly around her upper body as she felt the chill of a cold blade being held under her chin. Her arms were pinned to her sides, she tried to reach for one of her short blades, but his grasp on her was too tight.

She looked out across the deck to her guards. Kafele was close by, he saw her in Bo'manja's tight hold and was poised ready to leap in to take him down.

"Hold back, he has a blade to her neck," Hasina shouted to Kafele.

Tanesha heard a quiet cough nearby, she glanced over to her right and slightly behind her she could see one of the slaves. He crouched low in the shadows, his eyes staring straight into hers. Her eyes caught his stare and she felt a calmness come over her.
Valens (played by Serverus) Topic Starter

When the bombs hit the deck, gas leaked out and everyone on board struggled to breathe. Dervish and slave alike coughed phlegm and struggled to stand. To the slaves disadvantage, the six were subdued together, all connected by steel ankle shackles. So when one moved the other followed—the slaves found themselves huddled together, hoping only to survive. Valens was the nearest soul to the conflict, so the toxins had affected him more than the others. He was also badly wounded, and weakened from hunger, so this made him more vulnerable. He hacked and sneezed, coughed and spat. Thus his silver hues could not help but admire the Princess, in all her splendour.

Akil and Kafele were the first to enter the fray. Two helpless Dervish stood no chance as they felt their innards torn open easily from deadly Aceban swords. Crimson sprayed the deck. The other eight managed to defend themselves, struggling against similar fates. The Princess and her Sentinels now evened the fight. The sounds of clashing and battle was heard.

Quartermaster Ra’fi stood at a distance watching, his long sword skillfully gripped in his hand. Bo’manja had the Princess held against her will, like the real coward. It was disappointing, Valens thought. When Hasina warned Kafele about this, the man did not care. He moved in eagerly, only to be knocked back by the force of a strong kick. “Unguard. Cowardice dog!” Ra’fi spat. Kafele was forced back. He held his stomach in pain as Ra’fi’s longsword aimed to sever him. Albeit, Kafele was not so slow, but avoided death easily. The two fenced back and forth, each moving with grace, as they advanced on each other in balanced and masterful swordplay.

Valens watched in awe, like a child again. He wished that he could do something. Thus he was helpless in chains. If only he could tell them that he was not a slave, but he was betrayed by the people he once protected. This is what he thought when he looked into Tenesha’s eyes. She would notice from his handsome features and his strong physique, that there was nobility in his blood.

In a matter of minutes the winner was decided. Ra’fi slipped up and left his leg unguarded. Kafele pressed against it with his blade. The Quartermaster went limp. Kafele took the opportunity, his blade taking Ra’fi’s neck when the man leaned in to nurse his torn gash. The head flew across deck. Scarlet sprayed everyone.

The last of the Dervish were cut down. Bo’manja found himself surrounded. His operation was over and he did not want to kill a Princess. He was not evil like they thought. He just wanted a better life for his family. His wife and kids he had did all this for. It was an easier, safer life, than being the Kings Hand. He thought about this deeply as the tides of death surrounded him. He would rather live as a traitor in their eyes than die as one who dishonoured the royal family. Wamukota was not a terrible King, Bo’manja just did not want to serve him anymore. The man was too ambitious—this was his crime. On the sea, Bo’manja thought he was king. But now that fallacy was all over. This defeat brought him back to reality; he was just a man, a deserter, a criminal who defied his oath.

Finally, he dropped his swords and gave himself up. “You win. No more deaths.”
Ace Dark (played by Tugboattom)

As Ace coughed and hacked because of the gas in the air that filled his lungs, he tried to jump off of the ship. As he lunged towards the edge of the ship the chains attaching him to the other slaves pulled taught. He was pulled back in the middle of his jump and landed on his back and gasping to retain his breath.As he tried to draw breath his lungs filled only with poison and he coughed.

Ace huddled back in towards the center of the group wheezing as he watched his master Bo'manja give up the ship. He shook his head in disgust. Even though he had been robbed of his home and family he had a deep respect for the man that had enslaved him.This did not mean he would give up his life for Bo'Manja or even enjoy his company. But he thought he knew that Bo'Manja would never give up the ship.

Ace watched as another slave looked at the princess. He wondered about whether or not he would live to the end of the day. He looked up at the woman in the center of the ship and pleaded with his eyes as the shadows around his person pulled closer to him. The air around him felt chilled as goose bumps does down his arms and covered his body. He shivered.

Ace called out," Help" in his weak, unused voice and he hacked up phlegm afterwards. Then he rasped" We need to be free. Free of these chains. I need to see my little girl" He said as tears slipped down his face. then he wiped his face with his sleeve.
Tanesha (played by Kattilyn)

As Tanesha felt Bo'manja's vice like grip release from around her she stumbled forward. Pulling out her sword she quickly turned and faced him.

"You were a fool Bo'manja to think you would not be hunted down for what you did and that you could defeat the Kings best Sentinals," she snarled at him.

Removing her mask and helm as she spoke, her long braided hair fell loosely down around her shoulders and she glared directly at him, "You disgust me!"

Hasina had quickly moved in behind Bo'manja and tied the sulking man's hands behind his back as the Princess spoke. He cowerd low, head hanging down like a wounded wolf that had lost the fight for his pack.

"Shackle Bo'manja and any of his men, should there be any of them left alive, and lock them up below," she said to Hasina and Kafele. "Guards throw the dead overboard and swab the deck of all this blood."

Then she noticed the slaves, wet and shivering, dressed in rags, standing back away from the bloodied mess on the deck.
"If you men wish to survive you will behave or find yourselves in the sea," she said firmly to them.

"Guards unshackle the slaves, get them below, find them dry clothes and get some food into them."

A young one amongst them fell to his knees as he pleaded to be free of his chains. Starved and blue from the cold he looked near death.
"Don't worry brave sailor" Ebonee said gently to him grinning, as she released the chains from around his ankles, "We will get you well soon enough so you can get back to your family."

As Tanesha looked them over she paused, her eyes caught on a tall handsome slave. Albeit he was dirty and unshaven she felt there was something familiar about him, it was in his eyes, yet she could not recollect had she met him before.
Maybe once he is cleaned up I will take a look at him again, she thought to herself.

As she made her way to go below deck to find some warmth, she called to Akil, "As soon as the slaves are fed and have rested some, get them working on the oars and lets make haste towards home."

Then looking up at the great Royal Airship hovering above them she waved a signal to indicate to the pilots to be ready to escort the sea vessel on it's journey home.
Valens (played by Serverus) Topic Starter

Silver hues watched as the Dervish were easily defeated and Bo’manja had decided to give up his fine ship. Indeed the Captain was not a cruel person. He could tell from his first arrival with this company that the man was just playing his part amongst ruthless cutthroats. Quartermaster Ra’fi on the other hand was a sorry bastard. When his head was dismembered, Valens smiled. Even more so when those Dervish thugs were tossed overboard into the deep ocean.

Thus when the Princess spoke, he was not sure if these foreign warriors were the good guys or the bad guys. One thing was for certain, their dark skin comforted him. For the first time in his life he felt at ease around humans. All his life the people of Jubilee had seen him as lesser than. When he was with the elves in Haramon they did not accept him; even after he fought bravely with their Rangers, they betrayed him. Even now, the way Ra’fi had spoke of his weak stomach on sea and how his men mistreated him, he still felt a bit out of place. So trust was a hard line for Valens. Thus with these Sentinels it was much different. It felt like a family reunion. He did not quite understand this feeling of acceptance.

When the Princess showed mercy and took the Captain below deck, he listened to her words, respectfully. Bo’manja was locked in a cell. Valens life was in her hands now. Slowly her people broke the shackles off the six. Unlike Ace, who spoke out, Valens would try and remain calm. He would not beg for his life. Albeit, he was grateful for freedom. He had not talked to the others slaves much but he had short conversations with Ace and knew that the man had a family. Perhaps if he had such he would have begged for his life as well.

He coughed up more bloody phlegm, from the remaining of the lingering poison. He stood tall now as the chains were broken. Soon the air was clear again and mask were taken off. He flexed his toes and fingers, in relief and waited for the next command. We’re they to finally eat? They all followed Akil who would take command of this sea vessel.

Below deck a scrawny man hid in the kitchen. Akil was the first to see him. The warrior drew his sword.

“Please don’t kill me. I am Persie.” The man said.

Akil frowned at him, but would not cut down a defenseless man. “Who are you?”

“I am the cook.” The man shivered.

“Very well, we are hungry. Make sure the slaves receive two bowls of whatever is being served. It smells good down here.” Akil sheathed his blade.

“Thank you sir. Braised lamb with leeks, carrots and onion.” The Cook shared.

Valens was comforted again by the smell of lamb stew. He had not once eaten since being on board. But he had to face that burden now. He had to survive. Maybe with food in his stomach and a proper bath, he would find an audience with their leader. He did not know their customs so he would not boast or make himself out to be any better than the other five souls who were released from their chains. He would stand in line like the rest and wait for his bowls of stew humbly.

“Contact! We have contact!” Hasina yelled still on deck helping the guards clean the scarlet from the flooring.

A large galleon was approaching from about a mile out. The Sentinels would take caution. Hopefully, whoever it was, they did not come for a fight. Valens just wanted this stew in him before he worried about his next move. He glared at Ace, the most capable of the other four and gave him a fierce look. If they needed support up deck he hoped that the man could help him fight.
Ace Dark (played by Tugboattom)

Ace felt someone staring at him as he waited for his stew. The aroma nearly distracted him from the fact that someone was watching him. He shook his head to clear it and looked over, seeing Valens glaring at him. Ace thought he understood that this man wanted him to help with something. Then he remembered the person saying something about contact. That didn't sit well with him. He would have to fight, and he didn't have a weapon. This day just kept getting better. He looked over to Valens, a man he had shared the last portion of his life with, and nodded showing his agreement. He would fight with Valens if the need ever arose.
As the stew was set before him the ship rocked with something hitting hit. Here we go again Ace thought to himself. He looked over to Valens making sure they understood eachother before rushing out to find a weapon.
Isendur (played anonymously)

He sat in his cot inside the cabin, resting his arms under his head as he could hear the fighting over head as sword clashed against sword, spear against shield and the screams of the wounded or dying. He could feel the waves rocking the ship. He pulled the cloth hood down to cover the features of his face as he let out a soft sigh. Once the battle had died down he opened the cabin door and peaked out. He could see the slaves all shivering and wet from the waters, his hearing could make them out asking for stew. He could also make out other faces from behind them. He made his way back to the cot and made himself comfortable.

They would eventually come to check to see who was still here and start asking questions on why he was on a slaver ship. He had already heard the questions before they were asked. He already knew the answers. He knew who was here and why they had come. Of course he was the reason they had come but not everyone knew who he was and his existence was still a secret to many.

If they tried to find out he knew he'd have to take drastic measures. It would cause some problems if he needed to go that route. As long as they left him alone he was content. He had made sure to take off any of his clothing and armor and had dressed himself as plainly as he could and with a robe with a deep hood to hide his face. He had a plain long sword buckled to his hip. He had made sure not to bring his other sword and armor with him. Now all he had to do was wait.
Tanesha (played by Kattilyn)

It had been a long full day, the flight in the Airship had been a rough one through the bad weather. That followed by being held captive by Bo'manjo and then the ensuing battle had left Tanesha feeling exhausted, she was wet, cold and very hungry.

As she made her way down into the lower deck of the ship, her senses were filled with the aroma of food cooking. She paused on the steps and closed her eyes to take it in and savor the aroma as her stomach grumbled.

"Some food for you," Ebonee said to her, bowing her head as she presented a full bowl of steaming hot stew in front of her.

"The Captain's cabin is through this door M' Lady," she said opening a large thick wooden door, " let me place this down here on the table, but before you eat, we must get you out of those wet leathers lest you catch a chill."

"Thank you Ebonee, but I wish to eat first, the stew will warm me from the inside out." Tanesha said kindly to her as she sat down at the table. The stew was definitely very hot but this did not stop her from filling her mouth with its tastiness. Finally, as it warmed her, her shivering stopped and she was able to relax.

Kafele watched on, as the cook filled the bowls of the hungry slaves, he looked them over with unease, something stirred in his stomach about them being completely unshackled and it was not his hunger.

These men and women were completely unknown to the them, what were their backgrounds, where did they come from, what were their professions. All these things he pondered but he trusted the Princess and never doubted or questioned her judgement at having released them fully.

It was with these thoughts that he then caught sight of someone quickly looking out through a cabin door beyond. Through the smoke from the cooker he could not see clearly who it was but he knew for certain it was not one of the guards and he could see all the slaves lined up waiting for their food.

He began to wonder had there been more than just those that had been on deck and if some had now gone into hiding.

"Guards search this deck thoroughly with me" he ordered, "I fear there are more aboard than those here with us." he shouted.

As he spoke these words he heard Hasina's warning of contact. He turned towards Akil, they both looked at each other and together they started to make haste to the deck above.

Suddenly everyone lost their balance as the ship rocked under the force of something hitting it.
The sounds of men yelling orders could just be heard as the screeching noise of timber planks being rubbed hard up against each other became deafening.

"The Princess, Akil we must get to the Princess quickly!" Kafele yelled to him over the noise of the crushing timber.
Valens (played by Serverus) Topic Starter

A mile would seem like an eternity. This was how much time they had before the contact that Hasina warned against, had came into full fruition. After Valens gave eye contact to Ace, the Knight received his bowl of stew along with the other six slaves. He smelt it first and nearly gagged at the meaty stench. He had not eaten meat since he was a kid. Living with elves most of his life, he had eaten other exotic things, mainly vegetables, fruits and juicy bugs. He closed his eyes and took a scoop of the broth concoction, with a wooden spoon. It did warm him well and it tasted better than it smelled.

Shortly after, he heard a door open near the Captain’s quarter. A figure was looking out at them from a hidden cabin. It was hard to make out the gender because of the hood that covered most of its smooth face. From the aura he assumed the being was elven.

Silver hues watched the Princess move with ease amongst her loyal companions. She was regal and elegant, yet there was a stern gaze she gave all those who dared watch her, both Sentinel and Slave. The man called Kafele gave them hard stares, as if he did not trust them. Valens was no fool, nor was he incapable of defending himself and his fated companions if need be. He went up deck and grabbed Bo’manja’s twin scimitars that the man had abandoned on the floor. He slid one into Ace’s hand, quietly.

“Curse us! We just nearly got saved. Now we are going to die by the hand of pirates.” A woman slave cried.

“At least we are going to die with full stomachs.” Another man said.

The other slaves murmured and argued amongst themselves; like ungrateful children. Valens came back down stairs, looking stronger, avoiding that weak company below. He had cleaned his face a bit and got out of the wet soaking clothes. He found one of Quartermaster Ra’fi’s leather cuirass outfits; with oiled leggings, boots and a cloak—a perfect fit. Shortly after, he discovered the Princess near the Captain’s cabin, eating her stew peacefully.

“Princess, Tenesha, I presume? Thank you for releasing us.” Valens said to her, bowing his head respectfully. “I am Sir Valens. And I am in your debt.” He played with his new blade skillfully—showing he was not inept with the sword.

That was when the ship shook and the Sentinels on deck called for the Princess to come above. Valens would follow and stand beside her.

“Well I’ll be dammed. Clearly I did not expect a royal audience,” Captain Lance bowed to the Princess. Behind him stood nearly thirty or more Royal Navy soldiers.

The large cannons on his Galleon could have torn this oarship asunder in two hits, if it was ordered, a half mile ago. Thus from the gentle contact he gave, it was clearly a plank walkway that hit them. Such made it easier for him to anchor and come across in peace. Lance recognized the Aceban royal flags and it was hard to miss her airship that stalked everyone from above.

“I am not here for trouble, your Highness. I am Captain Lance of the Royal Jubilee Armada. Commander of Suran. I made a deal with a slave trader named Bo’manja. He mentioned that a very powerful person was here on board. And I was scheduled to meet him on the coast of Aceba.” He observed the dead Devish that the Sentinel’s did not have time to toss over board.

“Instead, I see his men dead at your feet and it appears you have taken possession of his ship.” He sheathed his saber. “All I want is the elf. And you all can go on about your business. I paid good coin for him. Where is Bo’manja? He can confirm I mean you no harm today. Just hand over Isendur and we can both go on our merry way.”
Ace Dark (played by Tugboattom)

Ace looked to Valens' ears checking to see if they were pointed. He couldn't quite tell. He chewed his lip wondering if he should tell this intruder that Bo'Manja was dead, after all the princess had freed them so Ace trusted her slightly more than he might have, but this man was a slave trader that would gladly buy someone if he thought he could get good work from them. Ace glared at him.
He looked to the princess. She didn't seem altogether too worried. Then perhaps this man really did mean no harm to him. Well, he supposed that he was not an elf so this man could not be looking for him. He continued looking around him for someone with pointed ears. He refused to believe that Valens was an elf. He wouldn't believe it, even if it were presented to him in the clearest of facts.
Ace gripped his scimitar until his knuckles went white. He would fight this man if he had to. He began to settle himself into a position where he could easily lunge at the intruder, but one that wouldn't give away his intentions. He looked at Valens a question in his eyes.Do you k ow this man?
Isendur (played anonymously)

He felt the ship rock and knew something had hit them. He shrugged to himself content to stay in his cot, making himself more comfortable. He was surprised he hadn't been found yet but was content with staying in his cabin. He made himself purposely open the door and given them enough reason to check inside where he was at. Whatever had bumped ship had obviously drawn the others attention. He'd let the others on the ship check it out first. He wasn't going to go out of his way to see what happened nor did he have enough reason to care because whatever it was as long as they left him mostly alone he was okay with it. Of course when they did find him he knew questions would have been asked but that was a worry slightly for later. He'd give it some more time. Eventually they'd come in.
Tanesha (played by Kattilyn)

The Princess was deep in thought as she relaxed and enjoyed her food.

Hearing Valens speak, she looked up with drowsy eyes, to see a tall good looking man standing before her. He was clean and well dressed, wearing leathers that fit his muscular body firmly.

She looked him over slowly as she listened to his words and when her eyes met his she realized he was one of the slaves. The one that had held her gaze when Bo'manja had grabbed her from behind.

"Valens you say," she said in a puzzled voice. "I feel I recognize you from somewhere....maybe you just have one of those familiar faces. Could we have happened to have met before?" she asked looking at him.

Then the jolt of the collision startled her back to reality. "I am sure it is nothing, my guards will let me know if anything is amiss," she thought to herself as she watched Valens twirl his sword like it had been a long time since he had held one.

"Come with me Valens, perhaps I should go up on deck and check what all the yelling is about." she said to him casually.

As Tanesha stepped out on deck she saw the huge Galleon in all its splendor towering above them. She was in awe as she looked it over admiringly.

"Welcome aboard Captain Lance," she said acknowledging him as he bowed to her.
She listened to him and then replied. "The slave trader Bo'manja I have shackled and held captive below. He is to be returned to the King to face punishment for his crimes of betrayal." she said firmly to him.

"As for the elf you are asking after", she continued, "there is no such person on this ship, we have all accounted for. Some slaves and a cook are all that are on board and I can assure you none of them are elves."

"Good day to you Captain, I hope you find the man you seek and that Bo'manja has not swindled you of your many coin." she said to Lance as she turned to go below deck, wishing to get out of the cold wind.
"If you mean us no harm then you will be on your way, as we wish to be on ours, we have a long journey home."

She signalled to Valens to follow her below as she called for Akil.
As Akil came to her side she spoke to him quietly. "Akil, I want a thorough search done of all decks, let's see if this elf is aboard. Take Valens here with you, he looks as though he can handle a sword but I want no harm done to the Elf should you find him."
Valens (played by Serverus) Topic Starter

Lance was not inexperienced with negotiation, nor did he lack proper court diplomacy. He was a man of the sea, but certainly not a pirate. When Princess Tenesha spoke he could tell from her eyes that she was sincere and not purposefully deceiving him. Albeit the man beside her, the long haired ruffian, with a scimitar; indeed there was something familiar about him; as if he did not belong amongst the others. This man was surely hiding something.

Another pale skin man, also held one of Bo’manja’s scimitars. They were probably two of the slaves Tenesha spoke about. Everyone else on deck wore Aceban uniforms; Sentinels he assumed. He had heard tales about the royal guards. Never had he seen such pride on black skin before.

Captain Lance had come far for this prize. But one elf was not worth starting a civil war with the Acebans. If they were hiding him they had good reason. He would never betray the truce between his King and Tenesha’s father. Joseph and Wamukota were friends at peace and he could not come between that. Even if something was not right here and truth was being held back from him.

Tenesha said her words fast and had already turned back to escape the frozen air that Lance and his navy men embraced. But he would not let her go too far without saying his final words.

“Very well, your Highness.” Lance frowned in disappointment. “I will not trouble you any further. But if you do come across a Snow Elf named send a signal to me immediately. He is very dangerous and his kind can not be trusted. Good health to you and your fine company.”

Soon Tenesha was gone beneath the deck. Lance took his leave as promised. The wooden plank closed back in place on the great Galleon. Moments later, the ship took sail, leaving the Aceban oarship behind it.

Akil was ordered to search the deck of the ship for the elf. Valens was selected to join him. He would not protest. He gave his word and he was in the Princess’ debt for saving his life. Whilst, he did not like the look Ace gave him, as if he was checking for pointy ears; he reassured to the slave that he was not the threat, with a friendly chuckle.

“Your grace. If you truly trust this...slave then so be it. But if he makes one wrong move I will not hesitate to cut him down!” Akil spat on Valens when he spoke.

Valens showed no fear in his gaze. He wiped the spit from his visage when Akil spoke to him harshly, yet he kept his calm silver hues locked on Tenesha honourably. “I can assure you that there would be no reason to betray your trust. I can be useful to you if you will have me.”

“Haha! He speaks fancy words, ‘I can assure you.’” She mocked him. “He is no Aceban. Even if his face is crafted like a desert god.” Hasina laughed. “I say we lock him in the cell with Bo’manja, for trying to charm you, Tenesha.”

Valens did not like that the odds were against him. That was two of her companions who spoke ill of his fate. Then he remembered the cloaked being he’d saw while eating his stew. Perhaps this might help him win some favour with Tenesha. He did not care if her companions despised him. It was Tenesha’s mercy that rescued him and gave him a purpose again.

“Wait. I seen a hidden cabin. Next to the Captain’s Quarters. A hooded person...I seen him poke his head out. I never noticed him before. Perhaps Bo’manja kept him hidden from us. We should investigate. But if the elf is as dangerous as the Navy man warns, we should approach with caution.” Valens finished.
Ace Dark (played by Tugboattom)

Ace walked out of the shadows scimitars in hand. If Valens would help the princess then he would join him. After all, they had been through this much together, it would be a shame to leave him now. He stepped out by the princess bowing. Although his bow was quite clumsy and would never have been ok in a royal court he tried to cover it up by saying," I would gladly accompany you, I'm sure I can be of some service." He straitened from his bow winking at Valens as if sharing an inside joke with him.
He awaited the Princesses reply with a calm attitude, altogether different from the person he was before he had filled himself with soup and held a weapon. Now he was confident and calm, whereas before he was afraid and tearing up. He now stood tall and ready.
Isendur (played anonymously)

Let's out a soft yawn as he stands up from cot, drawing his long sword from his sheath. He begins to scribble on it with his fingers as runes suddenly burn into the blade emitting a soft orange and then blue color before dissipating. He begins to think to himself. " I need to be prepared for the worst. I do not think that was a casual bump to our ship. Humans are often unpredictable." He slides the long sword back into the sheath. "If they do try anything against me. It will be a day they rue. I need to get back to my eternal treasure before to long." Settling himself he slides back onto the cot. Patiently watching the door. They will be here soon he thought to himself.
Tanesha (played by Kattilyn)

Tanesha paused as she heard the name Isendur. She took in a deep breath, her eyes looking bemused."It could not be the same Isendur I know, he is not dangerous nor are his people untrustworthy," she thought to herself, "Captain Lance must be speaking of someone else and perhaps Bo'manja misinformed him just to make more gold."

She was filled with joy at the possibility that the Snow Elf she knew as Isendur could be on board. He is amoungst the last of his kind and she knows his wife well. If it is him...she will do everything she can to make sure he gets back to his people unharmed.

Tanesha acknowledged Ace's bow and his offer of help, "It looks like some strength has returned to you since you have eaten well," she said to him as he stood tall, "your assistance in the search is accepted."

She noticed Valens excitement as he recalled having seen someone. She took heed of his warning and nodded agreeing with him.
"Valens lead the way, show us this hidden cabin." she said him.

They made their way through the dark deck following Valens and as he got to the cabin door, Akil stepped in front of him.
"Step out of the way slave," he said bluntly to Valens as he shoved him aside by the arm.

"Move back everyone and be on guard," he ordered those around him.

Tanesha stepped in beside Akil,
"Remember I want no harm done to this elf," she said and then gave Akil the nod to open the door. Her sword was drawn but she did not feel any fear as she was hoping she truly would find her friend Isendur inside.
Akil pushed the door open, Valens and Ace rushed in, swords drawn.

Sitting before them, relaxed on the cot, was Isendur.

Tanesha was overjoyed to see him sitting there.

"Isendur, how good it is to see you," she exclaimed. " I was hoping so much it would be you that we would find in here."

"Such is the coincidence that we would come across you in our pursuit of Bo'manja, your family is in need of you. Your wife is ill and my father has been taking care of her." she said to him with worry and kindness in her voice.

"We will be making our way back to Aceba. I hope this suits you as you are welcome to stay on board and travel with us." she continued.

"Make sure my friend here is given a hearty bowl of stew," she said turning to her guards, "and Kafele, get those, once slaves, on the oars as I wish to get underway as soon as possible." she said to him with a smile, happy at last with the thought of going home.
Valens (played by Serverus) Topic Starter

It seemed as though he had won favour today, with at least one of the Obelus gods. When Tenesha asked him to take point, Valens did so, without hesitation. His posture was upright and he moved swift on his feet—his eyes focused. Soon they arrived at the location where he had last seen the hidden cabin. But there was no physical door visible; as if the room itself was sealed with some kind of magickal illusion.

“Reveal i' annon!” Valens said in Tel'Quessir.

Slowly, the illusionary wall crumbled. A physical door was now seen. Valen having grown up with Gweyr and learning the Elvatian language, he had seen deception like this once or thrice before. Instead of Akil thanking him, the brute tried to shove him aside, thus Valens reflections was much quicker than the Sentinel’s.

Valens caught Akil’s hand in a tight grip.

“Never do that again.” He growled in the threat.

Silver hues looked more predatory. Who was the real dangerous one? Akil now wondered as he was tossed backwards. He had no choice but to respect the Knights strength. Albeit Akil, in his heart wanted to retaliate further; but Tenesha blocked his path and stepped beside him.

When Akil pushed open the door, Valens rushed in behind him. But it seemed the elf was peaceful. The Princess spoke to Isendur, Valens relaxed and went back out into the lower halls with Ace. It was not his business to speak, or be present at this so called, reunion, so he listened and took guard in the halls if needed. It seemed all was well and Tenesha knew of the elf’s family.

Valens relaxed for a brief minute only to hear a voice give him another order. “Come with me...both of you.” Kafele said to Valens and Ace. “All of you with me now.” He said to the slaves still stuffing their faces with lamb stew.

Moments later, back on the upper deck the storm started up again. Rain filled the oarship like a superior bath tub. “Valens take point since you are the strongest. Ace join him on the opposite oar. The rest of you fall in line. Time to take us home.”

And so they would push on until hours after nightfall. With enough current they were able to ride the waves back east. The next morning, the sound of seagulls was heard. Land was seen about four miles out through Kafele’s scope. “The storm took us too far south, your grace...we are in Afgaria, the Port City.” He said aloud. Tenesha was already awake beside him—ready to part from this pirate ship. “Means we will need the airship to get us home. We can not carry all of them. It is your call.”

Valens eyes opened. Oh how he missed land. It did not matter where they ended up as long as he can dry his feet and find a decent inn—he would survive.


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