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(A new cyberpunkish server)

Glassgate is a wonderful city state, owned and operated by our munificient CEO's of the multinational conglomerate the Collective. Glassgate boasts all the amenities that one might require, from unlisenced cybernetic surgery to ammunition designed to pierce military grade armor plating. Anything you can possibly imagine is possible in the world's most popular spire city.

Spend a sunny day on the upper level of the city, colloquially known as Uptown; and sip a cyber-martini™ with your friends. Enjoy rooftop access for a moment, and mingle with the other daily lottery winners as you pretend to be a Glassgate elite!

Or if you do not have the funds to brush elbows with celebrities on the sunlit roofs- enjoy the cool run-off rainy midsection of the city: Downtown, the largest district in Glassgate. Here you will find all the major businesses (sponsored by the Collective) you'll need to get by and thrive. This area is routinely patrolled by the Collective and their agents, so you can enjoy the steel labyrinths of Downtown with relative safety. But watch out for junkheads haha!

Looking to save some money or just not fortunate enough to pay the taxes required to live Downtown? Have no worry! The Pits have been home to millions of people, synthetics and robots alike. Are you a people person? Of course you are- so you can enjoy the large population packed in small places underground. Just make sure to stay indoors when the run-off rain starts to fall, and be wary at all times.

Creators note: This is a 3rd person group roleplay with dice elements and stats. I've made it very simple, and intentionally left the lore vague and open to interpretation. So do not worry about having to read pages and pages of lore to play.


Here is the invite:

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