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Akuji (played by Sarlic)

The time was May 10th, 20XX- 2 months after the initial outbreak of airborne sporing of what was being called the human cordyceps, more commonly referred to as the zombie fungus. The parasitic zombies weren’t well known about as they were hidden by the much more common fungal zombies. Survivor camps were already set up but there were still the survivors who went alone in the apocalypse.

Akuji ran up to a tree and peered into the camp that was set up from behind the tree, trying not to be noticed. He had a black mask on to avoid getting any spores in his mouth. He let out a small sigh and tightened his grip on his bag’s straps then walked over to the barracade around the camp”Anybody there”He said keeping his voice down to not attract attention from any nearby zombies.
Shuffling. After a moment of measured hesitation, a face peers over the barricade. The face is pale, densely populated with freckles, illuminated on one side by the glow of a fire, and framed with ginger hair pulled back into a ponytail. A pair of tortoiseshell glasses rest neatly on his thin nose.
"What do you want?" Henry asks in a hushed whisper. Beneath his glasses, his eyes are narrowed, trying to read the stranger. The bags beneath his eyes coupled with the dirt peppered on his sunken cheeks paints a picture of an immeasurably exhausted man.
Akuji (played by Sarlic)

He nodded lightly when he saw Henry's face over the wall, so there were people at this camp. His face was hard to read, his eyes didn't give much emotion or even thought away and his whole lower face was completely covered.
He tapped his foot lightly on the ground as he thought about what he should say. He nodded as he thought of it and walked closer to the wall, holding his hands up in a -I don't mean any harm- sort of way.

" see"He was speaking in the quiet voice he had earlier, still loud enough to be heard"I have been on my own for the whole...fungus problem, and I thought that maybe I wouldn't survive much longer on my own so I've been looking for a camp to stay at where there are other survivors I can lean on to help me live. I was wondering if maybe this camp of yours would...let me in? you can see" He patted his head "I'm not infected with the fungus"
Henry cranes his neck over the barricade to confirm that yes, this person does not look infected. He opens his mouth, closes it, at war with himself on what to say next.
Finally, he says, "Is anyone with you?"
Akuji (played by Sarlic)

"No no, I've been alone the whole time, well besides the beginning when my friends"He shook his head and looked down at the ground"When my friends were turned into the mu-zombies"

"But yeah, I'm completely alone, I even have some rations of food from my last place I was holed up at, you can wash them if any spores got on them, but they should be safe as his"He slipped his backpack off of him and raised it up"Shall I give you this before I am allowed in?"
"No, keep it," Henry says. He moves away from the barricade. A few feet to the left, a makeshift door opens. Gabriel pokes his head out and gestures for Akuji to follow him inside. "Come on," he says.
Henry's camp is modest, the barricade being the only sturdy part of it. A tent is pitched against a tree, sporting an array of holes and tears patched over with scraps of fabric. A large bonfire crackles in the center—the only source of light. Empty food cans and wrappers lie strewn about the camp. In the dirt by the door rests a sizable pipe wrench. It's difficult to make out what it is in the dim light, but a dark stain crests the top of the wrench.
Henry closes the ramshackle door behind Akuji and makes his way around the fire, keeping a close eye on the newcomer. He sits down in front of the tent. "What's your name?" He asks, tilting his head.
Jeremy had his duffle bag filled up with supplies from the empty houses out in the area and was making his way back to camp. Jeremy pulls out his radio, "This is runner Jeremy, I'm coming back to camp with some supplies. I should be there within the hour if everything goes smoothly. " he radios in.While walking back to camp he was carring his AR just in case he would come across any infected. "If camp needs anything else on my way back just radio me." he radios back in. Jeremy never like fighting the infected, but he would do it anyway because he knew that if he didn't he would be their next meal. When Jeremy wasn't getting supplies he would train in parkour to help him be able to escape danger quickly.
Henry fishes the radio out of his tent. "Copy that, Jeremy. We've got a uh. . ." He glances over at Akuji, "we've got another survivor. Just showed up, he says he has rations, over."
Jeremy grabs his radio, "Roger that Henry." He slowly moves around a horde. "Uh... Henry we might have a problem there is a horde heading in the direction of camp, with how slow they are moving I give it a couple of hours before they get there, So make sure the defenses are increased." Jeremy then puts his radio back on his belt while sneaking his way back to camp.
"Again?" Henry curses under his breath, stuffing the radio in the front pocket of his coat. He pushes his glasses back up his nose and looks hopelessly at the messy camp.
"I know you just got here," Henry says to Akuji, "but we're about to be hit, hard. I could use your help when they get here."
Akuji (played by Sarlic)

"Hit hard? A bunch of the zombies are coming here?"He looked at Henry and sighed"Yeah I'll help, you got any weapons I could borrow for the fight?"He opened his back and pulled out a kitchen knife and a hammer "Cause this is all I've got"

The kitchen knife seemed to be dull and chipped with use, but the hammer didn't seem to have been used much and was in relatively good condition
Henry makes a choked sound of disbelief in the back of his throat. He points at the old pipe wrench, "That's all I've got. That and the fire, but I don't know what that'll do. There was an attack this morning and it took out all of the remaining defenses. Jeremy took the guns but he should be back soon. . . if all goes well." Henry takes a breath after his ramble, color rising to his face. "I'm not built for this," He says under his breath, "I'm not a fighter. . . oh god."
Jeremy runs through the front entrance of the camp. "Here Henry catch." Jeremy says while tossing him a hand gun. "So who's the new guy?" Jeremy ask while preparing a couple of defenses. Once finished setting up Jeremy puts his bag into the resource tent and checks to see how much AR ammo he has left, before the horse gets there.
Akuji (played by Sarlic)

"You only have that wrench? If there's a spare gun you take it rather then me" He nodded at Henry. He listened to Henry ramble on and sighed"Not a fighter you say? Stay behind the defenses and try to take them out from a range if you are able to"

He looked at Jeremy"The names Akuji, I may not look like much"He raised his hands and gestured at his body"But I'm stronger then I appear. I'm a close range fighter using both my fists and weapons to deal damage" He held his hand out towards Jeremy in a friendly manner"And don't worry, I'm not infected by the fungus, so I won't bite because of that"
Henry yelps but catches the gun, albeit awkwardly. He flips it over in his hands, testing the weight of it. "Okay," he says to himself, "okay, a gun. Okay." He tries to steady his breathing, not finding much success. "How much time do we have?" He asks Jeremy, "Until uh. . . they. . . get here?"
"Give or take about an hour, they were moving pretty slow." Jeremy says while double checking all the defensive measures around the camp. "So, new guy where Were you before you came across our camp?" He ask while putting the supplies that he gathered away. "I mean I came from a place called the tower and it fell because someone didn't check for signs of infection."
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate)

During this Outbreak that happen many days ago, Kino was walking around the town with his trusty horse named Jecth which carries the supplies like food, water, ammonition and medical needs. Kino was a trader that some survivors often to trade with him while the bandits wants to rob him. He oftens to go and take a sit at the State Park, just to enjoy the relaxing air while cleaning his axe.
Once jeremy is done double checking the camp's defenses. He climbs up intoa nearby tree so he can get a good vantage point for when the horde arrives. "Just keep your eyes out we don't need to lose another survivor." he says while climbing the tree. Once in the tree he makes sure that his sight is correctly zeroed in.
Kino Onstone (played by Theyakate)

Kino continue his walk as the horse began to neigh that Kino tried to calm Jecth down. As he pat the horse head, he heard a dead shrieking sound only to see a group of fungus zombie. Kino began to drop his breath as he whisper to Jecth "FInd a safe place my friennd" then he slaps the horse and run to the direction where Jeremy's and his friends survival camp is.
Kino's horse barrels into the camp, eyes wild. Henry holds his hands up, "Woah woah woah," he says gently, trying to calm the spooked horse. He turns to glance up at Jeremy, fear present in his eyes, "They're coming."

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