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platinum melody (played anonymously)


There was a pale glow of unicorn magic holding up the map to Ponyville in front of her face. It wasn't much, but the light kept Platinum awake. According to said map, she'd be there soon. Maybe then she could find a place to stay for the night. Her eyes fought to stay open, but it was mere motivation that kept her going towards her long awaited destination.

Platinum had been living in Manehattan all her life, until she couldn't take it anymore. She wanted to settle down in a more quiet place, that didn't have people whispering behind her back or yelling in her face.

She really needed a break. Her hooves were aching, and she didn't know how much longer her magic could hold up this map anymore. It was a little past sunset, and her body beseeched her to lay down, even for a moment. But she knew if she did that, she would end up passed out cold and waking up in the morning, still not in Ponyville.

The bare moonlight had uncovered something in the distance. It was rectangular in shape, sticking up from the ground. As she inched closer, she had noticed it was wood. Must be a sign. Finally stepping in front of it, she pressed her hoof on the side of it, using her magic to move the map to the side of her face.

When she read the word, Ponyville she would've screamed in excitement if it weren't for the fatigue clawing at her eyelids. Platinum moved behind the sign, and collapsed, laying down to finally give her throbbing hooves a rest. Setting the map down beside her, she mumbled something before finally allowing her eyes to close.

"Finally, i've made it."

The next morning, she was awoken by something or somepony nudging her gently. Plat tried opening her eyes, but the blazing sun stung her eyes a little, causing the unicorn to recoil further into the dirt, before bumping the sign she slept by. "Ah-!" Her eyes squinted as she tried to look up at the pony above her. "Wh-Who are you?" She asked, raising her hoof above her eyes in attempts to shield herself from the sun to see who woke her.

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Raven Song (played anonymously)

It’s just a daily go-round, one pony in particular had thought to himself before spreading the two, immense wings that rested on his lower back and launching himself forward.

Little did he know, he would end up in an awkward conversation with a pony that seemed to be resting by the entrance of the hometown he belonged to.

Though, at the moment, this pony was consumed in the sunlight that was barely stretching over the horizon, straining with its might to make the darkness flee as soon as possible. The land seemed to go on forever and glisten with this new aura. As the stars faded away, that’s when the pony found less enjoyment in his daily rounds, as he called them. Despite most not being one to wake as early as he did, he still didn’t want to risk possibly running into someone.

But today was different.

Today, he felt the urge to go a little further than he usually did. Just beyond the entrance, he told himself. He didn’t understand why he felt as if he needed to do so, but that quickly came into his sights. Literally and metaphorically.

“Is everything alright?” The pony’s hooves hit the ground, but he fumbled as he failed to properly catch himself as he landed. Quickly, his wings folded and he looked around. Then his gaze settled on the pony, who he realized was more than likely resting. He didn’t particularly recognize who she- or he or them ( just to be safe, he corrected himself )- was, but he did spend most of his time alone, so it was a possibility that he didn’t know who they were.

Now, with his query hanging in the air, he moved forward and poked the sleeping pony with his hoof. As soon as she gave a somewhat surprised response, he jumped back and took a few breaths, as if he were more startled than they happened to be. He lowered his head and began backing away, listening as his name was asked.

“Uhm- Well.. It’s Raven Song,” The pony- Raven Song, as the name introduced- flinched as he spoke. His voice was quiet and fragile, as if it could barely scare a mouse ( Honestly, the mouse would probably scare him instead ). He spoke once more. Briskly, too. “Apologies for- well- waking you. I wanted to see if you were alright since you were lying here, but I didn’t mean to exactly frighten you, you see.” Raven explained with a small nod. He closed his eyes tightly and drew a sharp gasp of air. “Sorry-!”
platinum melody (played anonymously)

Platinum felt embarrassed as she was woken up by somepony she'd never met. Normally she kept herself well presentable, but lying on the dirty ground, mangled mane, and tired eyes. Once her pastel orbs adjusted to the light, she sat up and wiped some of the dirt off herself. Chuckling awkwardly before replying, and standing up completely. "Oh, nice to meet you Raven!" The female pony extended a hoof to shake the other's.

She had noticed the pony before her was a bit uneasy. Probably because he found a dirty pony sleeping by the Ponyville sign, she thought. "It's fine! I should've found a more... decent place to rest." She explained, all charged up from everything she was feeling. Platinum remembered last night, and how she finally reached her destination.

She looked to her flank to be sure that even in her sleep, the makeup she had on her hadn't worn off. Luckily, it hadn't, but surely it didn't have much time before it would.

Plat took the time to actually take in the pony's physical features. The different colors of their coat, the vest he wore- She smiled brightly, in hopes of lightening the mood. Noticing she hadn't returned her name, her eyes widened as she sighed. "Oh my, i'm sorry, i didn't even introduce myself. I'm Platinum Melody, i just arrived her last night from Manehattan." She oozed with joy.

Hopefully, she thought, i'll be able to find a friend that could show me around a bit before i find a place to stay.

The male pony apologised, in a fearful fashion that confused Platinum. But they were acquaintances and she couldn't really ask about it. "It's fine," she reassured with a smile.
Raven Song (played anonymously)

“It’s.. a pleasure to make your acquaintance,” Raven slowly lifted his head with a weak grin. Perhaps he was just freaking himself out, and occasional social interaction wasn’t as terrible as he thought. He raised his own hoof and shook hers.

He took in her aspects while Platinum gave a somewhat explanation of why she happened to be resting by the welcoming sign. Well, he was able to put the pieces together, at least.

“Ah, I see,” The pony nodded. “Manehattan? So, you’re new here?” Another question popped into his mind. “Will.. Will you need a tour guide.. or something?” He snickered slightly and sheepishly at his own hesitation. “I’m sure there’s somepony who enjoys showing others around, at least.”

Raven sent a glimpse around the area he stood in before his gaze drifted back to the pony before him. Then, something clicked. “Oh- I didn’t mean that I don’t enjoy showing other ponies around, but-” He inhaled hurriedly. “It’s just.. Well, the.. the nervousness, y’know?” Raven flashed an awkward grin. “Besides, I can’t remember half of the places in town.”

Anyways,” He hummed, what seemed an anxious intone to his voice. “How about taking a small detour while searching for a tour.. guide?” Raven laughed softly, somewhat embarrassed. “That.. sounded better in my head.”
platinum melody (played anonymously)

"Yup, i'm new here. I heard good things about Ponyville, so i took the opportunity to come here." She informed him, giving a friendly smile. She watched as he rambled on, her body almost sank. Platinum was about to intervene to try and make things better, but she just stepped back, fiddling her hooves in the dirt.

"It's fine! Don't worry about it," she consoled, waving her other hoof in the air. "I'm sure i could find somepony, if not i could walk around myself." Giving a slight smile, she fixed the pack that was resting over her back. Noticing how nervous the other pony was, she didn't want to keep him long and upset or bother him. "I dont want to trouble you just to help me search for a tour guide," she laughed.

"I'm sure you have other things to do, and i don't want to keep you here long." Plat nodded, brushing part of her mane out of her eyes.
Raven Song (played anonymously)

At least this pony’s- Platinum, he corrected himself- kindness was an excuse to slip away again, only to continue hiding in the miniature cabin he called home, when it really was a hideout from the outer world.

“Oh, it won’t be any trouble,” Raven smiled awkwardly, ducking his head to stare at the ground. What is he saying? Where was he going with this, exactly? “I, honestly, don’t have anything better to do, at the moment. But if you think you could find it by yourself-” He flinched. “I mean, I’m not saying you can’t do it yourself, of course. Though, I- Well- I’m sure you’re capable of that. But, if you decided you need help or anything-”

He took a breath. “Hopefully you get what I’m saying- or, trying to say? Because, I think I’m lost, myself.”
platinum melody (played anonymously)

Platinum looked at the male, adorning an expression of confusion. Slowly, and hesitantly nodding, she tried her best to form some sort of response to the rambling the other pony had done. "Uhm, well, yeah. I kinda get it."

Raven seemed to be a bit uncomfortable, but not in the terrible get-away-from-me type of uncomfortable. Her intuition was urging her to believe he seemed to be like this all the time. "So, i guess there's something i could ask your help for, as long as you don't mind." She noted, being sure he was okay with still talking to her.

"I haven't eaten since yesterday morning in Canterlot. Do you know any good places nearby that i can eat at? All you have to do is walk me there," she said politely, not wanting the male to go out of his way. "Unless you have business elsewhere," she added just to be sure.
Raven Song (played anonymously)

With a skittish grin, Raven shook his head slightly. “There’s a bakery not too far from here. I don’t mind walking you there, actually,” The pony answered slowly. He then took a step forward, slipping past Platinum with a quick tilt of his head, motioning for her to follow, if she wished.

“The bakery has mainly sweets, but there are a few breakfast items there, too. I think,” Raven chuckled lightly, contemplating if he was right or not. He looked over his shoulder. “You’re.. alright with those sorts of things, right..? Bakeries, I mean.” He inhaled. His anxiousness seemed to be lightening up the more he spoke. “I was just wondering, just in case. There are more places with more suitable food, depending on your taste. I wouldn’t mind walking a bit further, if you want something else, of course.”
platinum melody (played anonymously)

Platinum hadn't had much to eat, so anything that was edible was good enough for her. Tilting her head, she once more listened to the rambling that she heard from Raven. It seemed to be getting a bit better, the more they spoke. She gave him a smile, nodding gently. "Thank you, i appreciate it!" She beamed, happy to have somepony actually walk her to her first destination in Ponyville, so she wouldn't end up walking alone.

She began walking slowly beside him, following as he had previously gestured. "Yes, Raven," she chuckled. "I'm fine with bakeries. I'm grateful enough that you are willing to walk me that far, so even if i wasn't i wouldn't trouble you as much to force you to walk me to another place just because i'm picky. Which i'm not, by the way," she smiled proudly, recalling some of her old friends who happened to be way too picky for her liking.

There was a dip in conversation after she said that, which made her seek for something to talk about. "So, have you lived here all your life?" Plat asked, wondering if he had, mainly because he mentioned something about not knowing where a lot of things were.
Raven Song (played anonymously)

In return of the thanks, Raven grinned weakly, “No problem,” He answered quietly, listening to the sound of his hooves against the soil for a moment. Clip, clop. Clip, cl- clop. Then, he laughed aloud, which was even surprising even to him. “I’m.. glad to hear that. Not a lot of ponies here are willing to try new things. Well- the ones I know of, at least. Oh! And apologies for all the questions and never-ending talk.” He sent a gander towards her with a grin.

Then came a query of her own. “Not.. exactly,” Raven explained slowly, readjusting the position of his wings as he thought for a quick moment. “I moved here when I was younger, but, even then, I still get lost, despite living here for.. seven years, I think?” He chuckled to himself. He found it oddly funny that he couldn’t remember how long he’s been here.

“How was Manehattan?” The male pony questioned, looking towards his acquaintance with a curious gleam. “I mean- if that’s considered personal, you don’t have to answer-” Ah, there it was. The nervousness. “But, I was only asking because I haven’t been there in quite the while.”
platinum melody (played anonymously)

Platinum tilted her head as she kept her gaze forward. "Well, i used to have friends that also weren't too open to trying to new things." she said with a slight smile. "Don't apologise, you're all good Raven. Believe it or not, i've seen ponies with worse nerves than you do, so i'm used to it. It's all~ fine with me."

"Woah, seven years? Hm, well, i wish i could help but as we both know i have no idea where anything is here," she spoke with a laugh afterwards. She looked around at the different houses, and small shops they passed with wide eyes. "This place surely is much different from manehattan," she says quietly in amazement.

Looking back to the uneasy seeming male, Platinum had let out a light snort of laughter. "It's not too personal. If anything, it was... boring, and everyday was the same it felt like. Ponies were all focused about things that weren't important, and it was never a peaceful place with all the noise nonstop. But maybe that was just my area, i dunno." she explained with a shrug.
Raven Song (played anonymously)

Raven nodded as he listened. “Pfft- I’m surprised. Worse nerves than me? Sounds almost unbelievable,” He joked lightly with a delicate grin. Yawning, the pony rose a brow as she continued talking.

“Oh,” He clicked his tongue with a firm, sheepish nod. Another one, at least. It seemed to be one of his many habits, “mhm. It’s slightly amusing because you think seven years would be enough time to figure out where everything is.” He chuckled. Though, he remained quiet at her awe, only grinning crookedly and awkwardly.

“Maybe it wasn’t just your area,” Raven blinked rapidly, thinking back to his time at Manehattan. “I mean, where I used to stay was pretty busy- and clamorous- too. Though, the town I was in seemed peaceful, for the most part. The farmers never got along with this one group of kids who used to mess with the crops, actually. But, besides the weekly chaos, I think it was pretty laid-back and-” He looked towards her with a smile. “-boring.”
platinum melody (played anonymously)

"Well it's not to unbelievable to me. I've seen it with my own eyes," she added, gesturing to her eyes with a hoof. Placing it back to the dirt to keep walking, she kept her head down for a moment as she walked, to listen to what he said.

Platinum gave a reassuring smile, now tilting her head in his direction. "Sometimes it takes a couple thousand tries to get something right. Maybe eventually you'll get the hang of it. At least you know the basics and the most important places though," she mused reassuringly. Her eyes looked at the way the male walked, observing it carefully, before looking away so she didn't seem odd for staring.

Her eyes met his as he turned his head to look at her as they walked. A mirthful chuckle could be heard from her, not in a laughing-at-him kind of way though. "Yeah. If you manage to look past the fresh drama each day, life was actually boring there. Especially for those ponies who don't really have aspirations," she explained with a saddened smile.
Raven Song (played anonymously)

Raven chuckled at the movement, ducking his head into a quick nod to acknowledge he had understood. Perhaps he should be thankful he wasn’t too anxious all the time. Well, almost all the time, at least.

“Right,” He agreed quickly. “I try to keep busy and memorize the main locations, but the ones that aren’t as attention-drawing can still be confusing, sometimes. I mean, I don’t go out that often, but I guess it’s nice to have some knowledge, right?”

If you manage to look past the fresh drama each day, life was actually boring there. Especially for those ponies who don't really have aspirations. He blinked thrice at the statements. Despite overthinking those words, Raven still laughed nonetheless, just so it would get uncomfortably quiet. He had aspirations, right? That saddened smile shouldn’t bother him, should it? Why was he bothered, then? He lowered his gaze to the ground for a faint moment. No, no. He had a goal. It was fine. He wasn’t in that group of ponies without so-called aspirations. “Yeah. I mean, I sort of enjoy the bustle in this town, too. It isn’t as chaotic, but it isn’t laid-back, either.”
platinum melody (played anonymously)

"Yeah," she began, slipping in a few other affirmative nods and hums to show she was listening. "Well that's understandable. Not everypony can memorise every town here right away.. Or in seven years," she added with a playful smile.

Plat's eyes had picked up on a slight sense of discomfort in Raven's laugh. Had she said something wrong? Her eyes averted to the ground, thinking back on what she said. Maybe he didn't have any aspirations? "Y-Yeah," she stuttered, a rarity coming from Platinum herself. She wanted to apologise, but didn't want to dwell on a subject he may be unwilling to talk about right now.

When Raven said something about this town being neither chaotic nor laid-back, she was confused. "This place seems laid-back, in all honesty. What kind of bustle could be here?" she asked curiously, tilting her head. A habit she picked up when she was young, to let the other pony know she was listening to what they had to say.

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