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1. Preview group appearance settings.
This used to be possible, what happened to it?

2. Sort styles by 'default'
You're not able to navigate back to all 16 pages of styles if you ever choose to sort by a category or colour which feels like an oversight to me. I waste a few clicks having to backtrack to my character's settings to find the link to set their style. It's a bit annoying every time if I'm just browsing and don't know what I want yet. I assume this oddity hasn't been fixed because people don't change styles often ...but I do!

3. Search styles by name.
Sometimes I do have a specific style I want but I to go through extra clicks to narrow the category down then find the page it's on. If the dropdown menu on the right was an all-purpose search so I can enter the style name directly that would save people a lot of time.
100% Full Support. Finding specific styles is kind of cumbersome and clunky. I feel searching could be a lot better. The ability to search by artist/creator would be nice too.

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