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So, I'm Not Exactly Sure If This Is Where You Would Post Something Like This, But Here Goes Nothing:

I Have Been A Little Too Busy Lately With Personal And Work Events, And I Just Don't Have The Time To Be Online As Often As I Used To. So, After Thinking This Over For A Bit, I Realized I Would, Unfortunately, Have To Stop Replying To RPs On RPR. Don't Get Me Wrong; I Love This Website, Without A Doubt! I Just Don't Have The Time To Write Or Perform Any RPs, At The Moment.

I Didn't Want The People I RP With Personally To Think I Have Ghosted Them Or Just Don't Want To RP With Them Anymore, So This Account Will Be Deleted After Giving A Heads Up To Everyone. If You Are Someone I Have Had To Drop An RP With, I Apologize Deeply. I've Had So Much Fun With This Website, And It's Sad I Have To Stop For Awhile, But I'll Miss Every Bit Of It In The End.

So, This Is Goodbye, Mon Ami/Aime! I Hope You All Are Doing Well, And Continue To Do So! But, This Is AmberShades, Logging Off.

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