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Heyo! I'm trying to save money for a switch lite and some games, so here I am!

I've taken some time to hone my skills a little more and figure out pricing that is fair to the amount of work I put in.

I'm offering cell shaded busts for $22.



The fourth example is a two character bust example with a complex background which would be $37 if you're interested in that. Non complex background with two characters would be $32

Transparent background and single color basic background are free, depending on any other background you'd like it will cost $2-$5 extra.

You will be updated at every stage and get 1 change per stage, and one redraw during the sketch stage if needed.

Payment via paypal only.

If you're interested please send me a message filling out this form:

Character Name and link to their RPR page if they have one:
Commission Type: (single bust or multiple character)
Appearance References:
Preferred Pose References:
Preferred Shirt Reference:
Background: (transparent, if color then tell me color, if complex tell me and give references)

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