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Rides in proudly on her black horse.
Frank Efferson (played by Juls)

Frank here was my first wild west character: a cowboy turned bounty hunter who's been seeking revenge long enough without satisfaction that it's beginning to lose its appeal. But he doesn't exactly know what else to do with his life. That, combined with a promise made over a decade ago, keeps him chasing a man that very well might already be pushing up daisies somewhere.
A very popular character a civil war veteran. Who loves gunfights prosititues and whiskey. In no particular order. He also loves bargirls and cheap hotels with saloons saloon girls. A distant relative of the infamous john wilkes booth. Ride em cowboy.
Apparently Connor is no longer from the Colonial Era... yes technically I’m cheating, but remember

Nothing is true

Everything is permitted
Elmer Stroud (played by Juls)

There's gold in them thar hills!

Elmer ventured west to California as a 49'er, even managed to strike it rich and got to live it up for a couple years! Then went broke again on his never-ending hunt for the mother load. But it's still out there. He's just gotta find it...
Sydney here is really the only character that fits into the Wild West era. He works as a Marshal in Tombstone, Arizona. He follows the law closely and cannot really abide law breakers. Sydney is pretty much a straight arrow but has a soft spot for women or people in trouble. He has a hard time saying no to someone in need, especially if they are a lady. He will be hard pressed to break the law for them doing everything in his part to make sure they abide by the laws.
"I am in the worlds 2 oldest professions. i love men saloons sex and whiskey run down hotels".
Dorothy Parsons (played by Juls)

Dorothy was one of those characters created as a whim as an NPC and, dang it! She's pretty much stolen the show from my other Wild West creations.

She's not the best at making wise life decisions and has fallen in with a gang of ex-Confederate irregulars that make a habit of robbing stagecoaches and trains.

I gave her roots in southwestern Pennsylvania, where my own grandparents are from (and still live). So it's fun and easy to get the rough accent of the region right since I'm familiar with it.

(Likely only funny if you've got connections to PA. ;) )
Eva (played by miarup)

Eva’s a feisty prostitute often in trouble with the law. She’s got some serious emotional baggage, and is quick to turn toward alcohol rather than confront her demons.

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