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I've made a new group and worked on one of the pages while intending to work on another once the first is done. The problem I've run into is being unable to figure out how to edit the pages I've typed in. When I go to edit, it pulls up the widgets I've got on the first one, but not the bit of text that I've written. Now I don't know if this has been answered yet, so please forgive me if it has but... How do I edit the text on the page?
My best guess is that you didn't actually save your edits before trying to go to a different page, and so lost your work. It's very possible I'm misunderstanding the issue, though.

You should be able to edit a widget just by clicking on it, but text widgets should also show at least a preview of what's already in them.

The page shows up when viewed normally with the text on it, yet I can't seem to change the text due to the page not showing in edit mode.

Edit: I'll check the widgets to see if they were incorrectly saved with the text.
Edit #2: Yeah, still not working. Is this a possible bug? Or just a technical issue on my end?
Might as well make a bug report. ^^ So far as I can tell, that doesn't sound like something that's supposed to happen.

And even if you do think something is a technical issue on your end, it's often still a good idea to submit a report! If it's an issue others also have, then correcting it is still good. :)

Alright thank you so much for helping me. :)

*Edits this a day later* Found a way around the problem! xD

Ok so I've run into a new problem when I started working on the forums part of my group. I noticed that when I go to make a post it gets stuck in the "OOC only" tab of that topic. But the thing is I would like for that initial post to be in the "IC only" tab instead. I've tried the usual edit, the delete the post and remake it option, yet still it is in the "OOC only" tab. It's frustrating me to no end, so I'm wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if it's possibly a bug. Any help would be appreciated!

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