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You could hear the birds chirping while they fly through the thick forest, a calm breeze of wind passes by as well. Suddenly out of nowhere, a loud banging noise occurred causing the ground below to shake and tremble. This immense urge of demonic power causes the wind to greatly pick up it's pace in a dangerous fashion, making the tree's sway back and forth. While this happens, a purple colored aura appears on the soft soil showing the shape of a pentagram inside a circle.

A moment later, mysteriously someone's pale hand is seen rising out of the ground below grabbing onto the side of the hole slowly picking himself up out of the broken ground and stands completely still in all of his cynical glory with his arms lowered to the waist - his head still looking down at the ground with his eye's closed. Before you know it, both of the demon's eyes opened and he tilts his head upwards to glance around analyzing his surroundings. All he was wearing was grey shorts and a grey ripped shirt, he looked down at his unusual outfit in disgust before breaking out in menacingly laughter. Once the being stopped laughing, he'd calmly make his way towards the town seen from a distance away. After getting there Lucifer walked past several buildings and households on the cobblestone path until reaching a crowd of people facing the other way, he'd look up at the wooden stage in front of everyone there while you could hear the king of the kingdom talking, saying "We have faced evils throughout the years and yet we prevail. The-" before the human could say anything else, Lucifer gets annoyed by his statements and jumped onto the stage, landing on his knee and hand right in front of him, standing up tall as he looks down at the owner of the throne saying, "This is all mine now." with a devious smirk on his face before firmly grabbing onto the king's neck, everyone down below in the crowd didn't do anything but scream and run away in fear of what was happening. He'd break the human's neck with his harsh grip on him, causing blood to ooze out of the guy splashing all over his face and his body.

Lucifer would let go of the dead king's neck, causing his whole body to collapse to the ground of the stage before turning the other way, seeing a lot of the townspeople of Hawthrill Town right outside of their house's trembling in fear of the guy, closely hugging their loved ones in their arms as an attempt to protect them. A few moments later hundreds of knights in shining armor are seen trampling their way over to him, some on horses and the rest on foot carrying spears, swords and shields. They'd completely surround him with no other way out of this, he quickly realizes there's only way to handle this. He looks down the king's crown, picking it up off the stage before breaking it in half with his own hands in a display of brute strength, loudly yelling out "You're either with me or against me!" his firm voice and stance puts overwhelming fear into everyone there so they all dropped their weapons and hesitatingly kneeled down to their new king, Lucifer Valentine. A weak skinny elf was seen hiding around a corner of a building peaking their head out to see this all unfold before quickly running off the other way in a panic-like manner, heading towards to the prospering Elf Kingdom a few miles away to the North. Minutes later, an elderly counselor on the board calmly walks up to the infamous demon reaching out his hand to shake his in respects to his new king, Lucifer notices his manners and reaches out his own hand shaking the elder's hand in a peaceful way. The counselor began to speak saying, "Please follow me, Lucifer. I'll show you around to your new kingdom your majesty."

He curiously accepts the offer, walking besides the elder in the white robe on the cobblestone as they walk past the buildings going towards the king's headquarters. While they're walking that way, Lucifer looks over at him and says "You know who I am? How?" wandering this since he never mentioned his own name to anyone here yet. The wise elder, Joseph Enthral replies back "I've studied ancient books and drawings from thousands of years ago.. That's how I know exactly who you are. The prophecies were right you know? The hooded mage who casted the resurrection spell on you all that that time ago. I hoped it wasn't true but here you are." The demon stopped in his tracks, suddenly getting a vivid flashback of the past seeing himself battling others before getting struck by a magical sword in his back that pierced his heart, blood slowly oozed out of his chest before he fell to the ground. It was unclear who it was that killed him since everyone in the flashback had blurry faces. Lucifer would come back to his senses before looking at the elder once more tilting his head at him, saying "Hm.. What year is it?" Joseph says to him saying "It's 2074." Lucifer becomes shocked to hear that answer from the question and continues walking with him until they reach the doors to the king's headquarters. The two knights that stand guard there in front of the doors back off to each side, allowing them to enter the building. The first thing that is noticed is the empty throne ahead not too far away, only a few people are seen walking around while Lucifer is seen approaching the seat of the throne, comfortably sitting there for a moment taking it all in. The elder says "You're going have to address the board of counselors tonight, sir." with his arms to his side as he said that. The only thing he says back is, "I will. You run off now. I've got some things to do." while he magically summons a gold demonic coin with a snap of his fingers, holding the coin between two fingers as he flips it over and over, thinking about what he's going to do with it.

Once the elder left the building, he sat there basking in all of his glory for a minute before going to the king's private room changing his attire to the usual outfit he's used to, black leather jacket, leather pants and black boots. After that, he goes outside to the forest of where he came from earlier, grasping the gold coin in his right hand after slightly cutting his hand causing some blood to soak the coin causing purple demonic energy to swirl around him dramatically before his body turns into grey dust that falls onto the ground. He's seen appearing in a demonic dimension that's thousands of light miles away. He looks around the barren empty land before seeing a massive army of demons approaching him since they felt the presence of his existence so he'd walk towards them. Once close enough you could see a large fat horned demon towering over most of the others, gruesome looking chained demons look at their former leader for orders as several winged beasts fly above them in a circle as they start to talk to each other in a distinct ancient language. Lucifer begins saying at them, "La l'tozz prevail aewabbi yaz. Aeun qiza iz raon. I lizz summon esaeu weeks mnaez rael s'ar ya qiza iz niksq. Yoq's s'ar la lizz ednita." All of the demons in front of him that can stand, kneel on one knee in respect for him and his order. You could hear some grunts and the sound the of flames coming out of the flying monster's mouths above in the red colored sky. One of the smaller weak demons come out of from the crowd handing him a rolled up scroll that obtains the location of his lost magical sword before walks back in a scared fashion into the crowd where he came from. Lucifer opens the scroll looking at the map for a moment before rolling it back up and returns to the human realm before anyone notices his disappearance.

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