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Hi! So, when you go to the alert settings in your settings for when you get an email (Hope that made sense) I think it would be helpful to have a 'no email' setting and a 'email whenever anything happens' setting. For example, I don't want emails to be sent to me, but there isn't really a setting for having no emails. And I'm sure some other people might want an email only whenever something actually happens, like they get a PM. Is it possible to do that? I'm wondering if I should send a bug report because I never get emails from RPR, even though I apparently have everything selected. Unless it's going to some address I don't use anymore...? But I don't see a place to see what the current address is, just a box to change it. Hrm.

That said, I think you shouldn't get any emails if you have everything unselected. And the way it's worded, I don't think it send an email unless something has happened, so "hourly" should be a good option for those who want a faster notice, I think.
Sanne Moderator

Zelphyr is right! Unchecking the boxes means you won't be getting any emails at all. But RPR only sends you an email every x hours or days whenever something has happened.

For example, if I select 'Notify me every 1 hour when I receive PMs', it will only email me if I have unread PMs by the time that hour is up. If I get any PMs and read them before the hour is up, I don't get an email about it. :) So by default, you should only be emailed if any of the options you checked have remained unread by the time the timeframe you select is up!
Kim Site Admin

Yes, we definitely don't send emails at those time intervals unless something actually happened that you wanted to know about! If there's nothing you want to know about, then you won't ever get emails (other than receipts, should you make store purchases, or requested password resets.)

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