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It would be enormously helpful to have a gap or line break between the text of a post and the dice roll results. I believe in the old system that there was a line between the two to help visually distinguish one part from the other but that no longer seems to be the case.

It's a very minor request but it would be very helpful to have some way to easily distinguish the transition (either through space or a line or something) from post to roll results. This is more of a comfort-while-reading thing as well as making it more efficient when (as a GM) I am specifically seeking the roll information. Several of the folks in my group have made comments about how awkward it is to have the two sections mashed up against each other.
Seconded. The alignment (left-right) of the first roll or two is also out of whack; it's a minor nit, but contributing to the visual "clutter".
Kim Site Admin

Just pushed out a fix for this. :)

You'll need to do a hard refresh to get hold of it immediately (ctrl-shift-r in most windows browsers, command-shift-r in most mac browsers)
Thank you! Will check shortly, but most appreciated.

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