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Hello beautiful people of RPR! As we all know, times are tough and for many of us money is tight. It sucks, but even in the face of adversity moving forward has never been more important, especially when we are stuck in our homes and away from the activities we wish we could be doing.

For me moving forward has looked like trying to figure out a way to continue to do what I love in a cheaper, more consumable way. I have poured a lot of time and energy into being an artist not because it is a huge money making job, but because of the satisfaction and joy that comes from creating something that makes others happy while still having the ability to buy groceries. So now I am asking for your help.

I will be making another batch of themed YCH’s (Your Character Here’s) because I am able to sell them at more of a discount than a completely personalized character artwork, and here is where I’d like to ask anyone who is interested in this sort of thing, what themes most interest you?

So far I have made Corvidae (members of the crow family), and small animals, seen below:


Examples of some finished YCH’s from each set:

And while I have no issues recreating similar themes, I’d like to know what others would enjoy seeing and having available to them. Thanks!!
I love all your YCHs!!! Well, I just love all your art in general.

Maybe since it's summer, there could be some sort of summery or beachy type theme that might work? Or characters holding melting ice creams? XD
Maybe different drinks? Like a glass bottle of coke, a mug of coffee, a slushy and so on? Characters holding objects that they might use in their every day lives like books or cameras or phones? I love your YCHs, and I would definitely purchase again. :3
Firstly, thank you, Som and Mina! That's very kind and I appreciate your input! Secondly those are great ideas!!! <3
1. OMG your art I love it! It is taking every bit of self control I possess not to snatch up on of those last two YCH's. My hubby's gonna kill me if I keep spending all our money on character art. >.< T.T

2. You might consider different forms of magic effects? Fire magic, ice magic, wind magic, death or life magic, that sort of thing. Even characters that don't normally wield magic will often see themselves as being attuned to a certain element like that. You know, like everyone knows what their character's Hogwarts house would be. :P

3. Perhaps you could also consider something that involves bigger gestures instead of specific items. Arms drawn in expressive manners and heads tilted at exaggerated angles that denote certain emotions rather than certain aesthetics.

Hope this helps!
Thank you so much! I'm glad you haven't made your partner mad through buying a superplus of art lol. Those are lovely ideas of what you'd like to see in YCH's, thank you for sharing!! I particularly like the one about magic and elements. :)
Update: The last two remaining YCH's have been sold and are no longer available, they have been taken out of the original post :) Thank you!
Congrats on selling all the YCHs! 🥳🥳🥳

Can't wait to see what the next batch will be! :D

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