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(This is a realistic modern RP, so fantasy characters won't fit here. sorry D:)

Ryker sat at the top of a hill, nearby, looking at the charity event he had managed to organise and set up. He felt a strange sense of pride, which didn't happen very often. Hearing the music blasting from the speakers even all the way up here, Ryker felt good. He was doing a good thing for a good cause, and he had managed to get it all set up almost all by himself. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes as he leaned back onto his hands, letting the small breeze of the summer day swipe by his face and ruffle his hair slightly. He let out a relaxed breath, his entire body relaxing as he did so.

He could hear the minimal chatter of those who had already arrived. While there weren't many people as of yet, Ryker was hopeful for a big turnout. He had spent a lot of time throwing together posters and pinning them absolutely everywhere all over the city. There was enough to offer to entertain most.

Free food, grilled by none other than Ryker's father; sausages, burgers, ribs, and a lot more. There was fruit in a bowl somewhere close, and they had even got a crap tonne of ice-cream. The ice-cream wasn't free, but it was only $0.50 for one scoop on a cone, so Ryker thought that was alright. There were picnic blankets dotted around the field they currently occupied, so that people could go and sit down and enjoy the summer day, just as he was doing in that very moment. Not only that, but Ryker had set up a few stupid, silly little games. They were like games from a school fair. There was a prize system, but it was for whoever got the highest score by the end of the day. Three prizes for each game; first, second and third.

He sighed as he pushed himself off of the grass, stretching. Ryker stood at 5'6 with a slim build. He had pale skin and freckles covered his cheeks, nose, stomach and ankles. He was currently wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, with small rips at the jeans. The cuffs were rolled up slightly, showing his ankles due to the fact he was wearing low-top Vans Skool trainers, and ankle socks. He had on his skin-coloured binder, an actual black crop-top and a crop-top styled sweater which revealed his stomach. His hair was a mess, like usual. He quietly made his way back down the hill towards the set-up, greeting some of his friends and even some of the people he didn't know with a bright smile.

extra information for better understanding (including game info)
Ring Toss: there's a table with three metal rods screwed into it. The player stands behind the white line that was made four and a half feet (4 & 1/2) away from the table, and tries to throw as many hoops as they possible can onto the rods. (There is 13 hoops, so the max score is 13.)

Sponge Throw: Someone will be stood still against a wooden board. The player try to hit the person as many times as they can in their time limit of 1 minute.

Bean Bag Throw: There is a wooden board with six holes cut into it. The large top holes are worth 1 point each. The medium middle holes are worth 3 points each, and the small bottom holes are worth 5 points each. The player will stand behind the white line made four feet (4) away from the board, and try to get as many beanbags as they can through the holes. (There are 10 beanbags, so the max score is 50.)

Handstand Timing: Simple. Whoever can hold a handstand for the longest time.

Prizes work differently. Throughout the day, the people running the stalls will write down a player's score, and their name. At the end of the day, the scores will be looked over, and the top three from each game will be able to choose a prize! :D

There is also a cupcake stall to purchase homemade cookies and cupcakes from!

Cupcakes: $2.75 each
Cookies: $1.50 each
Single Slice of Cake: $3.75 each

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Tabby had arrived in town not long after school was out. Her family had relocated almost every single year since she was little, a ritual she had long-since accepted. Her father specialized in setting up new facilities for his company. It usually took about a year to get the operation running smoothly. Once everything was up and going and all the bugs were ironed out, the employees were trained, and hired and the management seemed to have a handle on the whole operation, it was time to pull up stakes and move again to the next town. She had lived all over the country. It made for a very lonely life. The good news is, she seldom had to change schools mid-year. The bad news was it was much harder to meet new people with school being out.

When Tabby found the flyer in the mailbox of her new home for the charity barbecue, she decided it was at least something to do. Maybe she'd meet someone to hang out with or a cute guy. It was a nice break from unpacking her room at least. She was tired of digging through boxes. She had unpacked her guitar first and set it in its stand. After noodling around for a bit, she finally took a deep breath and decided to head out. Tabby didn't want to be the first person there, so she waited until the events were underway before she set out.

Not overly girly, Tabby only wore enough makeup to hide her freckles, which she was terribly embarrassed about. Her long red, hair flowed in long, loose ringlets down past her shoulders. She was a tiny girl, standing only about 5' 2" and weighed just over 100 lbs. She wore blue jeans, with the legs rolled at the bottom, and a pair of black Chuck Taylor hightops. She had her swimsuit on underneath just in case there was a pool and covered the top with the first t-shirt she found, an old PBS logo shirt with the vintage logo from the 80s with the letters spelled out in blue, orange, and green. She was careful to apply sunscreen to her Porcellian skin. Being ginger, she burned incredibly easily.

As Tabby arrived, she saw a few games set up, some tables set up with some food for sale, and various people standing around congregating. It was always hard being the new girl. Shyly, she bit her lip and absently twisted a lock of red hair around her finger. It was a nervous habit that she was trying hard to break. She looked around trying to decide where to start.
Kit had blown into town a few days ago as they were wont to do. And, shortly after that, they had received a flyer for a charity barbecue. Kit figured, hey, why not! What better way to understand the locals than to attend a nice charity BBQ? After all, Kit was sitting on a nice pile of money and rarely did anything productive with it. A charity would be a nice way to spend some cash in a way that wasn't solely about them and their exploits across the world.

Kit arrived early. Something about their raising at made punctuality very important to them. Plus, they were dressed a little out of their comfort zone to account for the weather. A nice green shirt and, most differently, pants! A nice pair of acid wash blue jeans that Kit had seen on sale and just so happened to decide to buy. Kit was almost regretting it now, feeling like the jeans brought out the length of their legs and made them look more like a gangling little foal than they usually did. Kit smiled to themselves and tried not to think about it. Kit tapped a little beat on their satchel and moseyed on through the event.

There were games. Kit wondered how much they cost to play. Maybe they'd win a nice prize to bring along on their travels! That sounded nice. Feeling the full awkwardness of how they were dressed, Kit shuffled on over to ring Ring Toss.
Tabby looked around and spied a few simple games. This was a neighborhood type party, not a pro-carnival so they were simple in nature and sort of make-shift. Tabby moved a little closer to see what all was offered. She wasn't much for carnival games and didn't really want to spend what few dollars she brought with her on anything like a ring toss or sponge throw.

She did spy what appeared to be a contest. It didn't look like there was any cost involved. Apparently, you could try to do a handstand and someone would time you and the three best times would get a prize at the end of the day. That sounded easy enough. Tabby had taken gymnastics in elementary school along with some dance classes and had been on the cheerleading squad last year when she was a sophomore. Of course, transferring to a new school, she hadn't been able to audition and wasn't planning to be on the team anyway. Cheerleading really wasn't her thing and only did it because her mom had pressed her to audition since she had actually gone to the same high school two consecutive years in a row and was returning to the same high school for 10th grade.

Tabby approached the table. "So how does this work exactly," she asked. "Is there any cost to participate?" She looked around to see if there was a mat or grassy area nearby. The idea of doing a handstand on the concrete wasn't appealing to her, not to mention the pavement was probably hot.
Before anything, Ryker spotted a small child desperately eye-ing the handstand area. He observed for a little while as the child went over and attempted a handstand, but failed almost immediately. He chuckled to himself quietly before seeing the kid looking very defeated, and that look on their face made him shuffle over immediately. He crouched down to the child's level, ruffling their hair and standing them back up. He then proceeded to show them how to get enough momentum to pull themselves into a handstand, easily doing it himself for demonstration. The child giggled, before Ryker heard the voice of a female, and then noticing the guy running this 'game' was pretty distracted.

"Oi, jackass, she's talking to you," he kept his handstand as he looked at the other male, who didn't seem to hear Ryker due to his music. He groaned, rolling his eyes. He was going to talk to the girl, before his hand slipped and he fell down from his handstand with a small thud. He wasn't hurt badly, just a slight soreness in one of his hips. He dusted himself off, standing up.

"Sorry, he's..not very sociable. The games don't have a direct cost to participate, but donations are accepted," he smiled politely while sending a subtle death glare to his friend, who was still just...vibing to his own music. "This one's simple. All you gotta do is hold a handstand for as long as you are possibly able to while a stopwatch is running to record how long you stay up on the blanket," he motioned to where he had been doing his handstand, which was on a small picnic-ish blanket.
Tabby nodded. "Easy enough," she replied. "I was a cheerleader last year at my old high school. I also took gymnastics when I was in elementary." Tabby moved to the blanket and stretched for a moment or two. She got on the blanket and positioned herself in the center and straightened it out. "It's been a while, but here goes. Are you ready?"

She waited to make sure he was ready with the stopwatch. When given the signal, Tabby crouched down, spread her fingers, and spaced her hands for support, then using her upper body strength forced herself vertically as she kicked both legs into the air and attempted to bring them parallel to each other and hold the pose.

OOC: I checked online and the average person can go about 90 seconds in a handstand position, so I'm going to use a d100 to see how long she pulls it off. "00" means she goes more than 100 seconds. Otherwise, whatever the roll, that's her time. If she only gets 1 or 2 seconds she loses her balance immediately.

IC: Tabby's arms trembled as she tried her best to maintain her balance. On a good day, she could go for about 90 seconds. She once managed to hold the pose for about 2 minutes when she was at her peak. It was just over a minute when Tabby couldn't take anymore and carefully brought her legs to the ground and stood again. she raised both arms over her head like a gymnast. "So how did I do," She asked turning to the guy with the stopwatch.
rolled 1d100 and got a natural 76.

Note: Hand stand

Tabby got her time and handed the guy a dollar towards the fundraiser and thanked him. She was a bit disappointed that she hadn't made it a full minute and a half with her handstand, but she had a respectable time. Whether or not she got a prize wasn't important. The main thing was it had been something to do and a reason to leave the house for a few minutes.

Looking around, there didn't seem to be a whole lot going on besides the handful of games. There was no live entertainment like a band or even a clown doing balloon animals, or puppet show. It felt more like a neighborhood block party with neighbors just socializing. The flyer hadn't promised much and had stated it was a charity barbeque. Perhaps she had set the bar too high for expectations. After wandering around a bit more, she decided she was bored and headed back home.

There was still more to unpack and she could noodle around on her guitar some. There would be plenty of other opportunities to meet people over the summer. She was just happy that she'd made the effort.
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Ryker was quick to grab a stopwatch from the table, once more rolling his eyes at the idiot who was supposed to be doing this in his place. He nodded and put a thumbs-up towards the girl, before starting the time and crouching down beside her. He gave a few words of encouragement occasionally.

He was quick to stop the watch as accurately as possible when she came down, looking at it. "Just over a minute and 15," he grinned, showing her the stop watch. He wrote down the time, and her name, before thanking her for the dollar. After she had walked away, Ryker was quick to lecture his friend, telling him to pay more attention to his surroundings. He then went to go find something else to entertain himself with, as well as make sure everything else was running smoothly.
Lea entered two, trying to figure out what to do for the summer. She usually didn't do too much because of the heat. However, something felt...different about this summer. As Lea walked around, she could smell something...something smoky.

"Oh? What's going on here?" she asked herself.

She followed the smell and entered what appeared to be a barbecue of sorts. She smelled everything from ribs to brisket, and even some sweets in a nearby stand! Lea's stomach growled at the sight of food, so it was a good thing fate led her to the barbecue. She couldn't wait so try the food and play some games, as she noticed someone tossing rings and another person getting ready to do a hand stand. Before she could do anything, though, she checked her purse for her wallet. Lea opened the wallet and looked for some money. She smiled.

"Perfect," she whispered to herself as she closed her wallet and put it in her purse.

She walked even further into the barbecue, getting ready for some fun and excitement. The first thing she noticed was what appeared to be bean bags and a ramp. There was a sign that said, "Bean Bag Toss". Lea headed over there to try it out.

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