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LittleMouse wrote:
Not necessarily bumping but this needs to be said:


1. Do not ask if I have a discord unless you intend to actually rp there and not leave me hanging and wondering if you’re still interested because I will no longer give it out freely after a few of these incidents in the past

2. Do not ghost after I send a starter or before I send a starter or while discussing things. That’s just rude.

3. PLEASE tell me if you won’t be on for a while especially if we are speaking ooc because I have experience too many people ghosting after I try to make friends with them and it leaves me scared I said something wrong and they hate me or don’t want to rp with me anymore. We can work on a quick-system that'll say what needs to be said without taking time to type it out. Example: 1 - “can’t reply right now, somethings come up.”

Those are a good set of rules, LittleMouse, and I am so sorry you had to go through that. I know the feeling, more or less.

I hope you get some interested parties with you're prompts. ^_^

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