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does anyone else get super anxious when trying to like, accomplish something? Like even if theres literally nothing to lose and the worst case scenario is simply neutral, just, feeling incredibly anxious just for the sole reason that your working on something thats important. Or just cause you dont want to talk about something, even though talking about it wont have any negative impact?

I dunno, I guess this thread is unfocused and I'm a cryptic like always... But just, my nerves are frayed as hell and I feel crazy anxious, and just wanted to express it.
For me, not really...

Because I’m a highly pessimistic person. I’m always expecting the worst possibility and failure as the outcome, everytime I’m trying to accomplish something. So for me it’s always like, “Meh, whatever happens happens.“

But yes, when I’m working on something that’s important to me, I tend to keep it as secret and don’t really like to talk about it to others.

Are you trying to accomplish something important for you? I don’t know what is it, but I hope you can achieve your goal. Good luck ^^
It can be easy to get stuck worrying about failure, even if that failure doesn't include anything bad happening. The concept of failure alone can be terrifying.

It can also be easy to stress just because this is the thing. The big thing, the important thing, the thing you've been working for, and now all your attention has to be on it because it's now and you need to be ready so you can make sure you it right and don't miss anything and plot narratives show this is the point where drama peaks and-

-and folks can end up overwhelming themselves. There might also be fear, conscious or not, about what next? Or just the mind/body goofing a little on how it's processing/interpreting excitement.

So to start with, try not to worry about feeling bad or anxious or anything. It's totally normal, and it's fine.

After that, try to find ways to ease that anxiety. Maybe you can find something helpful on RPR's Mental Health page. There's some suggestions for calming down, for cheering up (which can help ease stress, too!), and more.

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