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I was sad today in quarantine after I killed off a main character in my comic that I really liked to advance the story and for a plot twist for my fans. Anyways, I’ve come up with an interesting little game we can play that we used to play on the first day of school back in middle school, Ah, how I miss 2013... anyways, the game is simple.
First tell me something very interesting about yourself and then something boring.

The rules are simple enough:
1. No sexual stuff.

And that’s the only rule. Also you can write as much as you want as long as it doesn’t go over a small paragraph. You can write less if you want. This also applies to characters, so you can use your characters if you want as well. Since I made the forum I’ll go first.

Interesting: I made a comic back in 2009 when I was a kid and I have never abandoned it. I’m still adding chapters and more plots to it to this day, a lot of my characters have died and a lot of new ones have been introduced. It’s about a monster who cares for a toddler boy and the boy is the link to humans finding peace with monsters. The main theme is that no matter how different you are, you can still have a lot of things in common with someone.

Boring: I like to sort my recycling.
Interesting: I know an amazingly gigantic amount of information about whales and other cetaceans.

Boring: I need to take my trash out.
Interesting (kinda?): I've made up stories and characters for as long as I can remember, before I could even write myself! I used to draw and tell the tale to my mom, who then wrote it down above my drawings, eventually creating these little storybooks made out of folded A4s taped together!

Boring (defo): I absolutely hate extreme heat.
Intresting: I've recently figured out to draw anthropomorphic characters to an extent, also writing stories and some of the stuff above. I'm also working on a video game, kinda.

Boring: My inability to find RP or anything intresting typically results in me staring at the screen and constantly hitting refresh until something happens.
Interesting: I have pretty decent firearms knowledge!....Mostly useless facts, but, eh.

Boring: Well, I also spend too much time listening to the same music over and over again.
Interesting: My first word was "tractor", according to my mother, because I was in love with our neighbor's orange Kubota from infancy until we moved from there.

Boring: I'm short and my friends are all tall.
Interesting: when I was 5 I used my car seat as a surf board, fell and broke my arm. The car seat was in the house not in the car
boring: I never had a pickle in my life

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