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Whew, just finished rendering another plane! this time its the Type 42 CR/Lunar Dawn-class Air Superiority Fighter!


Animation here:

This is the third plane I have posted here though its technically just a redux of the first one. I'm still learning blender so its not amazing but- its mine, I made it, so there.

This is the Lunar Dawn-class Air Superiority Fighter, a medium-short range single-engine fighter plane with a blended elliptical wing and x-tail, in use by the Cytaari armed forces! Type 42 designates that its supposed to be a design from 1942, but with experimental technology just like all the Cytaari vehicles. Thus, it has tech that technically existed at the time but wasnt in widespread use, such as a wankel engine and a blended wing body.

The body of the plane is plywood with a coating of electroplated aluminum foil, which is why it looks so smooth... totally not just cause its easier to texture that way, nu-uh, definitely not that. Its single weapon is a Type 42 CR/30mm Revolver Cannon that fires through the crankshaft- you can see it poking out of the nose cone, just barely. It would also carry rockets under its wings but I forgot to model those so they arent there.

This particular plane is designed to be very lightweight, sorta inspired by the Zero even though its design clearly takes after the Spitfire more. Its the only single-engine plane in the cytaari armed forces without a contra-rotating propeller, lacks self-sealing fuel tanks, and its construction is entirely plywood and aluminum. Plus it cuts down on drag surfaces by having only one cannon that is embeded in the nose cone.

I had a bit of trouble feeling motivated to finish it so the finishing touches were kinda half-assed. Specifically, the landing gear is... bad. I felt it wasnt worth watching a whole tutorial on wheels and landing gear just for this plane and I'd save that kind of thing for a future project when I was feeling more motivated. For this one I kinda just thought "I just need to finish this project, lets just get it done" after I couldnt focus for a while. Still pretty proud of the main body though! I spent a while trying to get the blended wing body right.

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