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I am looking at customizing my forum but I have never worked on coding within RPR and I don't know what style or format works with the bones of this site. I have a couple of CSS sheets from both Pro-Boards and Simple Machine that I have either created myself or paid for and would use again here if it were possible?

If not are there artists who assist with Forums like they do with the Character Profile skins?

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Posts in forums / groups and the content on character profiles use BBCode. The basics can be found here

Creating styles for your character profiles is restricted to Epic Members, but in this case, you're in luck because they use CSS! You can learn the ins and outs of creating a new style here. You won't be able to transfer over a CSS sheet from another site without heavy modification.
BadInfluence Topic Starter

Thanks a ton and... I have to say seeing a moth with a kitchen knife was NOT expected.

Editing this: I am not doing this for a profile. As an epic member I use ones made by the incredibly talented artists here on RPR. What I need help with is the actual coding for a forum here on RPR. I just started my own and I don't quite know how to do any of it because its one of those like... I just don't get it? I have tried the CSS and HTML formats both but I guess they wont show even in a test/view without the group being epic? I also tried to make my group epic as I bought a wand for it but it wont let me use it on the group? Only on myself? (found that out accidentally and it SUCKS)
Yeah, only the "Greater" epicness items apply to groups (and i think it was you saying "forum" instead of "group" that caused some confusion, as well as your title only mentioning formatting RPR in general, which usually means BBCode questions for posts).

So far as I can tell, not many groups bother to be Epic, so that level of customization isn't as commonly in demand. I think an Epic group still gets to have CSS customization?

Ah, yep, here we are!
BadInfluence Topic Starter

Thank you SO much for those links! I was trying to find them on my own without having any real clue where to go. You are a bit of a life saver!
A lot of stuff in the Help documentation can only be found via search. ^^;

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