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I'm looking currently for a roleplay group on skype or looking to make one myself. So if interested please contact me.

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I'm currently looking to hopefully find a group to tog with on d&d players if you are starting a group let me know I will be down to play.

I would be interested in a rp skype group

SarietheFae wrote:
I would be interested in a rp skype group
same here, if you would like to maybe start one or hear of one let me know
I'd love to join a Skype RP group! I used to have one back in the day and it was loads of fun. My Skype name is littleaudisey.

I have a D&D character but I can't remember the stats nor am I skilled at D&D. Any settings of that sort are fine with me. I'm familiar with quite a few video game worlds and movies and I have a wide range of characters that are not listed on the RPR. Just let me know what everyone would like!

Add or message me on Skype Skype name is evilboy19922
I'd like to join a group too. my skype name is Storm.Blaster
Definitely interested in joining a group rp! My Skype is iEnervation
Hello, i'd like to start an RP, i used to have one, but they decided to stop rping with me, dunno why.

If you're interested add me: DaistorFTW
I'd love to join a group contact me
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Guys, the original post for this topic was made in 2013. Since the OP does not appear to be responding to it, I'm locking it to prevent further necroing of the thread.

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