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Ok so, I'd like to make a lovely Jorōgumo OC!

Requirements are:
- Jorōgumo, of course
- Trans Man or NB, Gender-wise

And that's it!
A Jorōgumo is a type of Yōkai right? ...I did some brief research, the idea of an arachnoid-esque being that can appear as a beautiful woman is kinda freaky but Ok, I can dig this.

My ex hates spiders XD he'd freak if he saw/read about this XD

My only idea is that perhaps this character has an agenda to complete that pushes them to survive into modern times and after that gets dealt with they discover they are the last of their kind? Maybe they are so determined to blend in and survive (maybe even try to repopulate/reproduce???) at this point that they decide to undergo a sex change as a means to hide their true nature but they identify as genderless to some extent...because they consider gender a human aspect and thus dislike subjecting themselves to its constraints.

I might have more to add later but my brain just died again :/
This one might be a bit out there, but....

A Jorogumo that resides/haunts an area (Wiki seems to imply that they like to live around water) that abuts or is part of a gay resort, thus prompting the need to adapt from the rigid traditions. As they spend time in their new self, they come to realize that they feel more comfortable and free than they did as a female.

As a bonus, this could lead to strife and friction with other yokai and such, given the aforementioned rigid traditions. Lots of storylines there.
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Ahhh these are all lovely! I'm so eager to start work on this character ^.^
I have already been digging through names.
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I'm so sorry, I really want to contribute here but I know absolutely nothing about Jorōgumo so I'm not sure I can be helpful >.>
Uh... If it's more like a ghost, then maybe they were from a traditional family in a past life, and are hesitant about changing their self because of their strict rules previously.
If it's just a created spirit/a spirit that is born, or something of the like, then maybe their family accepts them, but they have to find a mate who will look past their lack of... Mating plumage? I don't know how spider-ish these guys and gals are. :I :) :D Still, it sounds like a cool idea!

Oh, maybe it could be a found family sort of thing, too. Where they find a whole band of yokai/Oni/spirits who are non-binary, non-conforming, etc., And now I'm envisioning a Japanese-style James and the Giant Peach. Wooops. :D :)
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Here we go!!!

It's def under construction still as I find time to work on it. But this is Yoichi!!

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