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I was going to add a character to fit more evenly across other rp's, because I realized not everyone wants to talk to a green 2ft tall snake with arms and a burning tree, but then I also realized that I have no characters like that. At least ones that make sense even without context.

All of my characters have been made to fit a specific world and coexist in relatively the same space, and almost all of them originate from some inside joke that went too far. You could say I am only capable of making characters if inspiration strikes me or I just hear some really stupid joke.

I want to make a new character that I can use on different threads and not have to worry about weather or not it fits with a specific scene. I normally do fantasy, and well, fantasy is all I can think of that I do...but-! I think having a flexible character would be beneficial however the easiest way I can think of doing this would be making a serious character that is most likely human or sub-human, but serious is just not in my nature.

I find it hard to make myself just sit down and make a character, and I have no idea how all ya'll do it. Can anyone give me any pointers as to how to properly start an actual character that isn't originated from basically garbage?
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(Here's a video that might help with character designing)

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