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I'm more than a bit late, but hey, under the wire is under the wire, right?

  • Must be a movie monster. Gender swapping/bending is okay.
  • Must be struggling to fit in as "out" in society, time period doesn't matter per say.
  • They must have a "mundane" job! Whether it's completely out of type, or is complimentary to what they are is fine!

I look forward to seeing your suggestions!

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Swamp creature or bog mummy working to preserve the Earth and natural biomes -- was somehow unwillingly excavated/revealed during the golden age of archaeology in the 20th century.
During the Cold War an invisibility potion was discovered by one of the two sides (America or Russia). The 'invisible man' is actually a cold war spy working to bring about the down fall of the opposing nation. Unfortunately he/she has two major problems to contend with. Firstly, the 'potion' that they've been injecting him/her with is starting to affect their brain chemistry (hallucinations/paranoia/hearing voices) making it more and more difficult to do their job. Secondly, the potion is only supposed to last for a maximum of twenty four hours at a time but recently it's been taking longer and longer to wear off...
A ghost - the bedsheet-over-your-head style!

She long inhabited a university library which had a reputation for being haunted. When she revealed herself, she's become a bit of an 'honorary librarian' even though she's not strictly on the books.

She finds it annoying when students come looking for her for a cheap thrill, to gawk and act scared. She really is harmless, and they're just having a joke at her expense. However, it is also said that a student in a tight spot, cramming books the night before an essay is due or a big final exam, will be passed a book by the library ghost which contains illuminating and ground-breaking information.
Guillermo Aguapreta (played by JayBird) Topic Starter

Blub blub!

Actually slipped my mind until I saw the reminder, but here's your boy!

I will edit his page with credits when I have an opportunity, but I'd like to thank Claine, Dndmama, and especially wilts. When I saw "swamp creature" I had a flash of The Creature From The Black Lagoon coming out of the water wearing a "Don't Mess With Texas" shirt (which is actually an anti-littering slogan originally) yelling at some kids to pick up their trash.

Thabks again everybody!
Amazing! That profile is hilarious and nice. XD It's weird but it really works! I love the Hawaiian shirt thing. :) :P

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