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Ash would put a freshly killed boar on the back of his horse. This was the fourth time Farosh lost dinner, all because he wanted to get to a storm before it was too late. It wasn't like the Storm was coming to hear.

After trying it and mount his horse, the horse galloped through the field. Though he was leading the horseback to the ruins he called home, his mind was not there.

He tried to figure out what the hell was the ache he had two months ago. First when the moon turns red, then a boar-like beast flying around the old ruins of the Royal Family Castle. After that, it felt like his heart was either going to burst out of his chest.

However, to take his mind out of it, he tried to think of the ice lessons he was going to learn from Naydra. She even promises to help you make weapons out of them, which was a bonus...though he felt like she spoiled him the most.
On the Southeastern coast on the Necluda sea, a shipwreck washed up on the shore. Where once was once a massive ship with hundreds of crewmen on board was now a broken and destroyed shipwreck. On the sand below is a Young middle-man laying upon the sun-soaked beach knocked and with multiple stuff from 2 piped weaponry, a sword, and a great sword with wood from the destroyed ship.

The man woke up from his forced nap and quickly stood up breathing heavily as he looked at the sea and the wreckage on the shore. He sighed before replaced his weapons on his backs before going to a nearby crate that washed up. He destroyed that lock with his boot and saw the contents inside. It was a bunch of food that hadn't spoiled yet which he took and placed in his bag on his side. After looking around some more he left the beach and climbed up a hill. Upon reaching the peak of the look in bewilderment as he found a mountainous biome full of similar and different creatures. He thought in his mind, "This is beautiful and a problem." He knew despite the beauty of the landscape in front of him, he knew that mountainous regions were a troublesome terrain to traverse especially since he was in uncharted land (to him and his continent). But he endured. He looked around and found a larger and climbable mountain nearby and so he began to walk and climb the mountain to gain a better overview of this region and to draw himself a map.
Ash 'Spite' Nox (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Ash decided to take the more scenic route, and by the scenic route, he meant the long way.

However, what crossed his path however was a wreck of a ship. Not the small long oat Ash and the Wizards use, but that of a travel. He would set aside the horse and tide it to a Tree before running to check to see any survivors, but before that, he shot a black and red fire into the air, like a Sos if sort. Ash never knew why the flame changed colored though Dinraal says not to worry about it. After that he decide to search.

And after two hours, he was getting tired, all he saw were wood, water, stone, and more wood. Maybe it was one of those ghosts ships the nomads joked about when he was a child.
Wilhelm even with bits of fatigue and his armor being damaged still climbed the mountain with his tired already trying to stop him but with his Iron Will to keep him moving without stop. Finally, he reaches the near peak and saw two valleys exiting the north and the west. He thinking of heading north but something in his mind was telling to not head there unless he was sure what was in that direction.

So the current way was to head to the unknown Westlands of this new continent. So with this plan in mind, Wilhelm was to begin heading down the mountain but was momentarily cut off as he saw a fireball enter the sky. He didn't know what that means but he didn't want to find out. To him, it could have been the local bandits and/or looters coming to take what was beach from the shipwreck. Wilhelm, with this in mind put more pep in his step as he raced down the mountain and took paths that would lead him to his destination and possibly find a source of Civilization in this new land.
Ash 'Spite' Nox (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

After 2 hours of waiting, the wizards came with Ash sitting on one of the many piles of wood.

"Boy, this better be good", said Dinraal.

"You think I wouldn't use the Flare without good reason? Besides, we were preparing to take our leave anyway"

"Clearly a Ship landed here, but are there any survivors", Naydra, which Ash could only shake his head.

" Clearly there had to be someone. Ash, search at least 5 miles radius. Besides this is a good area to set up base", Said Farosh.

Ash would only grumble as he went to his horse and would get off the beach. However once, he did that he found tracks which he followed for about 30 minutes.

"Guess that the 'only survivor'." Ash would ride up to him and would say, "Far away from home, aren't you, ?"
Wilhelm was sitting on a rock in the western valley resting for a second to catch his breath but before he could go any further a horse rider was coming from the horizon. Not wanting to get his stuff stolen, he readied his sword in an attempt to defend himself. However, once the Horsemen said something he still was in a defensive posture\stance especially what the strange man had said.

Wilhelm said to him, "I have no place to call home but I can tell you, friend, I'm no fool." He said bitterly at the man.
Kris was traveling. She was a priestess of Hylia, more handy with her sling than her mace, and just about flounced along the trail. Even though the lands held dangerous terrain and monsters, she had an innocent and care free attitude. The healer was traveling so that she could try and find some hearty truffles and other useful items for healing. She often left her home on a trek that might last a few days, gathering supplies and then returning. Despite being an innocent young woman out on her own, she was very capable and had proved several times she could hold her own.

A strange arrow being shot into the air caught her attention. Was it someone calling for help? Even if it could be something hostile, she thought it best to go investigate. Someone may need assistance. She turned in her path, walking until she saw a couple of men. One was on a horse, the other on foot. They seemed at risk of having a confrontation, one of them had his sword out. Standing on a hill to the west, within sight of the two males, she watched with some apprehension. "Hello there!" she called out. "Is everything alright? I saw a strange arrow, and I thought someone might need help." Kris hoped that she would be able to discern what was going on without putting herself at too much risk. Even if she worried about monsters more than people most of the time, she knew that bandits and thieves were a fairly constant problem.
Ash 'Spite' Nox (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Ash would sigh once he heard the next voice. Ash would look at the woman and nod his head, and motioned her to come down. He wasn't a threat to both of them, even if he wanted to try.

He looked back at the Stranger and said, "I know your not a fool. Never said you were. Based on what your wearing, I would say that you are a soldier. Come back to the wreck, and I shall give you a map of Hyrule."
"And how can I trust a word of a stranger in the middle of the mountains. Based on your outfit alone your probably a Bandit of these lands!" Wilhelm exclaimed somewhat tiredly. He knew he was alone of this but couldn't trust anyone and didn't want to risk anything to have himself killed. So when he saw the woman behind him it probably crossed his mind that he was getting ambushed but her clothes and facial expression told a different story.

But that alone didn't stop him from being in a defensive stance but he did allow himself to be less tense but he still kept his guard just in a case either one attacks, robs, or try to kill him.
Kris walked down the hill at a more measured pace, acting more somber than she had been before. She kept the strap keeping her mace in place loose, though she'd much rather take an enemy out from afar with her sling. The healer found herself wishing she had a horse. Perhaps she could try and catch one sometime. For now, she looked between the two men as she approached them. Both of them could be dangerous. One of them had a kill with him.

The man that was on foot was distrusting, ready for an attack. The man that was on the horse seemed calmer. "I'm out on a mushroom hunt, of sorts." There was a sack that hung from her belt, lumpy bulges at the bottom were presumably mushrooms. "Perhaps we might travel together for a time. Bandits and monsters are less likely to attack people whenever they are in groups," she called once she was about thirty feet away.
Ash 'Spite' Nox (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

Cause if I did wanted to rob you, I would have shot with the same bolt I shot in the sky, and a bind it would be anyone."Ash said as he looked down.

This isn't working. He's stubborn and looking for a village. And that where it hits him. Then the Strange came as ask them to stay as a group

"Hateno Village isn't too far from here. But first, you will talk with some people I know. Then I'll get you to the Village. Sound fair to the both of you?"
He seemed to calm a little bit but with no reason to trust anyone his guard was kept up. But at the same time, he was in a foreign land with no way to contact the people from his continent let alone his homeland of The Kaiserreich also known as The Empire. So he let up a little bit and said to the man on the Horse, "Fine, but any suspicious business I see will be met appropriately what the situation calls." He bellowed out. He lowered his sword but did not sheathe it. He nodded his head to the both of them and knows he has nothing else in these lands currently and he might as well have a temporary truce with these two and at least give some company for his stay here.
Kris noticed that Wilhelm kept his sword out, even if it was lowered. She replied, "The same will go for you." Her large eyes turned toward the man on the horse. "It's been a while since I've been to Hateno village. They might have some interesting things to buy. My name is Krisuvial, but I go by Kris instead," she introduced herself.

"Who are these people that he is to talk to?" she asked. "I've heard of Yiga wandering about, as if monsters were not enough to worry about." Her voice was conversational as she made the inquiry and then repeated what she had heard. She would start walking along whenever they did, her heart had not been set on any particular direction. The priestess kept an eye out for anything she could pick, and for monsters. Her tunic and trousers were brown, simple and practical, beneath her gray robes. She bore a holy symbol with the crest of Hylia on it. A shield was affixed to her pack, meant to be used with her mace, also with the Hylian crest on it. "Have you seen any horses around here?" she asked Ash. "I've heard they can be caught, tamed."
Ash 'Spite' Nox (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

"The people I talk about are the people that raised me. And Maybe there are. I saw a few horses the other day..." Ash said.

Then he tried to figure out how can he introduce them to the Wizards. He could be like, 'Wizards, meet Stranger and Kris.' That could they would be on the defensive, and Dinraal would then put some creative punishment as training.

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