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Sakumi Yuki (played by TheCreatureOfTheDark) Topic Starter

Sakumi watched the incoming battle from a safe distance, her hair blowing in the wind.
"I suppose I'll stick around a while longer, I guess.."
She whispered to herself, her cloak rippling.
Sakumi Yuki (played by TheCreatureOfTheDark) Topic Starter

I've noticed this has kinda died. I'd really like everyone whos in this to at least respond to this forum once everyday. More if you want to, I love this roleplay and I really dont want it to die. :(
Brook (played anonymously)

I would've replied but I didn't get any response to what I had posted so I didn't bother to reply further until someone actually acknowledged it
((Oops, that's my bad. Must've sent my message when I was halfway done with it.))

As Flex started to move, his body vibrated with energy and he charged forward at Brook. "You still think you trained him well Fighter?" Cleric said. "At least he's brave!" Fighter yelled. Bard rolled his eyes. "Look, we can settle this easily, all I have to do is contain her. Ranger, make sure the police know about this." Ranger nodded and sprinted off to find the nearest officers. "Well, looks like it's time for this baddie to wave goodbye." Bard then mustered all his strength to send a wave behind Brook. "No one escapes the wrath of the tide!"

(Hope that's a better set-up)
Axel (played by dantefrancis)

Axel would see the girl leave 2ould should simply shrug. People are, and she looks like a lively one at least. But seeing the class didn't start, he sat down in the hallway, and would grab his phone to play a differentsong.

He would close his eyes, as he would imagine the landscape a different way. He still a time before the class starts as he thought of it. Though he wouldn't know due to the song being loud.
Brook (played anonymously)

Brook looked as the two police officers as the heroes handed her over and sighed "Damn! I hate you heroes! You wont regret this!" She said as she was taken by the police to the car.

when out of sight from the heroes she stopped and looked at the two cops as she sighed "Do you have to arrest me? I didn't exactly want to be a villain it's just in my blood! I can't help it." She explained as the cops grunted slowly "Get in the car Lady..Now." he shouted as she shook her head "I did warn you." She said as the fireball appeared from her hand as she sent it through the cop, killing him instantly as she turned grabbed and smashed the others head into the car door "Geez..I got blood of my clothes!" She said as she rolled her eyes and set the cop on fire as she took the money from their wallets "Heh.. I need a new style up if I want to get into that school." She said running off
Sakumi Yuki (played by TheCreatureOfTheDark) Topic Starter

Sakumi Coughed, a bit bored.
"Well that fight wasn't that interesting..I guess I stuck around for nothing."
She pulled her cloak's hood back up, shoving her hands in her pockets.

She suddenly collapsed to the ground, awake but very weak.
"Dammit...I've used my quirk too much.."
Fighter sighed out of relief. "Hopefully they get there safe." Paladin nodded. "Well, let's return then." He and the others walked back up to the school, Rogue using his quirk to get back into the school.

Monk then took a deep breath and blasted off into the air, just to look at the horizon ahead of him. As he landed back down, he motioned for Cleric to follow him into the school, as they may be needed to help train the new hero students.
Brook (played anonymously)

((Uhm I dont think you quite understood my post. I said that Brook was taken off by the police away and out of sight from the hears unless one of them have some super sight somehow...))
Brook wrote:
((Uhm I dont think you quite understood my post. I said that Brook was taken off by the police away and out of sight from the hears unless one of them have some super sight somehow...))

((Ah, you're right. Curse my ADHD and it's insistence on skipping the important parts. I'll switch it up in a bit.))
Sakumi Yuki (played by TheCreatureOfTheDark) Topic Starter

(Sakumi is still vibing, read my last post if you wanna know what she's doing rn, lol)
Brook (played anonymously)

Brook ran into town as she looked back, no one was following her good "I need to change up this look she said as looked through the stores "I need to dye my hair cut it a bit, new style...everything..ugh this sucks" she sighed as she walked until she found the nearest barber's.

After awhile and handing the owner some money she left the building with short platinum blonde hair as she sighed quietly "I can make this look work actually" she chuckled as she looked at her phone and took a picture and posted it onto her social media, she had a huge following and she kept her...dark side hidden from them as she wrote in the caption 'New look, what do you guys think?' She wrote as she posted it and continued to a cloth shop.

Later on she left with new clothes in a bag as she found an alleyway "Here will be fine" she said running and changing her clothes, she grunted as she looked down wearing a white shirt and a baby blue denim jacket and a short black skirt as she left the alleyway and returned back to the school again "This'll get past them"

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