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Welcome (Your Name) To UA Academy!
I'm here to inform you that you've successfully passed your entrance exam!
You and 7 Others out of 700 People have been chosen to enroll in Class 1B at this prestigious school!
Principal Nezu and Staff
Well, now that we've got that out of the way, Its time to introduce you to the lore of this Roleplay. Its a 100% open roleplay, anyone can join as either a villain, student or even a pro hero! If you choose to be a villain, you can lead your own path along the road of villainy! If you're a student, then welcome to UA Academy!
This Roleplay Is called Shrouded darkness. Before we start Roleplaying, and depending on how many people end up joining this, I may add variations to the original plot and roles to better suit the RP. This takes place at the same time as Izuku and the rest of class 1A are moving on to their second year (The All For One fight already over) , however instead of them being the main class this time, You are! Class 2B is a smaller class, but filled with the upmost individuals! Instead of it focusing on Deku and the rest of the gang, This takes place after the battle of All for One, and a new villain, Torch, Is introduced! (However they are a year above you, and you are one years)
To keep things as mysterious as possible, you'll be figuring out about Torch along the Roleplay! And my character (Sakumi) Will be popping up to throw things off and leave you on the edge of your seat. Sakumi Isn't a student, but a total mystery to all of you young Heroes!
Nonetheless, this is basically going to be a choose your own adventure story with me as the narrator.

I have a few simple rules (Most of them are pretty self-explanatory, but i'll explain them anyway.
1. No OP quirks. (For example, a quirk that kills people too easily, or has way too many details and aspects to it.)
2. Grammar grammar grammar! I expect each response to this RP to be at least 2 paragraphs, And try to be creative with your wording!
3. No killing characters unless you have permission from the owner, or they choose to die on their own.
4. No godding. If someone attacks you, then you have to show at least a bit of weakness. I hate when people go on and on or keep saying things like "Dodges". Because yes, you can dodge, but even in the show they take at least a few hits. You also have to make sure you keep things fair and reasonable. (Example 1: No randomly attacking people. Example 2: If you have a fire-type quirk, then you'd obviously be weak against water-type quirks.)
5. The rules and lore/characters are subject to change any time! So please attempt to be flexible!

Now for the final speech. To start off this BNHA Roleplay please DM me with a link to the character you'll be playing as, and the reason you want to join. You can also add anything else you want to know or questions you may have.

I look forward to having you, dear friends!
-Sakura (TheCreatureOfTheDark)

(There's a Group and a topic for this by the way.)

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Sakumi Yuki (played by TheCreatureOfTheDark) Topic Starter

Sakumi was perched in a tree, facing UA Academy. She was positive she was hidden from view, but stayed higher up in the tree just in case.
She took a lolipop out of her cloak's pocket, humming a strange toon.
"Now, now...who's next for a Sakumi visit!" She giggled, tilting back on the tree branch so she flipped over, hanging upside down.

Her cloak rippled in the soft breeze, and she put a finger to her lips unforthcomingly.
"Mmm I may introduce myself to that new 1B was it?" She sat up, pulling her knees closer to her.
Her hand suddenly shot out, and she held her palm open in the air for a few seconds, before a baby bird fell down from a nest higher up in the tree, falling in her hand.

She looked at the bird, tilting her head. "Silly bird, go back to your nest." She said softly, climbing up to lay the baby bird back in its nest.
She looked back at UA.
"Well then, lets wait.."
I would like to join
TheCreatureOfTheDark Topic Starter

dantefrancis wrote:
I would like to join

I ask you to read over the plot and topic. After you follow those instructions and DM me, you can get started!
Ooh, could I do some pro heroes? I've been working on a balanced team for MHA for a while.
TheCreatureOfTheDark Topic Starter

TheNightmareSavage wrote:
Ooh, could I do some pro heroes? I've been working on a balanced team for MHA for a while.
Sure! Be my guest!
Awesome! I'll have to work on quirk names, but I'm super stoked about this!
TheCreatureOfTheDark Topic Starter

TheNightmareSavage wrote:
Awesome! I'll have to work on quirk names, but I'm super stoked about this!

I'm glad to hear!
((I can play canon characters if needed as well.))
The Elemental Prophets were on patrol around the school. UA had hired them to help with security in case anyone else tried to attack the school. Monk and Cleric were roaming the grounds and were talking about what they were thinking of the whole situation. "I'm just saying, with All Might gone, are we really going to let Endeavor take the top spot? I don't think he's ready for that responsibility yet." Cleric shook his head at the statement. "Endeavor may be resentful for a bit. Everyone knows that he was trying to take the number one spot from All Might with hard work, and he won't take All Might's retirement lightly."

The other heroes on their team were elsewhere, helping civilians out where it was needed in the city. Fighter and Bard were helping clean up the campus. You wouldn't believe how messy high schoolers can be. "There are trash cans all over the campus! Why throw it on the floor?!" Fighter yelled. He burned a piece of trash in his rage. Bard laughed as he washed away some of the stains on the ground with his water. "Well, they're still kids. We can only hope they learn to pick up after themselves."
Sakumi Yuki (played by TheCreatureOfTheDark) Topic Starter

Sakumi watched the Pro heroes roam around campus, picking up trash and talking. She still sat perched in the tree, although she reckoned if someone looked hard enough, they would probably notice the branches moving unnaturally.
She pulled out another lolipop, sucking on it thoughtfully.
"Lets see how this turns out..

She jumped down from the tree. Walking back to the exit. A few students noticed her, however they didn't think much of it, hence the reason there was many students and minor heroes that worked inside the campus.

And even if someone noticed she was out of place, well..

She already knew what would happen.
Fighter and Bard had finished cleaning the place up in time to see Sakumi walk into the school. She seemed to blend in with the rest of the students. They just continued on and walked over to Monk and Cleric. Fighter had calmed down a little bit, fiddling around with his gauntlets to make sure they weren't dirty. "So, how was garbage duty?" Monk had asked. "Twas a fun little journey. Although, Fighter may not like being on it any longer." Bard said. Fighter just scoffed. "Kids should know how to pick up after themselves."

The others were along the opposite side. Ranger had a nice perch on top of the school with his bow and net arrows set up. Artificer had been working on them for a while and was hoping they could be used. Barbarian and Wizard were keeping watch on the cameras, able to see if anyone else suspicious was coming in. Rogue and Paladin were watching on the inside to make sure no one had already gotten into the building. They were having a great time talking to the students about hero business and their quirks. Well, Paladin was. Rogue wanted to get the job done.
Sakumi Yuki (played by TheCreatureOfTheDark) Topic Starter

Sakumi kept walking, ignoring anyone who attempted to ask her anything or look strangely at her. After she was a good ways from the school, she pulled her laced hood down, looking up at the cloudy sky.
"I should probably get going." She said to no one in particular, skipping down the stone steps to a old abandoned railroad.
She hopped inside of one of the box cars, which had been cleaned up and furnished as a temporary living space for her.

"I guess I just wait until someone takes notice of me, for everything to play out correctly."
She pulled out another bright pink lolipop, looking at it thoughtfully before falling asleep.
Takeo Izumi (played by nightmqre)

Takeo rubbed his eyes as he stared up at the U.A building. He had barely gotten any sleep the previous night and looked like absolute crap, but anyone who knew him well enough would know that this really wasn’t any different to a normal day. He often found himself disturbed at night due to his quirk and the uncomfortableness of the mask that he was required to wear all the time.

He looked around, bored. While he didn’t like drama he often found himself wishing for something exciting to happen, even if it was something as small as a duelling challenge. He always found himself needing to prove himself, showing that he wasn’t fated to become a villain because his Quirk was destructive and associated with poison. He always found himself wanting to be the best, even if that meant being brutally honest and harsh to his peers. It often got him into trouble, but no matter how many times it was pounded into his head, he never could stop being...well, blunt.

“Another boring day....”
Sakumi Yuki (played by TheCreatureOfTheDark) Topic Starter

Sakumi woke up abruptly. Sitting up for a few minutes with a blank look on her face until she shook off the morning daze and hopped out of her bed mat.

She hummed quietly while she walked to U.A, since it was the start of a new weekend, she was hoping to see more students and teachers around. Especially some of that new Class 1B, the class that everyone seemed to be talking about this year. She got there a bit early, pulling her hood over her head.
She then proceeded to jump up on the wall, that bordered the outskirts of the school, propping herself up and watching the students start to flow in.
Brook (played anonymously)

Brook sat and watched as the students entered the school from afar. Being a villain she wanted to keep a fair distance from them and their oh so powerful quirks, she chuckled as she looked at her bag " long can the disguise last.. I could have my fun and confuse some of those newbies~" she said in a devious tone as she held the sandwich in her spare hand and took some bites out of it, being a villain and all was fun but she was still a girl and a sandwich definitely filled her appetite for now.

"Hm? Oh what's this? Some of the hotshot heroes guarding the school..lame" she rolled her eyes "Those imbeciles would probably spot without second glance..ugh I could just go now fit in with other students..yeah that could work!" She said as she set her plan in motion as she got up and walked towards the school
Fighter was busy talking to the others to notice Brook slip in, but Monk did. "Young lady, are you doing alright? You seem to be falling behind your classmates." The others noticed too, and were wondering what was going on. "Uh, Monk? Instead of distracting her, why not let her get to class? It's probably her first day here and, especially with the new dorms, the kids might be a little bit stressed out." Bard had been rather questionable of the way Monk was acting. "Here, I'll help you get to your class. What class are you in miss..."

Ranger had been searching the grounds for anything suspicious, and he happened to watch Sakumi jump onto the wall outside the school. "What the? Artificer, keep a look out for me, will you?" He then summoned some vines and climbed down to see what was going on. "Miss, may I ask why you aren't in the school yet? Classes will be starting soon."
Sakumi Yuki (played by TheCreatureOfTheDark) Topic Starter

Sakumi looked down.
"Oh Its just you, I was expecting you."
She switched positions so she was hanging one leg over the wall.

"I actually don't go to U.A, but then again, I can see why me being here may be a bit confusing."
She waved her hand, sighing.
"I'm not doing much now, so if you're going to do something, might as well do it now...Or you may want to go help your friend..Either way, I don't care."
She'd pull another lolipop out, looking back at the hero.
Brook (played anonymously)

Brook stopped and glanced at the hereos as they questioned, hiding herself from smiling as she looked directly towards the one who asked what class she was in "Oh...uhm..I'm in class 1B..I got lost and had to rush here." She explained the 'situation' with a shy voice as the hero helped her out a gave her directions "Ok..thank you." She said as she rushed off to the class, a grin plastered onto her face.

She slowly made her way to the classroom as she thought on her plan, of course she wasn't here on her own accord, she needed to look into this new class 1B for the Shrouded Darkness as she if she could work her magic and deal with some students and maybe even recruit some into villainy
Sakumi Yuki (played by TheCreatureOfTheDark) Topic Starter

- I'm just waiting for someone else to reply, but I'm watching and very active. ;-; elementals replyyyyyy-
(I fell asleep on my reply! 😅😅)

Ranger nodded. "Well, who is it that you're looking for? I might be able to get you to them."

Bard watched with a smile. Monk shook his head. "You idiot." Bard was confused. "And why's that?" Cleric looked at Bard and said "That girl had bad spirits around her." Fighter looked at them all. "So, should we go after her?" Monk shrugged. "Probably"

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