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Mainyr (played anonymously)

((Hello everyone! Just a quick bit of info about this RP--I have a very loose, overall plot, but otherwise if you have any plot ideas or want to take your own character for an adventure and invite Mainyr along, that's perfectly fine! The world is mostly open for building on/creativity, though I do envision the setting as high fantasy (maybe akin to DnD or Lord of the Rings). Any race allowed as Mainyr here is but a simple wanderer, looking for adventure! Villains, companions, friends, lovers, all are welcome (though for romance, MxF is preferred :>) No need to ask to join, just hop right on in!))
((Multiple paragraphs are preferred, action / gore / drama are A-OK within site rules!))


It was a beautiful Autumn day. Blue sky, warm sun, cool, playful breeze--Mainyr's favorite type of weather. The forested countryside she'd been traveling through was aflame with brilliant reds, golds, coppers, oranges, and yellows as the canopy took on the colors of the season, the forest floor crunching softly under her booted feet. With her dull red hair braided back and her brown, worn garments, she blended right into the scenery. While she didn't necessarily need the camouflage, it didn't hurt to be a little harder to spot. She'd heard a few tales from travelers on the road that there were bandits out that way and she ought to be careful.

Cresting a small hill, Mainyr found herself nearing the edge of the forest. The trees were becoming more spaced apart and giving way to large, grassy patches of ground, which eventually turned to hills checkered with fields. She could see a road now, narrow but well-trodden, stretching away through the farmland; altering her course, the traveler's footsteps brought her to stride along the path rather than tramp through anyone's fields.

She hadn't gone far before a farmer with a wagonload of vegetables came up beside her and offered her a ride to town; she gladly accepted, taking a seat amid the vegetables and chatting absently with weathered old yeoman as the cart rumbled down the road at a leisurely pace.

Eventually the town appeared ahead, nestled amid the rolling hills. A few plumes of chimney smoke rose into the air and dissipated against the gradually-darkening sky. The shadows were starting to lengthen as the farmer's cart rolled past the first few cottages on the outskirts of the settlement which gradually grew larger and closer together, forming a decently-sized town with a fair number of streets and businesses. According to the old farmer, travelers came through often and the town had grown to accommodate them with a tailor's shop, a small open-air market with vendors who sold traveling gear and supplies, and two inns that doubled as taverns.

"Well, here ye are," the old man said as the cart rolled into town, meandering down the main street. "Welcome to Burne! I'm off to me cousin's house. The Brown Bear Inn's up ahead there, with the sign like a bear--and Robert's Tavern is 'round down the other street, that way."

He motioned back the way they'd come, suggesting the way they would've gone had they turned left on entering Burne. Mainyr nodded, swinging her legs off the side of the cart and hopping down. "Thank you for the ride," she said, shooting the farmer and appreciative smile and a small wave. "Good luck at the market tomorrow."

"Thank ye, thank ye..." The yeoman snapped the reins and his mule snorted, starting up again and continuing on down the street.

The sky was turning purple and pink, the last golden rays of the sun piercing across the western heavens as the streets grew darker, shops beginning to close up while the people milling about continued on their way, headed home or on to their place of lodging. Mainyr turned and made her way down the main road, heading for the Brown Bear Inn.

Walking inside she was greeted by the usual hum and chatter of a tavern in the evening, the warm glow of lanterns and a large fireplace in the western wall giving the place a cozy sort of feel. It was warm compared to the cool air outside and the wanderer slipped to the side, surveying the room absently. It was fairly crowded, but not too much so; the talk seemed amiable and even, no hints at disagreeableness or unease present--at least not yet. Once it got later and patrons started drinking, things might get a bit rowdy.

Mainyr made her way to the counter, ordering a light supper of lamb stew and bread, along with a light, golden-colored ale. Once she had the food and drink she retreated to a far corner of the main room, preferring to sit apart and watch the inn's other patrons. Several of them appeared to be travelers by the garb and she wondered absently where they might've come from and where they were going. As her pale eyes scanned the room her gaze came to rest on another customer who caught her attention, and she found herself gazing curiously over at them.

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Enheduana (played by Ihsan997)

For the third or fourth time, Enheduana found herself in a crowded side of the Brown Bear Inn, packed in with a number of still-polite patrons. As she’d done since she’d reached the quaint little town of Burne, she sat herself down with a smaller number of out-of-towners to ensure she wouldn’t meet repeat customers. Draped in an exceptionally long gold-and-sunburst shawl which covered much of her upper body, along with a tinted pair of spectacles which covered her eyes, she was as obviously foreign as most of the other patrons in that side of the tavern. Gathered at a table with a handful of travelers, she had about a dozen drink glasses, tincture bottles, and ceramic knick-knacks spread out in front of her as the other travelers looked on.

Slowly, she laid both palms on the table and bowed her head forward as if pointing toward the person across from her with her forehead. A single dish laid in the middle of the table, and the three people seated with her could be seen placing a few gold coins in it. A few quiet words were shared and, when the group finished talking and chuckling lightly, the dusky woman let out a deep breath.

As slowly as she’d moved her hands, the household items on the table in front of her began to float. Hovering upward gracefully as if they simply weighed less than air, the glasses and bottles raised and lowered in tandem, forming a little dance while the three travelers grinned and nodded to each other. At no point did Enheduana move a muscle as if providing a proof of confidence in the miniature show, yet around the table in a circle, the everyday objects danced. For a minute or two, the inanimate dance played out until one of the travelers prodded the others.

“Listen, we’re already late,” the older man with the clothing of a laborer said to the others before turning to the woman performing the trick and nudging the dish full of coins toward her. “You won your bet, ma’am; this is yours. We have to get going to make the night caravan out, though.”

As the three travelers stood to leave, the household objects floated back down to the table and the dusky woman looked up, her face partially concealed. “Good luck on your journey,” she said while tugging the dish toward herself. “I hope we meet again.”

The verbal exchange seemed transactional, if friendly, and soon enough Enheduana was all by herself again. She’d hardly noticed the other traveler sit in the corner near her seat against the wall, seeing as how she’d been engrossed in the theatrics of pretending that the display had somehow been taxing on her. What she did notice, however, was the dirty look the mustached bartender was giving her as she collected the coins from the dish, and she kept her head down and her body language defensive while she collected all her small objects. For a few moments, she sat without moving and waiting for the bartender to stop glaring at her, as if she didn’t want his attention on her.
Mainyr (played anonymously) Topic Starter

As the travelers at the table made their exit, Mainyr got a brief glance at the various levitating objects hovering over the tabletop. She thought she'd been seeing objects bobbing in the air between the spectator's forms, but now she knew she'd seen it. How fascinating!

Realizing she was staring the young woman quickly finished off her stew, returning the bowl to the counter politely before bringing her half-empty tankard over to the table where the ebony-skinned female sat, the previously-floating objects resting on the surface before her. She was exotically pretty, Mainyr couldn't help but notice; rich, dark skin, eyes hidden behind tinted spectacles, a brilliantly-covered shawl that reminded the traveler of the forest she'd passed through earlier that day. Her hair, what Mainyr could see of it, appeared to be a startling white.

"Excuse me, ma'am," Mainyr began, bobbing her head to the other politely. "Was, ah--was that your doing?" She pointed to the items and nick-knacks, adding, "The floating things, I mean? What sort of magic was it?"
She assumed it was the woman's own doing, but it didn't hurt to ask.

Magic was an interesting topic. Mainyr had seen it up close a couple of times since she'd been traveling, and there'd been a woman in the mountain village where she grew up who had a kind of magic with plants, even though she never did anything extravagant or overtly magical. The very idea of being able to control or harness an arcane energy was fascinating to Mainyr, not to mention all the many brands and styles and facets and strengths every magical individual possessed... It was mind-boggling really, if one sat down and thought about it. Traveling alone as she'd been doing, Mainyr definitely had a lot of time to think about things--it would help if she had a little more knowledge to go off of, but it was sort of fun to just speculate about subjects sometimes.

Clearing her throat a little and stepping a bit out of her comfort zone, while simultaneously hoping she wasn't intruding on the stranger's comfort, she moved to sit in one of the nearby chairs, asking with a small smile, "Do you mind if I join you?"
Enheduana (played by Ihsan997)

No sooner had she avoided the attention of the bartender than she’d gained the attention of another bar patron. Looking up, Enheduana found what she assumed was a human, ubiquitous and common as they were, though one possessing a distinct appearance from those in the town. The tanning of the woman’s skin didn’t match what Enheduana associated with such a hair color, leading her to guess her fellow patron was some sort of a worker or traveler; there was, however, a handful of cuts and scars which also gave her pause as she wondered if the younger woman was dangerous. The friendly tone was refreshing, however, and she couldn't prevent a polite smile from breaking across her face in response.

“I don’t mind at all,” she replied, visibly taking another glance at the bar to ensure that the bartender wasn’t staring anymore. “Travelers make good company.” Enheduana pointed toward the young woman’s worn brown garments in a rather forward, presumptuous manner, making a very direct assumption. “And indeed, what you saw was my doing...”

In an effort to impress almost to the point of trying too hard, she pointed with her foot beneath the table and honed her mind on the chair closest to the young human. A cheat, for sure, but it allowed her to leave her hands at rest as she mentally pushed a chair out from the table for her fellow patron to sit down on. “A wise practitioner doesn’t give away her secrets so easily, though, yes? You...”

She paused and examined the hardy-looking human’s weathered clothing one more time, focusing on the boots and their signs of miles walked and stories to tell, and she felt more intimidate than she let on. “ seem like someone who’s come a long way to Burne. Do you practice magic yourself? Or have you come seeking something similar?”
Mainyr (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Mainyr hadn't expected the chair to move, so when it did she was properly startled. She jumped but quickly recovered herself, grinning a little at her own expense.

"Thank you," she answered the woman, taking a seat and scooting the chair back up to the table again. "And I suppose you're right, I can't exactly just come up asking for all your spells, can I?"

She offered the stranger a smile, swirling around the last of her ale in her mug as she observed the woman a little more closely. The curious lady certainly was lovely, and she seemed friendly--unfortunately Mainyr had run into quite a few beautiful men and women who didn't act near so nice as they looked, so she naturally appreciated it when someone fortunate enough to be good-looking was kind as well. But then, Mainyr appreciated kindness from anyone she met along the road.

Shaking her head in response to to the woman's question she replied, "No, I'm not really looking for anything in particular--and no, I haven't got any magic of my own, not that I'm aware of. I wouldn't mind it though, she subject's always fascinated me." She smiled again, shrugging a little as she went on, "I am a traveler though and I have traveled very far, you're right about that. I wasn't exactly aiming for Burne, you might say, but here I am--at least for tonight. I grew up in the Garren Mountains--I've heard some people call them the White Mountains? Just kind of thought I ought to...come out and see things, I suppose."

Mainyr's gaze settled into the middle distance for a second before she looked back at the ebony-skinned woman, asking, "Would you mind if I asked your name, ma'am? I'm Mainyr, Mainyr Doran. You can call me Nyr, if you like."
Enheduana (played by Ihsan997)

Her initial apprehension gradually melted away, or at least, as much as it could given their surroundings. “Mainer, Main-ear...Near, Nyr?” she murmured, practicing the sound until she felt she’d pronounced it correctly. “I’m pleased to meet you, Nyr. My name is...well, some people have told me it’s difficult to say, so I’m usually called Donna.”

Displaying little social savvy, she switched back to a previous topic with no spoken transition or segue, speaking almost at random. “I don’t know these White Mountains from whence you came, but I also came to see...things. I’ve been in this town for a few weeks; there isn’t much to see, but I know a few places locally.”

Without realizing her own action, she picked up a ceramic lemonade pitcher only two inches long from the table and began twirling it between her fingers rather than with her mind. Her heart was worn quite openly on her sleeve; her reactions would be easily readable to a casual observer with very little hidden. Even when her eyes were concealed by the spectacles, her eyebrows raised thoughtfully and her mouth wiggled with a mixture of both apprehension and curiosity. She had no idea that her reactions would be noticeable either.

“You only plan to stay here for tonight, yes? It’s a nice place, but I need to leave soon myself because of reasons. I can...” Her head titled toward Mainyr’s hands and forearms, visibly resting on the small scars again before she looked back up. “You seem like you can handle the road. I already have a space rented here for the night, but there’s an empty bunk. I can let you sleep there if you tell me where one can travel to from here; I don’t know the region very well, nor do I know what can be found beyond the crop land around Burne.”
Mainyr (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Mainyr didn't seem bothered by the sudden switch of topics. She'd been away from the White Mountains for...7, 8 months now, and she'd met quite the array of characters. At first things like little social awareness, strange clothing, wild, unexpected mannerisms and attitudes--at first it had thrown her for a bit of a loop, but gradually she'd grown accustomed to expecting the unexpected and taking everything in stride, at least as much as she could.

Donna's open, heart-on-sleeve attitude was actually rather refreshing. More often than not people endeavored to hide their true emotions or motives. Several people had attempted con Mainyr since she'd been on the road and she'd learned quickly not to trust everyone's portrayed character.

She watched the woman's small changes in expression and movements, taking an absent sip of her ale as she spoke. When Donna made her offer Mainyr's own eyebrows rose. "Really?" Absently she brushed back a strand of red hair from her face, revealing a beauty mark next to her right eye. "Well--thank you! I'd appreciate that, Donna."

She gave the woman in question a smile, tilting her head and asking curiously, "Did you have any sort of place in mind? I don't know much about anything out the other side of Burne, but I have come a good ways from back there." She gestured back the way she'd come from when she entered town. "I'm also no expert, just fair warning, but I'll do my best to point you in the right direction."

She thought for a moment, then added, "Actually--well, I'm not headed in any direction in particular, if you'd like I could be a sort of guide for you. I don't mind going back the way I came, it was really pretty. If you were wanting a guide, of course! I don't want to throw myself on you."
Enheduana (played by Ihsan997)

A slight rush of air passed through Donna’s teeth as she grinned. She’d had a streak of bad luck, and the prospect of help from someone more familiar with the roads was an attractive one. Despite her momentary distraction by the first sight of the human’s cute beauty mark, her mind remained generally focused on Mainyr’s response.

“I don’t see it as a throw; it’s an opportunity,” she replied heartily. “I don’t know the region well, not as well as you seem to, but I do know that one could become lost or hurt without help. In fact...perhaps you’ve arrived at the right time. I was thinking of leaving just two days ago, but the notion seemed impossible.” A slight tilt of her head hinted that she was looking back toward the bartender, who’d made a sudden movement but wasn’t actually looking their way.

Subconsciously, Donna began drawing an imaginary map on the table with her finger. Unaware of what she was doing, or that she was silently counting a number of days, she started making a few estimates. “You said that you came from an area called the White Mountains...what do people do for work there? Is it possible for outsiders to find...stuff to do?” she asked, struggling for the right words.
Mainyr (played anonymously) Topic Starter

((Apologies for the delay, had a very busy weekend!))

Mainyr was a big believer in the idea that everything happened for a reason. When Donna said she'd arrived at the right time, Mainyr had no doubt she had. Perhaps their very meeting had been orchestrated by whoever formed and ran the universe back when she'd taken the right fork in the road instead of the left fork two weeks ago--just think, had she taken the left path, someone else might be meeting Donna there in the Brown Bear Inn, while she might be off still traveling through the countryside and setting up camp for the night! It was a curious thing to think about, if a little mind-boggling at times.

At Donna's question she nodded, taking a sip of her ale before the other woman finished speaking. Lowering her mug she affirmed, "Oh, yes, plenty. The village I grew up in was always eager to give strangers or travelers some work to do, if they wanted to earn a little coin. Many of the mountain settlements have herds and farms, so you could always find work there; some of the bigger, expanding settlements have shops that need workers. Most everyone I knew was happy to have a little entertainment now and then, too, if you're more of a performer--reading palms or doing little magic tricks would make you quite popular. There aren't too many magic users up in the towns I knew. Not ones with strong magic, anyway."

She thought for a moment more, absently watching Donna's fingers trace the tabletop as she added, "Unless you have some very specifically city-orientated skillset, I believe you could find plenty of work."
Enheduana (played by Ihsan997)

Donna smiled wide enough for her pearly teeth to show, if briefly, upon hearing Nyr speak of her town. “I like the way you describe it; Burne has been nice, but I’ve also heard discouraging words from people who’ve experienced poor luck. It’s nice to listen to good news and a positive outlook. I don’t have much experienced with herding animals, but I can do other things. Little magic tricks are my favorite, though normal work in a shop is more stable.” Donna then paused for a moment, clearing her throat in a very quiet manner. Her curiosity had taken her to another idea again, also without any sort of verbal segue.

“Are you sure you don’t mind backtracking? I wouldn’t want to cut your latest sightseeing trip short-“

Unbeknownst to Donna, a scullery maid had sauntered up to their table; Nyr may have noticed, but her dusky interlocutor was caught off guard and visibly turned to look at the newcomer in surprise. The older woman wearing a stained apron bore a light smile, though the expression was mild enough such that it contained little warmth. “The rate for your room has gone up tonight,” the scullery maid said through yellowed teeth in a flat tone lacking both sympathy and hostility.

Donna’s mouth shut tightly for a moment. Though her body language didn’t seem defiant, she visibly frowned while staring up at the sweaty, apron-clad maid. For a brief second, she turned her head toward the bartender, a pear-shaped man who was now avoiding her gaze before returning to the maid. Her moment of silence, as well as her lack of outward resistance, clashed with her obvious displeasure and gave the impression that she couldn’t think of a coherent response. “I guess,” Donna replied in a tone lacking both comfort and conviction, and she didn’t resist when the scullery maid reached for the dish on the table.

Though unhappy, she seemed content to let her randomness lead her away from the strong arm tactic and returned to her most recent topic change. “Anyway, I hope I’m not cutting your trip short,” Donna said to Nyr before the scullery maid had even finished confiscating half the gold coins she’d earned from her previous table guests.

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