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I feel like a common area would be good because it would give the community a place to meet other members that they would not normally meet.

Have you seen the "Just Talkin'" thread -> here

To join the chat, just click the big button above the top post that says "Launch chat."
Yep, there's the Just Talkin' thread that serves as the official main RPR chatroom (although any thread can be opened as a chat using the mentioned button), and the entire Smalltalk forum is a casual OOC catchall. The other OOC areas also provide slightly more guided ways to run into each other, such as through forum games or discussion of concepts around roleplay. Plus there is an unofficial RPR discord server set up by some of the members, but that naturally has a narrower user base.

You are on: Forums » Suggestions & Development Discussion » Public Chat Rooms (solved)

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