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You find yourself standing on a small concrete platform in the depths of space, a shabby building before you and very little else around. Perhaps you came to this place intentionally, and perhaps you have no idea why you're here. Either way, the sign on the door says "OPEN" and there is no apparent way to go anywhere else. So why not step inside?
The doorframe, painted a now-faded purple, is hung with strings of glowing orange lights, and a Jack-o'-lantern has been placed on either side of the door, the pair of them looking rather like the comedy and tragedy masks. Oh, and this music can be heard emanating from everywhere and also nowhere. So that's... excellent? Yeah. Very excellent indeed.
Ludo (played by Rigby)

The weird little building would soon be 'graced' with a weird little visitor in the form of what appeared to be... a cat in a mech suit, creeping up and over the platform.

A very blue and a rather fat cat in a mech suit (though if asked, he'd insist it's all fluff and Skogkatt were naturally like this!). Likely whatever ship he'd come in on was nearby. Unless they'd just tossed him.

And while giant and vaguely menacing mining mech-suits can't exactly express emotion, or even manage to fit inside the door frames of most polite company, the little creature within had no shortage of want to do so, and he pressed glowing and diminutive little paw-beans on the suit's overlarge bubble canopy, tail flicking thoughtfully.

"PHWOAH, what do we have HERE - wait 'til Theia hears about THIS!!" He did not seem to notice or care that his own little cybernetically-augmented squeaky screams of excitement was being fed through the suit’s vocoder and amplified to much larger and far more distorted effect outside.

And like most cats, he didn't seem to care whether or not he'd been invited, or whether the things within or without were off-limits, and so Ludo the cat promptly started exploring, poking at EACH light with surprising lightness for giant robotic fingers, before turning to pick up one lantern and lifting it close to the suit’s canopy so the cat could scrunch his face up, wiggle his rear, and stare at it with fully-dilated cybernetic eyes.

"Hey. HEEEEY. What's this? It's probably mine now. Hello?!"
SPACE GAS STATION (played by pixl.Bee) Topic Starter

A perhaps human-like figure leaned out of the building's door, the details of the person obscured by a voluminous, galaxy-patterned cloak that hid all but the face and hands. The person looked both amused and bemused, though not c-mused because that isn't a word. "Well, hi." The person spoke. "And.. welcome.. uh, to the Space Gas Station. This isn't how these things typically go, but it's Spooky Month so I don't mind." Their vivid blue eyes took in the visitor with a steady observancy, and their tone was light and airy, a beaming smile gracing their pale face. "My name is the Wizard - first name: The, last name: Wizard, and please don't mess with the decorations..." The Wizard lifted a hand and, with a quick snap of their fingers, the pumpkin was returned to its previous location. They offered an even beamier smile, hoping to show that they harboured no hard feelings towards the visitor. "So, well, usually we just sell slushies and chocolate here- and by all means, you can have a slushie if you want. Chocolate too, if it won't kill you - I know it can have that effect on some people. But around Halloween, we also offer a wider variety of candy (collected from across the galaxies, so there's bound to be something for everyone). The slushies are also, um, orange? And I could perform some illusion magic to dress-up your appearance a bit, if costumes are something you're interested in." Throughout this speech The Wizard had stayed in place, half-hidden in the shadows of the doorway. Standing out in the open was something they did very rarely, and they felt self-conscious (though of course, admitting as much was out of the question). But it could be seen by someone observant, with the subtle anxious fidgeting of their hands, or how they occasionally let their eyes dart around nervously. Still, it certainly wasn't the guest's appearance or mannerisms that had phased them - in a place like this, you ran into all sorts of unique beings and very little could be surprising at this point.
Petra Hyeon (played by FreeJayFly)

The crackling of electricity could be heard as a portal ripped through any available space before spitting out a teenager who fell rather unceremoniously to the floor with a thud. She groaned, and the words "not again..." left her lips before she slowly pushed herself into a seated position and looked around. The first thing that she noticed after the portal shrank and disappeared was that there were orange lights around that struck her as somewhat odd -- the second were the carved pumpkins.

"Ah..." Petra started, realising what must have been at play here; Halloween was not entirely lost on her, though she did find it surprising when other dimensions, worlds, or realities celebrated it or something similar.

Petra finally staggered up into a standing position and dusted herself off and straightened out her mismatched clothes. Backing up to get a better look at everything, it was only when Petra ended up hitting something that she turned and yelped as someone or something in a large mech-suit had been piloting it and seemingly looking at things just like she was.

It was only when someone else made an appearance and started speaking about the venue that Petra looked over and paid any kind of attention. She was at least glad that it maybe seemed that her translator that was slung around her neck was still working. It seemed that the venue was some kind of shop -- gas station, if this 'Wizard Wizard' was to be believed.

"J-just slushies and chocolate?" Petra asked finally after Wizard Wizard had finished speaking.
SPACE GAS STATION (played by pixl.Bee) Topic Starter

((... Well. On one hand, I was extremely excited to do this (and to get a profile pumpkin...) but life decided to punch me in the face very suddenly... hence the lack of replies. :( no pumpkin AND no space gas station :'( ))
Kim Site Admin

((I'm sorry! I hope things get better for you soon! :( ))
[No worries at all. :( I hope things turn around soon!

Cat’s not going anywhere and will be here for any future silliness should you like! ]
Petra Hyeon (played by FreeJayFly)

((Totally understandable. ; w ; I've been dealing with a lot myself, so have been trying to do what I can. I hope things smooth out for you!))

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