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Dealt (played by Dharlas)

I am looking to get back into rping again, its been a little while but I want to see what is out there. I have posted as my character (Dealt) and I can fit him into almost any situation. There is almost nothing I am not down for but a few key things:

I haven't done MxM, not against it but its hard to capture my interest
Smut is fine but I am not greatly experienced in it
Death of my OC, while all my rp's make him up and change him, I will not have a perma death so if the story goes that way, it will be considered non-canon
I really don't have a preference for genre, content, or anything else all is fine
If doing smut 18+ (feel I shouldn't have to say but best to be clear)
OOC is heavily encouraged as I like to talk and connect to the player as well, if that is something you do not care for we may not mesh well
I match posts to the best of my ability, you write a little, I give you the same. I play off what you give me so give me more to work with, I can embelish more. On average though I am a 3+ paragraph writer
No one line rps, period.

If my character interests you and the above are not problems, feel free to pm me or respond here, fair warning currently RPR does not email me when I get notifications so I may be slow to respond

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

Me! Me! Me! I am available and have recommendations!

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