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so i've been off-site for a few months now and decided to get back into rping again. a couple of things to keep in mind if you want to rp with me:

please post at least two paragraphs with a minimum of four sentences each. also have good grammar and punctuation (i'm using all lower case at the moment but obviously when i rp i use proper grammar.)

no one-liners! they are extremely difficult to respond to.

please contribute to the plot. if you have any ideas feel free to tell me!

don't make my character do something that i haven't even written that they have done. for example: (yc) grabs (mc) and brings him to the car, making them sit down on one of the seats.
it would be better like this: (yc) brings (mc) to the car.
and i could reply with: (mc) reluctantly sits down in one of the seats.
or: (mc) pushes away and doesn't get in the car.

if we're gonna do a fandom rp and you're gonna play a canon character, please stay in character. don't do something that a character from that fandom wouldn't do. if you're not sure how to act as that character, then don't suggest to play as them.

ok so here's a list of what i like to rp:

dinosaurs (both prehistoric and jurassic park/world)
the hunger games
romance (most comfortable with mxf)
celebrities (that i'm familiar with)

if you're interested, just pm me or comment below.

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