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Rules for this:
You must wear a costume
Don't eat too much candy
All characters must watch out of the residents that scare them
IC trick or treaters, please, Thank you!

One night, Pumpkin Man is in his house watching television, He's bored and he has nothing to do, He's been spending too much TV time all day, Suddenly, he hears someone knocking on his door,

''Who could that be?'' He says, He opens the door to reveal Wolfie the werewolf

Wolfie lends out a loud howl and begins to speak:

''Hello Pumpkin Man, I need your help, We opened up a new town this Halloween, It's Spookyland, Would you like to visit this spooky city?''

''Of course, I do!"' He screams and shouts happily, So Wolfie sends Pumpkin Man to a portal, It closes and Pumpkin Man found himself in Spookyland, He opens up a trick-or-treating place called Howl-O-Ween Candy Studio

''Step right up in the Howl-O-Ween Candy Studio'' He shouts as his candy studio is open, It was a hit, Many guests came in their costumes

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Ayoka (played anonymously)

The dog-girl was charmed, overwhelmed, and just so excited about this strange new festival going on all around her! Her tail was wagging wildly behind her as she bounded over to the man who was shouting. "Oh wow! This is amazing! Can I join? What are we doing?"
The Pumpkin Man (played by BigMuffin) Topic Starter

''Sure, anyone can join!"'

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