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Kiera Breoslaigh (played anonymously)


The AMA has been a great opportunity to learn about one another. I've been reading so much about other's journies, and it's wonderful. I have truly enjoyed this OOC community topic starter, and I feel it's going to help the community overall get to know one another.

With that in mind, however, I've been on a scavenger hunt since it started. There are loads of posts and threads in my notifications from my various friends and RP partners, and it's becoming chaotic trying to keep track of the IC vs. the OOC threads. There are friends of mine I follow who mostly post ICly in threads, and not so much OOC. But with the AMA and sometimes with OOC games on the forums, or even the Trick or Treat posts, Epic week, etc., the IC threads I follow for daily RP tend to get lost.

And while yes, we can subscribe to specific threads, there are friends of mine in my groups who make topic starters to post to IC'ly with different characters, and even those are getting lost among all the OOC activity.

Is it possible that a feature could be created where we follow someone's IC threads but not their OOC activity, or vice versa, or even an opportunity to turn off OOC activity from the notifications? Even a tab section where someone could see only IC forums posts, and one for OOC forums posts, and one that shows all activity, would greatly help keep things in line.

Such separation would help make the creative space easier to navigate and not burst the notifications and feed with things that may not relate to another person. It would also enable me or others, when we have a mind for just OOC activity, not to get lost in IC things if we feel the OOC threads or topics are more pressing at that moment.

Thanks for reading this and considering it!
Kim Site Admin

This is a good idea! In the meanwhile, you might want to try using the "Subscribed" filter, which will show you only topics you are specifically subscribed to (as opposed to ones you're just seeing because your friends are participating in them)
Kiera Breoslaigh (played anonymously) Topic Starter

Thank you for that Kim. I have been using it, but as I mentioned, one of my group leaders makes topics. I've been on a search!

And thank you again for helping everyone to open up. It's very comforting to know we all have something in our lives that is important to share.

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