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so i've got a question. how does one attach an image to a message? i don't mean the link thing where you paste a link to something then you can choose what text acts as the link, i mean the option next to it for having the image display in the message.
chico-120938-1590608704.png Like this, you mean?

Just surround the image url in 'img' tags. The image url needs to end in .jpg, .png, or .gif (and not all image hosting sites will give you a url that works with bbcode.)
Thatnerdychick Topic Starter

Thank you.
... and if you want the image to one side with the text next to it, you can do this to the first part of the img code:
[ img align=left] or [ img align=right]

chico-120938-1590608704.pngYou can then write beside the image.
It works the same way with either left or right.
Works well with smaller pix in an RP PM.

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