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I have a private rp group, and we are looking for a forum to host our rps. Everything looks great on here but I have a few questions after reading the rules, and getting started. My group is all above the age of 18, and we are very selective of our members. I plan on having our group on here hidden, and only let our hand selected members join, and see our rps. Our group has sexual content in text form on a regular basis, while its not our main focus it happens often enough. I saw under the pg 13ish that nude images are not allowed, which is fine with us since we do not use images like that. But what about sexual content in text form? None of our content has any nonconsensual stuff in it either, since its banned in our own rules. Since I did not see any specifics on sexual content being banned in text form I figured I should ask.

Thank you for your time, and effort!

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Kim Site Admin

Hi! You can upload nude images to appropriately marked groups and character profiles; it's in the public areas of the site that they aren't allowed.

You're welcome to play text-based sexual content with other consenting adults in properly marked or top-secret groups. Please make sure that the characters involved are also 18+.

Hope this clears things up! :)
Solgren Topic Starter

Thanks so much. Clears it up perfectly. Once again thanks for your time.

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