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Strahd Von Zarovich (played anonymously)

Greetings fellow traveler.

You may know me as Strahd Von Zarovich, or perhaps not. In any case, I am the Lord of the Zarovich Castle here in the land of Ravenloft in the region of Barovia. You are receiving this letter to invite you to my castle to dine with me. Please come and join me, I welcome those who accept to my castle.

I eagerly await your reply.
~ S. Von Zarovich ~
Strahd Von Zarovich (played anonymously) Topic Starter

I eagerly await the arrival of my guests. The table has been prepared with all sorts of meats, fruits, and wines. There seems to be a selection of extra red wine. Could be wine... but also looks like it may not be. I usually sit at the head of the table *I sip my drink wearing a sliver chest plate with the Zarovich crest adorned on the front. My shoulders covered with a long fur collared robe under the plate he wears a warriors vest with elegant clasps and expensive leather.*

The room is rather large with a long wodden table and fancy wood chairs surrounding all sides enough to sit 20 people at once. There in the room is an organ placed along the wall behind Strahd's seat. My seat is the most elegant of them all the chair back coming up taller than my back and curved filigree decorations and fancy symbols, the cloth sown red with diamond shaped stitching.

*As I sit looking over my books and sipping wine, I watch as the guests arrive and take their seats*
My I play? I would like to RP with you!

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