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So I see most people have been posting drawings or lit work...

I wanted to switch it up a bit and post another form of art~
So I sculpt from polymer clay and hand paint every piece.
I even sell my pieces and do commissions.
I sculpt many types of things but mostly fan-based creatures and my own creature creations.

My Bunshroom


Reverse Annie - Tibbers from League of Legends


Wonderland Squirrel Friend


Flowey the Flower from Undertale


Piranha Plant from Mario


If you're interested, message me.
c: I might post my site later... but until then, hope you enjoy my works.
I'll update this a bit more as time goes on.

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omg,,,,wonderland squrriel friend 🥺
Ridralee Topic Starter

Folklore wrote:
omg,,,,wonderland squrriel friend 🥺
The heart in his chest turns when you spin his hat~ c:
all of these are so cute I luv them!
OMG these are so cute and so good!!

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