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WELL. I totally promised Pandah I will draw her character, Fiachra. XD I think it will be good practice anyways. But I found myself buried under homework I'm afraid I won't be able to draw for her/I will complete forget cause I'm a bit of a ditz.

SO YEAH, the purpose of this thread is to keep myself on track so I won't forget. And for critiques if needed! And also I need to visit this place more anyways. *PRESSURE*

Here is my first image. Well, sketch.
HE LOOKS REALLY GENERIC RIGHT NOW. What's up with that? I guess I need to mail Pandah later and talk it over. Have to do better on the next one then.

Crits are nice, but I don't think I will change anything because this was just a test. Unless it's MAJOR, like his hands are on backwards or something. I...don't think they areeee....
Probably the next one then. XD
Holy-- It looks awesome so far!

I wish I could draw like you xD
Kim Site Admin

Wow, looking great! I love how much motion you've managed to get into the lines without making it feel completely cluttered.
hurr WAT

I saw my name and nearly exploded because I didnt know what was going on. lol! I didnt expect you to post it here xD

BUT HE IS BEAUTIFUL I DUNNO WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! He may not be doing much, but there is a lot of personality in the colors, movement, and brush strokes. I love how you incorporated all the feathers! Not many people choose to incorporate the bird side of him in the image, so this is really neat and unexpected! Thank you so much! ;w;

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