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Howdy everyone, I haven't been on here in a hot minute, but I checked in today.

I just wanted to talk about something that I have noticed about myself. Basically, I noticed that I lack the motivation to really roleplay much anymore. It's weird because for literally over a decade I was huge into roleplay. Any and all time, if I could be replying, I would be replying, I'd be searching for new ships, I'd be running RP servers, and groups, but I just....don't anymore.

I get the urge to start an rp once in awhile, but shortly after starting them, I just lose that desire to continue. It almost feels like a burden to have to sit there and reply, espcially when it's long multi-paragraph responses.

Is this just burn out? Do I just lack creativity? I don't think so, I love to play Tabletop RPGs and I still love creating new characters. I just wonder why text rp has lost that magic for me? I just never feel very connected to the characters anymore, which could just be on me. Who knows, maybe I should just focus on the characters I have that I am still very attached to.

I know I can't be the only one who gets to feeling like this. I feel bad, because I will be very excited to start an RP with someone, and we will set it up and everything, but then....I just kind of lose momentum. Then I'll just slow down in replies and eventually stop entirely. Anyone I have done that to, it's not you, it's very much me.

Anyway, open topic. What do you feel about this?
Ugh, that's a big bummer.

I can't say my opinion even has weight since I have so little experience with roleplaying by comparison, but at least I can try and reassure you that roleplaying isn't something that wanes away and disappear forever. You can be in a slump about it but eventually the motivation will go back. That's just typical burnout. Giving yourself some time might be productive, after all.
Is this just burn out? Do I just lack creativity? I don't think so
And I'm glad. Frankly, multi-para roleplays while you spellcheck and do quality assurance of your replies can really feel like a chore. I know somebody that frankly believes multi-para roleplays to be an actual chore. I stopped roleplaying entirely a few months ago until I went to another site, with real-time chat roleplay rooms where people did 2-3 paragraphs a reply. It feels like a race against the clock and the more people you roleplay with simultaneously, the crazier it get, but Nat, did that rekindle my interest with multi-para roleplay.

If you really don't want to give it a break, maybe you can explore more options? Maybe you could reach to a potential partner and see if they're willing to do a shorter roleplay? Something that you two only have to put effort when you're feeling like it. No expectations?
It could be a number of things. Ten years is more than enough time for your interests to evolve, and certainly enough exposure to what passes for text rp etiquette to sour anyone.

When my stuff isn't going well I remind myself to put more focus on what's worked for me and less on what hasn't, your post has food for thought on both. How are the spaces you used to make for yourself different from what you get up to now? Are there positives about the tabletop experience that you wish applied to all your roleplays? Does your interest in new characters stall as you realize how many too-long posts stand in the way of your goals?

I agree you aren't burnt out or lacking in creativity, which are the last labels I'd give someone who spent part of Christmas making really cool gifts for strangers; clearly you've got a lot to offer the hobby, so I hope you zero in on what's missing from your partnerships and get at it. It'd be a shame if we lost you.
natjust Topic Starter

Your opinion matters, there's no sort of seniority for roleplaying haha! Yeah, I've been on break awhile now, but it's still hard to get back to. Each time I give it a try, it seems to fizzle out not even a day or two later, haha. It could be in part because writing a bunch of purple prose just muddles a post for me and makes it hard to connect to the emotion parts, but I have tried some rapid fire rps, and they seem to be a little better, so maybe I should pursue something like that more. I used to Doodle Rp a long time ago, and maybe that would grab me? Sadly, IScribble where I used to doodle rp is closed, for now and I can't even attempt it. I'll have to see what other options I have, until then I still have Tabletop Rping!

It definitely has been a long time, haha, so yeah it's possible I just changed over that time. It may have also been caused from bad experiences, goodness knows I have had my fair share of those. If fact, the decline seems to line up with some dumb drama that happened a couple years ago, so maybe that's what has changed? I can't say for sure cause I didn't quit cold turkey. The parts that I remember enjoying a lot was being in a large group where everyone knew each others characters and they made friends, enemies, and relationships from there. Some of my favorite ships started in that and I still treasure those ships, even if I don't rp them anymore.
You're very sweet, btw, thank you! :'D I love drawing, and it was fun drawing some art for them. It's just a nice hobby haha!

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