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Hey there, fine folks of RPR! Ivy here, and I’ve been DYING to find plots in a WW1 setting as Hans von Hammer.

Hans von Hammer is a DC property from the comic “Enemy Ace”. In essence, he’s the DC universe’s version of the red baron: a brooding ace of aces in a bloody red dreidecker. He has a notorious reputation as a killing machine in the air with unmatched skill behind the yoke of an aeroplane. But there’s a real man behind the legend, one who’s a lot more complex than the picture the papers paint. You can find more about him (my personal take on the character, anyhow) on his page here.

I’m looking for any characters I can throw at my version of Hans. Think daring dogfights fought by knights of the air over no man's land, characters grappling with their places on the brutal stage of the great war, colorful kites and blood in the mud. All that good stuff. Not overly familiar with WW1 history? Me neither! I spitball the details I don’t know, personally. There’s no pressure to do heaps of homework for what’s supposed to be a fun game. Coming into this with only a rough idea of the era is perfectly fine!

Combat will likely be a notable feature of this thread, but definitely not the only thing going on. I enjoy exploring character dynamics so there’d be plenty of quiet moments on the ground to balance out high energy war scenes/confrontations. Similarly, I personally need a bit of humor here and there to balance out the bleak. So don’t worry, I’m not gunning for a 24 hour broodfest either.

The kind of thread I’m hoping for would be a slow poster, but the plot itself would be short and episodic. Something we can start and finish within a few weeks, maybe a month give or take. I start school again in mid-January where I will be all but totally unable to do any prompt posting. I figure if we really click we could do more “episodes” in the future! But for the moment I just don’t have the time or the oomf to go on a long, continuous adventure.

You can find my list of personal OOC limits here, please give ‘em a read if you’d like to plot with me!

For potential plot starters with Hans, a small wishlist of character types I'd particularly love to see, RP limits and a sample post, take a look here!

Thanks for taking a look at my advert, I look forward to hearing back from folks!
Magic 20%
Plausible legends of ancient magic, but current magic is not common.
Technology 40%
Industrial revolution
Combat 70%
More combat than not. The setting may be at war, and the characters will likely get involved whether or not they seek it out.
Romance 00%
No romance at all will be included in this plot, period.

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, one-off scene. Will be played one-on-one.

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