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I now have all of the Enchanted Cloak Colors except the rainbow one which is probably the rarest. I'm offering a 3 for 1 trade: a Red, Purple, and Green for a Rainbow one. These cloaks can be used for an additional character slot when used. The listed colors can only be found in the Enchanted Wardrobe, only available in the month of December. If you have a rainbow cloak you are willing to trade me, please PM me!
You still looking for this?
AgentMilkshake Topic Starter

Yes, I am and the offer is still open.
AgentMilkshake Topic Starter

I now have all 5 cloaks. ATM, I do not need any other items.
Ah, you got one overnight (I just woke up)
I was going to offer to swap you a cloak for a wardrobe with one still hanging in it.
AgentMilkshake Topic Starter

It's cool. I do have extra purples if you're interested. My main objective was to get one of each color of the cloaks themselves.

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