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It hasn't happened to me here yet as I've only very recently started to RP here, but I really wanted to share this as I wonder if anyone else has experienced it:

Accidental foreshadowing is my favorite RP phenomenon.

Often, my rp friends and I end up in a position where we don't quite know how a certain scenario came to be. Why this person knows that character, why this character is here even though they're from a completely different world originally, why this character's aged yet somehow this one hasn't; basically, plot holes. All the plot holes. We pay them no mind because—and I say this with all my love in the most affectionate way possible—we're heathens who thrive on instant gratification rather than break our brains figuring it out XD (only to spend maybe three hours trying to figure out whether a specific flower can bloom under these special circumstances, as you do).

We continue to play it out, and then Something™ happens.

And it explains everything.

The OOC chat is screeching. Everyone's minds? Blown. It's surreal, and now, every OOC mistake and missed detail has somehow and amazingly become an important plot point.

Sometimes it's not even plotholes and mistakes! Three characters from three different players with pre-established birthdays who all happen to share the same zodiac element or sign? A funny OOC coincidence, but IC? Destiny.

What are your thoughts on accidental foreshadowing? Do you have any fun stories (you're allowed) to share? Make sure you respect your partners' privacy if you do!
oh i love accidental foreshadowing or just those moments where you find that one piece that makes everything click together, they're so nice

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