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We live in a world of Wolfbloods. Half human, half wolf, a hidden species living as every day people throughout the entire planet, the tame ones at least. Wild wolfbloods run free through the forests in packs, undisturbed by humans. But both variants share the same goal, never let the secret of their kind get out.

This takes us to the fictional settlement of Woodrow Valley, a small forested village in the Welsh Highlands. Isolated from most of the modern world, it's inhabitants have lived for thousands of years, never needing the developments of modern technology. It was a small and tight-nit community, a couple hundred people at most. Among them, a family of four, the Westwoods. They were what you'd call 'tame wolfbloods'. Wolfbloods who lived with and befriended humans. To the residents they were just the nice family down the road but they had a secret no one could ever know.

The two boys of the family, Colwyn (18) and Aryn (13) attended Woodrow high, a small school within the village. And that's just how life was. They were the only ones of their kind, not another pack, wild or tame for miles. And as lonely as it was sometimes, as hard as it was to keep their secret, they just got on with it.

Colwyn and Aryn

Approaching the gates of Woodrow High, the figures of two boys came walking. The taller one, a young man with scruffy brown hair and light blue eyes, Colwyn Westwood. Besides him, a younger boy with slightly lighter brown hair and brighter blue eyes. His brother, Aryn. It fairly obvious just by a glance that the two were related. And this was a habit for them, walking to school together. Although most brothers their age would be bickering and fighting, these two were close. Bonded by a family secret. When they took it seriously of course.

Splitting at the school gates, Colwyn gave a slight nod after his younger sibling, waving him off. "You'll be sure to focus in class today, yeah?" he called. "Don't want to annoy mum and dad, they're in a good mood with it being hog roast night an 'all."

Aryn simply gave a despondent yet playful grunt before running off to talk to one of his friends, a black haired boy named Sam.

With his morning escort complete, Colwyn made his own way into school. Navigating the grounds was a pretty simple task with the school being so small but it still gave him time to think, only interrupted by a few friendly waves to classmates. As he passed the canteen he breathed in through his nose. Even from here he could smell the cooked beef that was to be on today's lunch menu. Absolutely irresistible. But before that there was classes. Although he was wild at heart, he still had a duty to fit in amongst the other kids, and that meant undergoing the struggle of everyday life that was school. Stopping outside his registration class he took a deep breath before stepping inside, making his way over to the opposite side of the classroom where his two closest friends were waiting.

Callum. A scrawny dark brown haired boy with even messier hair than his own. And Addy. A dark skinned, long haired girl. Her brown eyes full of energy, intelligence and most importantly, questions. These were the friends Colwyn had had since he was very little. And although they didn't know his secret, they were a major part of his life. So with a simple greeting to the two, he sat down and prepared to start the day.
JonahMa07 Topic Starter

If you wish to join in, please post here first! We will welcome new people to the story but please wait until you're added into a group chat so we can decide how to fit your OC into the plot first!
JonahMa07 wrote:
If you wish to join in, please post here first! We will welcome new people to the story but please wait until you're added into a group chat so we can decide how to fit your OC into the plot first!

Hey is it okay if I join? I'm new to RPing so I understand if you want someone more experienced.
I'd be interested!
JonahMa07 Topic Starter

I'd be open! Do you guys know much about Wolfblood? This RP is based off the tv show
I've honestly never seen it, but I'm always looking for something new to watch during the pandemic so I might try it!
JonahMa07 Topic Starter

For sure!

It's a lot to explain but it's definitely worth a watch to fully understand how it works
Wolves (played by JaiyanaBinx)

Awry'n had to pause and take a deep, calming breath in before the sudden dizziness could sweep the floor under her and send the overwhelmed girl down to the sidewalk she unsteadily stood upon. From the piercing sound of multiple people talking, to the overload of car or bus engines spewing distasteful gasoline, to the scent of a horrible concoction of perfume and cigarettes, to the unexpectedly strong wind that made the layers of clothes feel like weights against her skin, and of course to the massive building stretching across so far in either direction; it was all too much to process at once. It felt like the world was spinning and pulling her in all different directions, slowly chipping away at whatever part of the body it could reach and torment. The emotional and mental turmoil raged a war in her head; to push forward or to turn back, forget anything connected to this place and return home safely. So was so much easier to turn back and forget this place existed, to rest elsewhere and return to the daily life from hardly two days, so easy...

…Yet, Awry'n know she couldn't, this was something that had to be done.

Gathering what little courage she had, the young girl willed herself to continue down the rest of the sidewalk and onto school grounds, soft taps sounded from the dark blue heeled boots she wore. Held between her tightly crossed arms and chest sat a decently large beige paper folder containing the application letter, the acceptance letter, the brochure, the school's faculty, the list of programs, the various guidelines, and the mock schedule that was all sent to her via mail. Mainly due to the last item, she had to navigate her way to the Attendance office to get a proper schedule to fix any cancelled, booked, or moved classes- but she also wanted to avoid said rooms for as long as she could, and try to let her senses adjust to everything before throwing herself into an even tighter packed space of young adults. There was less chance of too many being in the office and if they were there, they'd be too busy thinking or dealing with whatever the reason is for being there in the first place, too busy to take much notice of the petite and shy-looking brunette. It was a barely put together plan, but it was all she had going at the moment, so she followed it through to the letter.

Upon coming back out of the office, Awry'n wasn't nearly as dizzy as she was before walking into the school. The scent of smoke had drifted away, though the perfumes stayed- the building didn't seem so big from the inside and it was much quieter, with no strong wind to boot. Noticing people glancing at her from time to time kept her on edge though, the feeling of being analyzed and found out was slowly making her frantic- but she had to push past that part still and make way to her registration class. If she could catch a seat at the back whilst being beside a window, it would be ideal; though wasn't too confident in being able to strike luck that way. Clutching the folder once more tightly, as well as taking a singular gulp, the brown-eyed girl took a few tentative steps forward in the correct hallway before getting a pace on.

Awry'n was just outside the class, peering into it and taking in the situation as best as she could, even though she figured many people walking by her found the behaviour a little odd- quick to make the assumption that she was a new student...maybe that would work in her favour for the time being. Almost all the seats were occupied already in class, taken by teenagers of varying degree, but most seemed bored and already done for the day, even though it had hardly began; she herself felt no different from how they looked. Perhaps it wouldn't seem too standoffish if she express how much she too didn't want to be here- it might actually make her seem more normal than if she didn't. It was a thought she was going to have to test out very soon most likely. With a shaky exhale and quite glance at her attire; dark blue boots, dark purple loose pants, white tank-top, and a tan WH black market jacket, deeming it fit, she opened and walked through the door.
Wolfblood Characters (played by JonahMa07) Topic Starter

Colwyn and his friends had taken the three seats on the far left side of the class, furthest away from the door and right next to the window. He liked it that way, often feeling trapped when sitting nearer the center of the classroom. Besides, the window often had a good view of Woodrow Forest, the large pine reserve which bordered the school. Often when he would get bored in class he would gaze out at the tall, proud trees, imagining himself running free among them, the scents of the wild ripe in the air. Pine needles, damp earth, sweet smelling flowers. All of these were comforting scents to him and although a simple placebo from within the classroom, they really helped him get through the day.

Today was no different as his friends both pushed in their chairs to allow him access to his usual windowed haunt where he happily took a seat, haphazardly chucking his backpack on the floor near his feet and reaching out his arms in a long stretch.

"Tired, mate?" piped up the friendly voice of Callum, shooting him a playful look alongside a brief chuckle.

"Just a little" was Colwyn's reply, accompanied by a small yawn which confirmed his friend's suspicion. "Getting Aryn out the door in the morning is one hell of a task. Kid can never seem to get out of bed without me literally dragging him by his ankles."

This response was met by humorous smiles and silent laughter from the two students beside him as the last of the pupils began to filter into the class, bringing with them the sense of familiar dread at the school day ahead. But just as Colwyn was turning to the window a familiar yet unfamiliar scent hit him. One he often caught wind of at home, hell it was his own scent, but different somewhat. The scent of wolf and human, mixed in a single entity.

Colwyn's eyes widened as he turned to the door, sniffing lightly yet inconspicuously as he tried to pinpoint the exact location of the strange odor. Could it be coming from outside? The forest? No, that was impossible. As far as his family knew, there were no wild packs roaming around Woodrow Valley, and they were the only Wolfblood family they knew of. Yet that scent was still there, defiant to all possibility. And that's when he saw her. Making her way tentatively into the classroom was a student Colwyn had never seen before. Light olive skin, straight black hair falling just around her shoulders. Though she seemed like any other student, there was something uniquely different about her, perhaps in a way that only he could see, or smell.

"Whatcha staring at?" Addy suddenly spoke up, a teasing hint to her voice as she glanced over at him. She chuckled softly in amusement, sharing a giggle with a similarly amused Callum. They must have noticed him staring.

"Hm? Oh nothing, I thought I recognized that girl for a second. I swear I've seen her somewhere before" Colwyn quickly lied, deflecting the question ina what he hoped would stamp the interaction out then.

"Right" was all the dark-skinned girl replied with, her brown eyes bright with laughter.

Colwyn rolled his eyes at this turning away and glancing at the window as his mind whirred. He had much bigger things to worry about than his friend's childish teasing. If he was correct in what he had scented, there was another wolfblood on his family's territory. Someone else like him. He knew how unpredictable his kind was so with an unknown as big as this, who knew what kinds of danger could present itself. He didn't know if she had noticed him too but no matter what, he would find out what she was doing here. With these thoughts heavy on his mind, Colwyn turned back to the front of the class, just in time to call out a rushed "present" as his name was called on the register.

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