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Kinda been craving this idea, I did it once a looong time ago with another partner and I loved it a lot. It involves two roles, a queen or king and a guard or similar (basically someone entrusted to be a protector and assistant to the king/queen).
I am happy to play either part!!

The distant rumble of gunfire shakes through the walls as voices of revolution call past the windows into the royal bedchamber. Smoke billows in the distance. Suddenly a rushed knock at the door breaks through the faint calls so abrasively the figure awoken from their sleep jumps from the bed and before an invitiation inside can be given, the door is thrust open, a figure standing in the hallway. It's just obvious from their grim expression this is a matter of urgency.
"Your highness! The people have stormed the castle by surprise, they've killed your husband/wife and they're out for your head next. We need to leave."

Basically, the royal oc in this was forcefully married to a tyrnaical king/queen and now the people are revolting they find themselves being hunted down too for being their husband/wife and also now the heir to the throne.
The guard comes to escort them from the castle by whatever means they can and from there the RP is pretty much a free for all.

I usually like to put a childhood friend dynamic between the guard and the king/queen, just because it's cute. One growing up learning to be royalty and the other growing up taught to fight.

Genre is fluid, as well as how much magic and fantasy we want to make this. I'm down with whatever fits the characters most.

Rules are on my profile, feel free to PM me if you're interested!!

Details: Freeform, adjustable length posts, long-term RP partner preferred. Will be played one-on-one.

im totally opened to this idea! is it alright if I play a princess or does it have to be a queen? im totally opened to either one though

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