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Its about deleting a character after your epicness is up. For the permenant characters,if I were to delete one,would I be able to make a new one in its place? I am itching to make a dragon character,but I am not sure I want to risk removing a well thought out character.
If you have more characters than existing permanent slots, deleting a character in one of those permanent slots only updates the list so that your oldest character in a temporary slot now occupies that permanent slot.

You can use cloaks and I think it was dragon's tooth to obtain more permanent slots, though. (But again, characters in temporary slots will fill those until you have more permanent slots than characters.) Purchases help keep the site going, but if you can't do that, sometimes there are raffles where you might be able to win such items at no cost. I've also seen folks trade art or something for RPR items instead of money.
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Oh okay thanks.
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To be 100% clear: There is nothing you can do to make a NEW character while you still have more characters than your account can support.

If you currently have 10 slots and 15 characters, you will either need to delete 6 characters, OR obtain 6 more slots (or some combination of the two) before you can create a new character.

You can see your actual numbers here:

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